1. Looking forward to that quadrillion market cap on a particular little brick & mortar company I know of and may or may not be invested in

  2. I'm growing weary of the silliness. But also, I'll do it for years. They have no idea how long I don't give a shit about my initial investment. tick tock SHF.

  3. The problem with this is that the current trend among the tech companies is to never operate at a profit - Due to taxes and several complicated reasons.

  4. And for the record, he's talking about GME, which has an ebida of -$460,000,000. If he's right, y'all aren't gonna like what happens next.

  5. Learning here too. So a big market cap but negative EBITDA means everyone is hugely leveraged and carrying a ton of liabilities despite huge revenue. Is that what he's saying? That things are way over valued and values don't accurately reflect their true business fundamentals.

  6. Hey dude, if you see this it could help to edit your comment and add what Warren Buffet says about it:

  7. I'm going to sell you a 1997 Corolla for $250k because everyone says what's in the trunk is the most important factor in determining the current price

  8. He’s saying that we haven’t seen anything yet. And guess what, he is completely right and will be right if there’s not another bailout by the 13th.

  9. Don’t forget to DRS your GME shares so that Kenneth Griffin, the financial terrorist that lied under oath about closing their short position has to buy them from you directly, ultimately cutting out the crooked brokers that distributed fake shares to your account because GameStop only issued the amount of shares they were obligated to in the form of a split via dividend, and most of those real shares went to the people that DRS’d and insiders, furthering the fuckery and staying complicit in the crime being perpetrated onto us.

  10. If you don't overinflate a stock's value, then there's no opportunity to naked short it to death. Right hand washes the left. Then left hand pays the right for the favor. Retail and suds go down the drain.

  11. Tech boom is over. No more 20% growth. Everyone has a phone now. Biotech is the next field. Building immunology therapies at a molecular level specifically for each patient. CAR-T technology. Look it up. The days of pouring chemicals down your throat and hoping for the best are over.

  12. The valuation of some of these companies is just flat out criminal. Either they are so overvalued is astoundingly regarded, or so undervalued and kept in the dirt it's insane that the companies just let this shit slide. I'd be dumping billions to uncorrupt this fuk'd system.

  13. Why does Michael Burry keep getting promoted here? He actually thinks GME is currently a part of these "silly" stocks. He's no longer on our side!

  14. what about the 100 other public companies that got hammered already and are trading at 4x revenue. They dont deserve to be lumped in with this idea of a needed crash

  15. Anytime remember when Burry tweeted something about picking the right meme stock to survive hyperinflation?

  16. Can we have a reality show called “Burry the Bounty Hunter” where Michael Burry and a team of videographers track down short selling financial criminals and calls them on their BS? He hands out margin call notices, interrupts meetings, and plays killer drum solos to close out every episode.

  17. Whats the message here… It’s highly understood that index funds over value things, as normies throw unquestionable liquidity to certain sectors… Strangely… Mayo man isn’t using the infinite money glitch against all sectors to keep EPS or whatever on par…

  18. Why burry gets praised in this sub is beyond me. Doesnt anyone get that he's also part of the problem? He's an asshole.

  19. There are 218 companies listed on US markets with market caps larger than $1B that each lose $100M per year. The combined market cap of those companies is $655B, which is silly.

  20. Tldr: Micheal Burry wants us to sell so he can finally cope again. Thats a yikes for me. I lost my respect for him when he tried calling a market crash every year for the last 10 years. Of course your gonna hit the mark once when you throw a thousand darts.

  21. God damn I hope our DD is right or we’re several hundred thousand captains going down with the ship 😂 I’m so deep in this mfer

  22. I still dint understand why this guy gets the time of day. Yeah he got one right in 2008. But so did many other folks since then and others before him.

  23. Holy shit why does every tweet this guy makes get posted on here like it’s gospel? The market doesn’t give a fuck about Burry’s feelings. Everyone needs to quit it w this dude, so annoying

  24. This dude needs to go away - we’ve managed to get Jimmy C away for a bit, let’s do the same with this guy.

  25. We have those cute little Ebitdas in Australia, they have those little quills. How does Burry know so much about the Spiky anteaters?¿

  26. I love when Burry tweets, because I usually don’t understand it and I go back to eating wax colored utensils that I can draw with.

  27. Uhhhh hate to be the bearer of bad news, but isn’t gme a company with greater than $100MM in negative EBITDA and a market cap of over $1B?

  28. And people here worship this guy. Lol lemmings. He just said HME must go and he sold and stayed out because he does not believe in GME. WHY do we allow posts of his here. Posts of his should be banned. He is one of the biggest anti GME shills. Stop worshipping

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