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  1. Chatting to my neighbour about her popcorn investment, explaining the difference in balance sheets. Turns out she doesn't wanna sell cos shes down on it.....her life savings.

  2. When is the next quarter meeting where we can see the updated DRS numbers? All this extra stuff is interesting and all but I really just wanna know how close we are.

  3. Hype vix is rising due to pending defaults. Melvin and archegos went down but the losses were absorbed by bigger fish. Now it's time for round 2. Can the losses be can kicked or absorbed again? Stick around and find out.

  4. With all the talk about Credit Suisse, how does this relate to local banks? Trying to figure out how widespread the contagion effect will be

  5. I am really stoked and intrigued by RCs silence. And looking forward to the next tweet- shit post or Boom or whatever. But big things are happening behind the scenes boys and girls

  6. Gotta wait for Cramer telling everyone to buy Swiss cheese which will be code for dEbIt SuISsE iS fInE y'AlL.

  7. I’m fully prepared for absolutely nothing to happen with CS tomorrow. All of these posts, people are so hyped they’re acting like it’s already happened. The amount of disappointment this time around might spur the FUDDEST of all FUD campaigns to try and capitalize on that disappointment. It feels like a trap.

  8. There’s so many posts about Credit Suisse going down right now I wouldn’t be shocked to find out they’re good guys in all of this 😂

  9. Low volume on the chart. Low volume in the chat…. With the things happening right now, I wonder if SHF shills/bots are fatigued?

  10. I’m so high I could eat a whole Stromboli, and I’m just drunk enough to do it. If only there were a decent pizza shop within 60 miles… oh well MOASS is tomorrow. I can hire a few chefs soon

  11. All this talk about credit suisse this weekend. I bet the market is gonna be bigly green tomorrow (with GME staying flat). Big "news" usually results in the opposite expected result.

  12. Had an interesting couple of days, I didn't lose power thru the hurricane even though we got hit pretty good then fpl decided to shut my power off with no notice to work on the lines. I pulled out my generator my grandfather gave me ten years ago it was new when we got it but never once ran it, got that bitch started after a couple of hours f ing with it felt like a champ saved mine and my parents refrigerators from staying off to long and spoil our food then only after hour of using generator fpl turns back on power and it surged my fridge and must of broke it there's oil spilling out the bottom. What a day. Oh yeah then right before dark my 6 year old ate shit on the scooter and took the handlebars to the chest, cried like a little girl that she is lol. But hey moass is tomorrow and buying that fridge you can look thru without opening. Fuck you ken, fpl, my fridge, hurricane Ian and that dumb ass scooter

  13. My mindset is. Fuck the bottom. Buy when I can afford. Run up my shares. Register those shares. All while being sustainable with my finances. I’m ok if it drops to zero. And I’m okay with only selling one of my shares.

  14. I've been getting really impatient lately and have been trading the last week with rent money. I made some crazy trades and couldn't stomach the anxiety. I lost a total of $10. The next day I made my $10 back. Screwing around with x3 leverage ETFs. So at break even I decided to swing trade BBBY and have an unrealized loss of 20 cents on 30 shares. I was considering a x3 leverage inverse financials ETF for tomorrow.

  15. Hedge fund bingo this week! .... Let's see who goes on a racist rampage at a restaurant, throws a smoothie at teenage girls or my favorite ...burn down the warehouse that holds a data trail. Stay tuned to find out!🟣💎🖐🚀

  16. In case anyone wants a (potential DD fix), lmk thoughts on this new one on how hedge funds got access to our phone data and may be using it to short retail/commercial real estate!

  17. Been a while since I've visited the likes of you daily folks... but if I'm not mistaken and I very well could be... if you take the s&p from it's peak about a year ago to now. Isn't it already worse than the covid crash?

  18. If financial criminals hadn’t already jaded me I might feel bad for SchitiBank and Gourdman Ballsacks. JK MorebagChase is no different. Let them eat taint.

  19. I keep reading about this thing called a savings account and how 50% of Americans only have $500 saved. What is this mythical savings account? Does it contain a purple ring?

  20. Wen MOASS so I can stop selling my body and soul to a narcissistic boss in a shitty capitalist system that steals the labor of the workers in the name of profit

  21. It’s expensive to suppress this stock to the tune of 60% average daily short volume - just to take the last 30 days as an example. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less, but it’s always costly to buy another day and when your balance sheet is bleeding those costs are harder to come by and we get closer to natural price discovery, that supply/demand thing that people keep insisting drives the markets. The margin call question is an odd one, because we’ve seen margin requirements waved in the past, but in general you can imagine that margin call and collateral capital requirements will be enforced if that’s in the interest of the party doing the calling. Swaps and OTC deals are dark and at the discretion of both parties per the dark contract, it’s a private business deal and functionally not a stock trade so far as regulation goes, so anything goes there, but you can still bet that no one is forgiving a large debt for the sake of it unless they are invested in keeping vix low and not having some insane catalyst event.

  22. u got margin requirements, if u short then u got super margin req u gotta meet all kinds of fees n fails etc like ur literally short millions of shares

  23. All my life the supposedly impartial, crime-friendly “Swiss bank” has been a trope, an open secret, a joke about looking the other way and not asking questions. Pretty funny to laugh last on this one

  24. End corporate greed. Put every fucking banker and politician behind bars. They have derivatives worth more than the entire fucking planet multiple times over and “we can’t” figure out fucking world hunger or climate change. It’s beyond fucked. Burn it down.

  25. Damn! I love the dd and the speculation but let’s also have some freaky fun! We. Are on the the way to Uranus. The moon. We know we won!

  26. The way this whole thing has played out, if an institution should by all rights implode tomorrow it'll get delayed until 2024 because of all the can kicking that loopholes allow.

  27. I've been to Switzerland. Absolutely beautiful country with wonderful people. Kinda bummed for what seems the likely near future. The rest of us will join the shit show though in short order. I'm buying, DRSing, and holding. I'm 50/50 that the big boys will fuck us out of what we're due, because that's the way it goes. I don't care. I'll just hold harder and longer. I'm in for the exposure of the greed and true face of the human vampires leeching on the souls of humanity more than the money. The money would be nice, but I want to see what's behind the curtain, and I want everyone else to as well.

  28. Will capital even be worth anything after all this? All this shit is fucking crazy. What happens after all this?

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