My DD collection

  1. If you highlight everything, nothing’s important. If you highlight six lines like OP… everything’s important?

  2. Am i the only one who thought there's some porn somewhere there 🤔 😕 😐 guess am the only one with fucked up brain 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Huge respect to you sir. that will be like a national treasure someday in the future. never sell that and you must be protected at all cost

  4. This ape has just struck upon a winner here, great work. It would be nice if "DD-eclaration of Independence" was entered into the official lexicon.

  5. Very nice, only one problem u need a purple folder. Now that my printer's up and running for the first time in a while, I think I'm going to copy your genius idea.

  6. Do you guys think it’s easier to read and keep in mind if printed out? I actually do love to read books but until Know I only read the DD in digital form. Think it makes any difference?

  7. Now someone make a giant bound book with gold leaf lettering and fancy script. Then post moses we can have a party in our silk robes and pay homage to the og masterpiece with celebrity readings. My religion said it's okay to have Margot Robbie read it from a bathtub.

  8. Never forget the fucking sec put out a video essentially saying don’t invest in meme stocks while also calling GameStop a meme stock. Tax dollars at work..

  9. I think there is a NFT link to the DD library…I am at work or I would be able to look in my wallet and tell you for sure. I may have to look tonight.

  10. Do you have a chapter on Credit Suisse? Get it ready. When this news breaks, make a post with a link to each one. Apes may wish to say “called it.” Not personally but as a group of stupid yet studious investors.

  11. I'd be really interested in properly sorting all the great DD so far, doing some DTP work (print prep), and potentially getting it all published for real.

  12. That's a good idea, in case reddit goes down. I would make sure you have printouts of the different DDs on what to do when you get rich, like hiring lawyers, CPAs, etc.

  13. You know we could get all this, print it in a faux-leather binding like a Gideon's Bible with a gold inlaid banana on the front... stick them in motel drawers all over the world. Someone get it all typeset up for lulu or something. Make it a public project and anyone could print out a few copies to put in their local area.

  14. Every now and then, also rereading the old DDs that i have printed and translated, i enlighten how right we are!

  15. I’ve started reading through them! I’ve been along for the ride for a while, and now I’m digging into the nuts and bolts of all the fuckery.

  16. When women come over and you tell them to give you a sec so you can bust those bad boys out. Gotta show them the D... The dub Ds.

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