BOE was actually protecting banks from a systemic collapse

  1. Yeah I’m over that. A spanking in private? These psychopaths need a drawn out public humiliation, while having every dollar they’re attached to via every business, Trust, or other entity gets taken from them, followed by an excruciating public execution.

  2. Yeah. The thing i kept reading was that if BOE didn't step in, it would have been the pension funds that folded. Like, the banks have already passed the bag and this wasn't a bank bailout. It's exactly what we've been predicting on here.

  3. The pensions did it themselves lmao. They were acting responsibly and hedging their risk with swaps. The issue was their collateral blew up.

  4. Agreed. I had one of those moments this summer when house sales ground to a halt in my area. I'm glad to not be alone while watching/living thru this. It would be crazy making. It's good to be here. As much as it's scary to be right.


  6. You think anyone has the first clue what a pension fund does? I’ve spoken to people that think their payments come from the younger people paying in… literally describing a Ponzi scheme. 🤦‍♂️

  7. "This was, on the face of it, a classic market freeze"... "When you dig deeply enough into a financial crisis, you almost always find it's really about banks."

  8. I don't get what the bailout will actually do to help the situation. Keep prices up for a teensy bit longer... Then what? They're back in the exact same situation except now an entire country has been diluted.

  9. That’s the problem - a true correction would mean a very dark depression at best or a total shift in world order toward authoritarian regimes and maybe even world war 3 at worst. Everyone wants things to get fixed and there will be pain involved, but no one understanding the consequences will want and allow for things to “correct itself”.

  10. Now THIS makes sense. I was saying yesterday, why should pension funds be facing margin calls on their derivatives? A pension fund should be buying simple assets, and giving zero fucks that a 40yr's yield went up to 4%, of all things.

  11. Exactly. So many of the worlds issues, including things like climate change are symptoms of the same systemic issue of centralization, consumerism etc. A new financial system is required

  12. This is the “musical chairs” portion of the event where different countries try not to be the first one without a chair when the music stops.

  13. I always thought the FED would be the 1st to collapse but looks like the BOE might be the thread that’s pulled to unravel the sweater aka Cental Bank FIAT money system. Edit 1: spelling

  14. We have had a particularly shambolic parade of political leaders in recent years, a tragi-comedy. Political and media discourse in the UK is completely corrupted, skewed heavily to the right and the few.

  15. They had the issue we faced in 2019. The only buyer for Bonds is the printing press. When they shut it off the market becomes illiquid very quickly and washes over the institutions immediately.

  16. Someone with posting privileges should post ken griffin with his little teachers pensions fund comment with UK headlines about the pension funds and the bit about U.S. pension funds being in trouble. Then do the curb your enthusiasm outro.

  17. Funny how everyone is calling the banking cheats names and wanting to tar and feather them. We need to realize that these people are still in charge and are controlling the BANKS 🫢

  18. I think it's a bit like Animal Farm by now; you can't tell the difference between the pigs and the humans, because they've all got their snouts in the trough.

  19. Best way to combat this, stop paying taxes. If the government isn’t for the people then why pay taxes? They can’t jail everyone, and the general population out numbers the sleezeballs.

  20. UK ape here. Not that it will be a surprise to any of you but the MSM although 'reporting' on it aren't really reporting on it. No analysis, or actual data stating what's gone on behind the seens. It's really scary.

  21. So how am I to read this... they bailed them out from bankruptcy? or the banks were saved from the system collapsing, or they are the system and they were saved from collapsing, because they are thought of as too big to fail.

  22. why wouldn't Blackrock either help or bet on the short side of Boe fails? because, of 14 million different possible there is only 1 outcome where the entire world doesn't get obliterated...moass

  23. The most recent episode of the Peter Schiff Show podcast did a good job of covering this event, and how it is related to inflation, monetary policy, etc.

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