Boomer Dad texted me if I’ve seen the movie, Eat The Rich. text message conversation attached.

  1. Reassured him twice that no names would be used and then uses fathers name as well as a photo of him and his wife - 🤣

  2. As long as OP doesn't bet his inheritance on a single day's options and lose 80% I think his dad will still love him.

  3. Came here to say this. "No names..." Proceeds to share Convo without blurring the name nor the pick 😂 Definitely belongs here.

  4. activity there is basically non-existent, but i will continue to promote WT chat as an alternative place, in case for some reason

  5. Feel ya, brother. Lost mine to ALS recently. Trying to honor his memory by not being a paper-hand bitch (amongst other things)

  6. DFV quadrupled down. From 50,000 (presplit) to eventually 200,000 (presplit) shares. I remember because I was there

  7. “No names? Yes no names of course” posts photo with name underneath it. Truly you’re in the right place.

  8. Go visit your parents! They put you to bed for approximately 5000 bedtimes! (I think about that with my kids haha)

  9. The last text "found a birding section on Reddit" is the most boomer and wholesome thing I've seen in a while 🥰

  10. I bought my mom and dad some shares with the caveat they cannot sell until I say it's ok. My Dad sold them all at $150/pre-split. I don't talk to him about the market any more.

  11. Props to you. I would never let any one of my family know my reddit username. Would rather delete the account than let them find out

  12. Richard - so cool of your Dad and hey he found something of interest on Reddit. That alone is worth gold: or more then 1 DRS share

  13. DTCC did not tell anyone to turn off buy button, Apex did. DTCC only reduced margin reps. DFV did not sell his options. Slipping some fud in on the weekend?

  14. Sometimes. When it is just right. And the moon is new. You can see a big old Dick learning the truth under the new moon from their offspring. Sometimes Dick being old has wisdom which shows their depth of knowledge. The wise never stop seeking the truth and have a wealth of experience to draw upon.

  15. You have what I can only assume to be your father, fathers name, and mother in this photo. Delete this shit now brother

  16. I know it may not be really material but in the interests of accuracy I don't believe DTCC were really involved in the removal of the buy button. There was a specific clearing house (Apex?) that caused the brokers it services to remove the buy button. Someone far more knowledgeable can jump in and fully explain, but my point is, for all their wrongdoing, DTCC were not behind this particular event.

  17. What people don't understand is in the Congressional hearing they originally actually tried to blame Keith Gill for the whole thing which is what the documentary has covered.

  18. Mods, this has been up for four hours with instructions in the final picture of no names or pics, and there are names and pictures on all images.

  19. The last text proves beyond all doubt the conversations is happening with a boomer. Psyched about a birding Reddit. BIG IF TRUE

  20. My dad died 12 years ago, and this is exactly the kind of exchange I wish I could have with him. Give your old man a big ol’ hug next time you see him.

  21. Shout out to your pop! He saw the movie took it at face value and asked you for the real truth. That’s the open mindedness we need when people watch this film. Don’t automatically believe everything, trust but verify!

  22. Ahh nooo. Poor dad. He was just tryna bond. I get the frustration though, my dad took Elon Musk's Saturday Night Live skit at face value stating cryptocurrencies were worthless.

  23. Wow just wow. The propaganda screaming now. Trying so hard to draw attention away from this just makes me hold stronger. Let’s go!!!!!

  24. You can tell this was staged when he went from calling them hedge funds to "hedgies" without any prior mention of calling them hedgies. Cmon man...the things people do for karma...

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