If Only There Was Some Way to Retain Ownership of Digital Assets....

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't NFTs simply tokens that point to the image, meaning if a company removes the content from their servers that the link is pointing to, your NFT is worth nothing?

  2. I think corporations have hired shills ready to pounce on threads like this one in the data hoard sub. Every time I see an article like this I mention how nfts could help and I get attacked in the comments instantly. Even with thousands of comments meaning the chances of somebody organically seeing my comment are slim, I get attacked about nfts. It really seems like they have bots and shills constantly on patrol to push back against any sort of positivity on nfts. This is of course, extremely bullish haha. Clearly someone is deathly afraid.

  3. The only way an NFT would solve this is if you can download the content and the terms of the NFT clearly state that owning it will entitle you to download a copy for yourself.

  4. So you’d own your NFT, but may not own the copy of the movie, still, as it’s their movie. This has been highly debated and it would be 100% up to the company/producer/platform upon selling the NFT to begin with in their ToS or the like.

  5. The problem they face is one that you can sell the exact same digital product second hand. This 'second hand product' does not degrade or show any inherent defects and is an exact copy of the one you would buy new. You can buy access to the digital file for viewing at your pleasure but the experiences will be different.

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