Anyone want to explain to this guy why GameStop is a great investment? (Be nice, link in comments)

  1. Weird how a company with a large number of highly dedicated investors is a bad thing. Most companies would kill to have an investor base like us

  2. Nearly 100 million shares directly registered or nearly 3 billion dollars. 3 BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!!!

  3. Imagine if many of your dedicated investors were also customers that had been purchasing from your competitors for years and have returned to purchasing from their beloved company.

  4. The cognitive dissonance required to start that sentence with "gamble... on Gamestop," and end with "initial short squeeze". 🤡🐍

  5. Exactly. The word “initial” is telling. If @josephpolitano meant to dissuade people, he messed up with the term “initial” squeeze. Happy Sunday, fellow Superstonkers!! Looking forward to hodling my GME investment with you all as we watch lights on in the buildings, bringing light to Wall Street’s corruption.

  6. Maybe because Apex clearing house instructed everybody to turn off the buy button and then allowed the shorts that caused the whole issue to begin with triple down on shorts at the top…..

  7. No I don't think I will. I have my investment, I'm confident in the theories that haven't been proven wrong yet (honestly if it was gonna go to zero it would have already).

  8. What’s incredibly depressing is the amount of research this poor shill did before posting on twitter…

  9. Not really. Just another paid loser shill working for whatever HF or MM is paying him. Screw him. He doesnt do the research, he doesn't eat the tendies.

  10. Yes but making a few comments on the feed might change someones mind. Dig a little deeper. Why are so many people on here against explaining to him in a polite manner about why he is wrong

  11. The stock was shorted over 125%, according to the SEC. Shorts are now hiding their positions with derivatives, rather than closing. They hope we give up and the price drops dramatically.

  12. Thats the big difference between GME and stuff like popcorn and the towel stock. A gamble would be investing in a company like towel... Lots of debt, negative earnings, no forward guidance on expanding revenue streams.

  13. This needs its own post. Remember when CTCC stopped reporting swap data until 2023 so no one can see what they are doing?

  14. "deeply depressing" lmfao, why would he care so much about a "irrelevant" company then. Seems so odd to me that others are getting depressed when i invest in what i believe in. But buying tesla at a 1T market cap is considered ok and doesnt frustrate anyone. Fkn sus.

  15. It’s incredible that after 2 years people who have no interest in the stock and don’t know me personally still go out there way to make contact and let me know how wrong I am

  16. “Gamble”? I’m a long term investor who likes the stock, likes the company, likes the other investors, likes the leadership, and likes the future outlook. And I’m a delighted customer.

  17. Ah yes investing in a company and putting your name on the shares is gambling. This is funny as this is peak investing. With normal investing rights like voting. It is the exact opposite from what gambling is. Gambling is leveraging your debt to buy ftds so the economy can have a deleveraging event every 8-12 years.

  18. The real question is “why am I ok with guy loosing 65%+ of his ‘well balanced’ portfolio that msm convinced him is a good strategy?” Ans: cuz fuck him - that’s why….

  19. I wonder what they think when interest rates on billions worth of corporate loans hit ATH and all the giants are struggling and possibly defaulting while one has cash and no interest chipping away their balance sheet?

  20. In the famous words of Satoshi Nakamoto "if you don't get it or believe it, I don't have the time to explain it to you, sorry".

  21. It is deeply depressing that complete strangers are doing stuff! Nothing political either side, activists any side, engaging in online “hate” “ love” or both .

  22. The only time I care about what other idiots do with their money is when it effects my money. What he should be upset about is how financial institutions like banks fuck everyone by poor risk management. Then get bailed out by the our shitty politicians. Retail has never been the problem.

  23. I’m not gambling my money, I’ve done my own research and I believe in this company therefore I invest in it. Why would I listen to some stranger’s opinions of something clearly they don’t know about or dedicated time and effort into learning about the company.

  24. It’s even more depressing that you need to manipulate, exploit, and destroy people for your own personal gain. These people deserve to burn in hell for eternity.

  25. It's equally incredible and depressing that people like this will miss out on MOASS after apes have been shouting the DD through a megaphone on the internet.

  26. Why would I give a fuck about convincing a guy that’s so against it? I’ve learned that the only people that listen are the ones that don’t have an opinion yet on the topic. If they’re against it, they’re usually too far gone to convince. Fuck this guy

  27. I guess he's going to die depressed! In the mean time I choose to die rich and happy! Bullish on GME! DRS if you want your tendies otherwise you'll die depressed too!

  28. The two wireless Pikachu chargers I got at %30 off for my two girls, think this guy is an idiot. 😋

  29. I'm more worried about what it says that it seems most social media heavy investors aren't looking at the basics of GameStop as a company.

  30. Who starts a sentence with “it is at once” to describe a situation? This guy makes regards look like they know perfect English

  31. there's a lot of red flags of bias and ignorance in his post just with how he markets himself. almost screams bait to be honest, and you seem to be taking it.

  32. Sorry, if he's this blind even after everything that's happened, he's not changing. I also don't care who misses out on what GME will be. Everyone has had long enough to open their eyes, tough tiddies I say.

  33. I guess this guy doesnt know how to read a chart, because GME is doing a lot better than a lot of "good investments" out there.

  34. This sub is so gullible, sometimes I wonder how different the lives of shills would be if superstonk would go dark. They would freak out that’s Forsure.

  35. This is the power of MSM and a complicit SEC. They suppress others from reading the DD and DRSing. All they see are ugly headlines and stay away.

  36. Is it a great investment? You tell me because it wasn't and isn't an investment to me. It was and is a bet with a low risk and a high reward if the MOASS theory is correct. Guess I'm a gambler.

  37. Why do people feel the need to lynch anyone who doesn’t share the same opinions. Thats why this sub looks like a cult and thats whats actually depressing.

  38. Bad take sir. Asking passionate investors to politely explain why GME is a good investment is not a bad thing. Don’t care about karma. You sound shilly

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