I am not one for predictions, but I am scared.

  1. How many days back from the time Lehman collapsed was the last Fed meeting? Like what if the Fed meeting was also September 15th, 2008.

  2. If it is Credit suisse, and they do go down, someone is gon have to liquidate the bag of catshit wrapped up in dog shit that they bought from Bill Hwang.

  3. They wont have to close the shorts. They can simply sell them off to someone else, who can put them in swaps.

  4. Well, the pope did order all funds back to the Vatican bank due yesterday. Seems plausible 🤔. Highly sus.

  5. If it's CS , then many more go down... The Suisse gonna let them fall as most of their business is in America... look out below..

  6. I have no sympathy for banks, none. All they do is short , short some more and over leverage themselves. They are all run by greed. I would love to see all of them get liquidated out of existence and start seeing people become their own bank thru the crypto world. The financial system is beyond repair and people are finally waking up to realize this. We are in recession Thanks to the greedy. There's enough money to go around but the rich just continue to get richer by stealing from the common folk thru overdraft fees, shorting etc. .pretty sure banks made over 100 billion in overdraft fees thru covid If I was a billionaire I'd give 95% of it to the public, clear off debt for hard working people. Guess that's why I'm not a billionaire.

  7. Looks like a heavy bag for kenny g and friends to hold if they dont want credit suisse to close these positions

  8. New fud campaign: Reditors commonly drs into computer Share known as CS. Breaking news Monday oct 3rd: CS (don’t tell them it’s actually credit suisse)has collapse and lost all investors money 🙄. 😘😘

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