17.1% - Record high inflation in the Netherlands

  1. It is mostly energie prices that really make it spike. I have a 3 year contract and inflation is much lower for me (and lots of others here)

  2. The amount items have gone up is insane. The bread I always buy has gone up from 2,10 to 2,50 in the span of a year. Vegetables and fruit are similarly high priced. One type of cookies I always buy was 1,20, now 1,40. They go up so quick that you actually notice the change.

  3. Idk apes. I’ve got kids you know. Worked shifts all my life. I earn a decent wage. And I can barely make it. Never thinking of selling. I hold out of spite.

  4. I DRS and hold out of spite and for the hope that i can set up my life and family for success since these parasites seem to want to make everyone suffer just for the sake of a few more cents.

  5. With open borders for food, goods, and work opportunities, you guys in the EU are not neighbours, you are roommates.

  6. It’s probably around this number for most countries but they just so happened to change the CPI calculations

  7. It's frankly pretty scary how true to life most of these 1yo/+ DDs have come, while the 'experts' said everything was fine.

  8. Can confirm: prices went from 10-12€ a gram in Amsterdam to nearly 20€ for the same bud in less than a year.

  9. LoL need a lot of Weed to compensate for going hungry and cold through the winter. Oh forgot, Weed will be also way more expensive. Shit's fucked!

  10. Heating is overrated in the Netherlands, it barely goes below zero. Weed's still cheap here though, please don't get more expensive

  11. The weed from te coffeeshop around my corner is actually pretty much the only thing that has been te same price for the last years (Amsterdam ape)

  12. Look im not too sure if this is allowed in the sub. But the Netherlands is being fucked with on purpose. Including the farmers strike.

  13. Oil. Gas. Food. Financial sector. Microchips. Seems like a lot of the life blood of the world is leaking. It feels pretty co-ordinated or at least ill fated right now.

  14. Something like 27 different independent food production facilities in the US happened to burn down in the last couple of years. What a coincidence.

  15. We've lost 1/3 of global fertilizer supply this year, and it likely isn't coming back. Russia is was the world's leader because of its cheap natural gas (nitrogen fertilizer is made from natural gas). If you live in the US, you won't likely starve. If you live in sub-Saharan Africa, you may be in for a rough time.

  16. It’s a sht show here in the Netherlands…. Energy is one of many crises right now and our government is incompetent as fck…

  17. Just chiming in to say: Fuck Rutte! Don't worry he won't feel bad if he reads this as he won't have any active memory of reading this.

  18. I wonder if the Dutch include food and rent into their calculations or do they ignore it like we do in the US 🤔

  19. We include typical products that are always the same type (a liter milk for example) and can be bought at every supermarket.

  20. I just asked my boss a 15% raise yesterday, he was perplexed until I explained why... just crazy go imagine my buying-power is 17.1% less than the same time last year..

  21. No way my salary would have been a somewhere close to 10% increase annually. Anyway it is 11% here in Belgium, if I am not mistaken.

  22. This is the dollar milkshake in action.. they are printing too much local currency to buy US dollars and causing local inflation. Their only other option is letting their economy come to a screeching halt when they can't service their dollar-debts.

  23. No. Even if different countries all use euro, not all goods cost the same in different countries. In netherlands it seems like something that cost 100€ a year ago now cost about 117€, but that same good might have a cost of 80€ or 120€ in a different country.

  24. When the price of items in USA rises, we say that the dollar is worth less since it can be used to buy less. However that's not the meaning of inflation.

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