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  1. It wasn’t a great look, but it didn’t feel like a real attack either. Mainly just something that filmed footage over a year ago and it’s just now coming out. Doesn’t really represent where things are or have been for a while, so it plays really out of touch from an insider perspective. On the outside, I do think it paints us as degenerates - but a year ago it’s fair to say the vibe, focus, and crowd was a bit different as well.

  2. Damn, division is real. I’m trying to talk to people about the bottom vs the top on CoD and it’s all a race war. Doesn’t matter how you talk about it. We’re so out of it.

  3. I try to remind myself that while it feels like these conversations are products of the machine, so to speak, they are still legitimate feelings that have become a central focus for those individuals. No matter where the inspiration for the conviction came from, it’s still something to consider.

  4. Gonna chat with Peggy come Monday in a good way, only time I've chatted with computershare is after the sliffadend ... I was like hey I bought in this grace period so those should get the multiple too.... he had no clu3 what I was saying, but like magic that grace period that I learned through here was correct. 2 weeks until my buy agIn, let's see what happens in 2 weeks .....either way I'm buying directly 🟣💎🖐🚀🎃

  5. " It's true, all of it!" - Harrison Ford ..on the early DD..in the documentary that won't take place till this is finished . 🟣💎🖐🚀🎃

  6. Five times I've hodled through being above my average. Seven times I've hodled well below. I've bought more shares at least 20 times, always a few more near the top to try to push it into over drive. I remember the "how to sell in batches on the way down" graph. I remember how high up the food chain this goes so to only sell when those giant entities start crumbling, not on the first minor of dips on the way to Andromeda. See ya'll on Moonday.

  7. I've got the flannel sheets on, one foot out the covers with the fan on, my knees don't ache, and I'm a stockholder in my favorite company. I guess you could say everything worked out in the end.

  8. Well at least you didn’t pour water on it. Next time just cover the pot/pan. Suffocate the fire. Or fire extinguisher under the sink.

  9. I think I run a little side hustle with this new chaturfans thing the kids are doing. What do I need to get started? A digital camera?

  10. The popcorn tards are finally seeing the light and buying GME instead of getting fukt by their fearless leader AA, AGAIN

  11. There was a post in hot yesterday from a sticky floor holder saying they sold 70% and bought GME with it instead. Might be others echoing.

  12. GUYS! GUYS!! I learned to count cards over the weekend and I’m planning a trip to Vegas. I’m gonna clean those motherfulckers and BUY MORE GME!

  13. It's really really hard to count cards at a real casino. Usually they're running 6 deck so unless you have a team posted up at different tables for hours good luck finding the hot deck. Even then if you get caught making signals they'll beat the fucking shit out of you.

  14. Retarded advice I live by: take as many loans you can and 80% of every pay check for GME. You get one life so gamble it

  15. Hey guys as an non-US citizen, does anyone know if international check on Computershare means I get a check in USD or a check in my local currency sent straight to me? I'm just not sure I trust banks when the time comes

  16. I didn't known about the fractional shares auto sell when changing my shares to Book several months ago and received a cheque in USD a couple weeks later. Was pre split so after fees was like $40 or something.

  17. Am I the only one who sees that RC didn't tweet 7 times in July? He tweeted 8 times... where's this 741 tweet theory coming from? Or is it number of days and not number of tweets?

  18. The Dollar Milkshake theory is false. McDonalds has reduced their dollar menu substantially. Also, their ice cream is always broken. That’s the DD we are here for.

  19. I got downvoted somehow the last time I said this but- I pray our DD is right because I have most of my life’s work in this mother fucker. 12 years of grinding invested in GME and I expect the market to sell off massively. I don’t wanna be a victim.

  20. The dollar milkshake theory is saying that all the currencies are stirred up with usd and will flock to it during global inflation, until liquidity is drained. So the milk shaker is clearly jpow, hanging his saggy tits out a balcony or whatever. And all the boys that come to the yard, they're foreign currency. It was predicted years ago, Kelis might be the greatest economist of our generation.

  21. I think synthetic gum base has gotten expensive, as my favorite gum now disintegrates in like 4 hours of chewing. 5 years ago I could chew this stuff for 24 hours without it losing integrity.

  22. I usually zoom with my therapist but she suggested that we have a few in person sessions which I could only assume was because she wanted to take advantage of me (you know, in a sexual way) so I had that first in person session and boy was I disappointed

  23. Serious question. I have a friend who has about 32 spent carts and wants to make milk soup. But I, I mean she only has 2% milk. Would it work?

  24. I can’t believe there’s only 19 people here when CTB Max is over 900%, FED having emergency meeting on Monday, and that other stock ran a options divi to Hoover sneef off hedgies wife’s tits

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