1. I FINALLY got one of my coworkers to buy some GME stock and I specifically said to buy in fidelity and transfer to Computershare, he bought shares on ROBINHOOD! That SOB! I warned him about it. He might learn a hard lesson about half listening!

  2. Absolutely they could have said it was Ken. They chose their death. They could have exposed the whole fraudulent inner workings of Ken and been seen a hero.

  3. The part that blows my mind that I never see talked about is the massive amounts Ken brags about. He says they facilitated what 6 billion, or 8 billion trades on behalf of retail that day. Well 6 billion times a penny is 60 million I believe, and I guarantee you that non-blinking, subterranean cave dwelling lizard person is skimming more than a penny off each trade. That’s so much money stolen, because the shares sold didn’t exist, so it’s skimming off shares you also stole. That’s double dipping crime, and he brags about it. It’s infuriating, everyone DRS your shares so we can put ALL of these criminals out of business not just sacrificial nobody Vlad.

  4. Right and not one congressman or senator has enough backbone to put 2 and 2 together and say you LIED…. I mean the economy is already going to shit so if you were scared you’d start hysteria, just let it all burn at this point.

  5. It's like playing super Mario and you bounce on some evil mob into the air to get a special mushroom turning you into a protected badass and are on the way to the castle/citadel

  6. Once offices are closed, Vlad and his execs have been directed to show up to their closest federal prison for an orange suit fitting.

  7. Man.... you apes called it a year ago.... RH is getting karma because of fuckery. I actually have a friend that worked for vanguard then decided to leave there and work for Robin hood. My friend has ALWAYS been dismissive of this GME saga and corruption. It's almost as if she dosent believe such corruption exists.

  8. In a good way, it’s good that it just sneezed and didn’t squeeze. Because I wouldn’t get to be a part of it now as well as millions of other apes. We now have a bigger army and the shorts keep increasing even more so than ever. This upcoming squeeze is gonna be crazier than ever. MOASS is coming back! 🚀✨🔥

  9. This means literally nothing to me. And I am by no means any source to be taken seriously. When the turned off the buy button, that should have been their final stand. They were the catalyst for rockets or otherwise. They made their choice. But also I don’t understand how financial institutions work. And I’m fingering this while I’m on the toilet. So no financials advice here. I’m just a dumb buoy.

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