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  1. I just subscribed to Kiraverse’s sub. It currently has less than 500 members. Where is everyone? Anyone else excited to play this new game?

  2. Hey, I was thinking, doesn’t MOASS mean all naked shorts in the history of the stock market would need to be closed as well?

  3. What's the reasoning here? From what I understand, if an entity like a hedge fund is hedging by buying GME but shorting companies like Meta which are sure to go down with the market, I'm pretty sure they're going to be ok. We're just liquidating companies that are short GME and have no way out.

  4. Someone, somewhere has to be getting pics of Credit Suisse with their lights on tonight, right? Inject that shit directly into my veins.

  5. Serious question... When we all get rich and receive our $XXX,XXX,XXX checks, what do we do with it? Where do we put the money to safeguard it the best? Trusts, Banks, etc.?

  6. Just finished the Netflix Doc. It honestly wasn't too bad. Some good info but the "rapper" guy got on my nerves. It did seem like they were pointing fingers at DFV a little. In the end it doesn't change anything. Buy Hodl DRS

  7. Overseas entities are sabotaging American companies for profit at American retirement account expenses. Everyone is too brainwashed to stop what they are doing and question what they are doing, so they end up a mechanism for an evil machine don't they.

  8. Just got a case (yes, a case...can't seem to find them anywhere but wholesale) of 12" wraps. The 10" ones you get at the grocery store just weren't doing it. Either had to put too small an amount of food in em, or have it all spilling out the ends or the wrap tearing. My God, man, what a difference an extra 2" can make! Never believed my wife when she used to say it, but she was absolutely right!

  9. Just saw that my local BJ’s has boxes of only the kind of Annie’s Mac and Cheese my kid likes, rather than the variety boxes. We call it “the good Annie’s.”

  10. Just send a quick text to her BF explaining the occurrence, I'm sure he'll straighten it all out for you. Don't Stress Penbroke

  11. I never got my letter from cs, it’s been a little over a month. I just requested another one but is there another way to verify? I literally have 200 shares transferred to them but have no acecss and it’s stressing me out.

  12. Took over six weeks to get my confirmation. Rest assured, they are in the safest place they can be. You actually own them now! It definitely seems a little archaic to mail people the access to their accounts. They need to get with the fucking times! I feel you Fam. Don't Stress though, MOASS will take weeks, you did the right thing. 👌

  13. Found another bcg link - Peter Geithner - worked at Boston consulting group. then Digital Strategy Associate at discovery. Then Manager Global DTC Strategy at warner discovery. Very interesting how BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP - BCG - Continues to have a role in companies such as sears, gamestop, toys r us, and discovery warner ect... taking on death spiral loans and bankrupting companies. Wonder if anyone has cellar box puts on these companies as well.

  14. A Primate with Many Wrinkles once told me that good things come to those that DRS.. Totally Zen. Still Buying. DTCC Committed International Securities Fraud. That is all.

  15. Are you lost Brother? Do you need a ride somewhere? You don't know me, so why the hostility? Trust me Bro, I'm Dope AF! I'll take yoar brain on Spacewalk.. Maybe just give it a few minutes between posts and keep it relevant is all. I don't know.

  16. DRS really makes it feel like this is a slow march to an insane price floor one day, even when disregarding all other catalysts

  17. We are bullying the pie chart, notice how institutional shares decrease as DRS increases, it cannot be allowed to happen that locates are provably meaningless, we are bringing the back room dealings into the light.

  18. Survey: how many of you shoved a banana / paper certificate form of shares up your butt and found out you enjoyed it.

  19. If an object thats in motion tends to stay in motion, and gravity is constant, why did the DTCC commit international securities fraud?

  20. If Credit Suisse gets Lehmaned, will the next default shituation be called getting Suissed? Is this a transitive property kinda thing?

  21. sometimes when it's chilly out, i wrap myself up in a blanket and pretend I'm an uncircumcised penis

  22. Sorry you're having trouble friend. There are probably better sub reddits to ask this question at. No one here is an expert in GameStop customer service.

  23. sorry man. I know it doesn't help but at least they saved you from wasting your time on someone who stands people up. instead you can focus on finding someone better

  24. aahhh, that feeling, 1st of the month where all ur dumbass subscriptions for things u don't own and always forget to cancel can't come out because u changed your credit card # earlier in the month. bless 😎💅

  25. My tinfoil today tells me that the Halo franchise is coming in some form to the marketplace due to the Gmerica NFTs having 711 minted each. 117 in reverse which is Master Chief John-117. Also the strategic partnership with MSFT

  26. So GameStop said that if the DTCC didn’t fulfill the dividend properly in 90 days then they reserve the right to seek alternatives.

  27. I was trying to set my friend up with this hot Australian girl this weekend. However he left the trip early before I could get it to work out.

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