Aw man, y'all left without telling me? 🤡

  1. Just to be clear, are you talking about Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Securities LLP that lied under oath to congress? Or are you talking about an different Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Securities LLP that lied under oath to congress? Because the only Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Securities LLP that lied under oath to congress is the above pictured Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Securities LLP that lied under oath to congress. Does anyone out there know if there are indeed two Kenneth Griffin's of Citadel Securities LLP that lied under oath to congress?

  2. Yeah. He's the kind of choad who would throw a bedpost at his baby Mama and hoard all the mayo that was meant for the whole table.

  3. It doesn’t have any connection to reality. These sociopaths still think people will believe anything they print. Thankfully that’s becoming less and less true

  4. The stock market (and other markets) and the economy could be reflective of each other. But they aren’t. Instead, the stock market is some lie that banks, hedge funds, and market makers manipulate for their benefit while wanting you to believe that it reflects how companies perform.

  5. Not only that but it pisses people(me) off and makes them(me) dig their heels in harder. Don't like being bullshited.

  6. It’s good for THEIR economy, which we want nothing to do with. Burn the system, put the criminals in prison, and start building a future where people are in control of their own lives and receive the rewards from their labor instead of having it all stolen. We are here to stay and their reckoning is coming.

  7. This guys a fucking joke, he only gets air time because hes the paymaster! I hope all these puppets that support him realise THEY are part of the problem and will be equally responsible for the demise of the economy as Mayo Man when it happens..... #bringiton

  8. Didn’t this fucker just come out with something stating citadel wants to work with cryptocurrencies? I know it wasn’t just Shitadel

  9. This is about Ken "Kenneth" Cordele Griffin, the CEO of Citadel who lied under oath again, right? I heard there may be plenty of data about Ken Griffin from Chicago who lied under oath and may has stolen trillions of dollars from ordinary people on

  10. Wow so the drs bot lied to me with its “constant increasing numbers” … 🙄 ok ken so all the people who went to the trouble of direct registering their shares said ok it’s over ( your so fucked Kenny boi 😆)🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  11. Speculative not we are... we know he lied under oath, we know the DTCC committed international securities fraud, and we know shorts have not closed.

  12. Tell me you are afraid of retail DRSing the company you shorted into oblivion without telling me you are afraid of retail DRSing the company you shorted into oblivion

  13. I don't remember who had a link to it. But someone loaned out like hundreds of millions of dollars of bitcoin several months ago to short it. It was believed to have been citadel that was the recipient of the loan.

  14. He's a worthless human being. He could've done something really good with his life. Money is no indication of success.

  15. For a guy who throws bed posts at his wife he sure gets a lot of media attention that doesn’t talk about how he throws bed posts or lied under oath.

  16. That's laughable, and he's on TV pumping people to buy stocks and for the feds to continue raising inflation (so they go down) - he makes 100% of his money stealing from retail investors through deceptive, manipulative, and illegal activities, naked short selling and negative PR/IR propaganda all on margin with the DTCC where he only has to pay a fraction of the price and also creates stock orders in stocks with no liquidity (no shares for shorting available) through fraud and loopholes in the SEC rules.

  17. Either Ken Griffin can’t read DRS numbers or he’s a lying, gaslighting piece of maggot shit who should rot in a cell for the rest of his life

  18. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny... I don't think you understand. See, I'm here, I'm not leaving, and most importantly, fuck you! No cell, no sell!

  19. What's even better for the economy is what's REALLY happening which is Kenny is clinching his ass so hard they have to replace those chairs every time he does an interview!

  20. So based on the massive amounts of projection this fucking narcissist displays whenever he's on the news. I'll take his statements to mean that HIS investors are leaving.

  21. Does he mean leaving shady brokers in favor of direct registering your shares with computershare in an attempt to prevent the DTCC from committing additional international securities fraud? The number of shares being removed from the hands of the financial terrorist is growing every quarter. Buy, Hold, and DRS your shares!

  22. Just the number of DRSd shares, both on here and in GME’s quarterly earnings reports, is blatant proof that, no Ken, we are in fact, NOT FUCKING LEAVING. This fucking guy.

  23. So if he wants them to sell, who would be buying in this theoretical situation? Someone would have to buy them for everyone to sell them. Come on, Ken. That's basic economics.

  24. There he goes lying again - Gamestop investors registered more shares last quarter than ever before, and the number of shares registered is only growing

  25. Does this guy have no idea what the economy is? Leaving Bitcoin, NFTs, or any stock at all has no impact on GDP. Purchases/sales of these things does not increase or reduce the output of our country.

  26. Why is he saying investors leaving Bitcoin is a good thing whilst simultaneously working with Fidelity on a crypto trading platform. Seems very hypocritical.

  27. That's only good for his mayo pockets lmayo. Or does he now give interviews out of the goodness of his heart? All bankers, hedge fund managers, and finance people are selfish and greedy.

  28. For someone who's been out of memestocks for a year or so, he sure likes to keep saying that he's out of memestocks.

  29. This dipshit just partnered with fidelity and Schwab to open a crypto exchange… seriously fuck this lying piece of trash…

  30. SEC should run an ad warning investors not to take advice from fucking criminal fraudsters like Ken Griffin who lied under oath.

  31. The fuck is he on about? Why does he even go on tv? This guy is displaying textbook psychopathic behavior. I can wait till this dipshit is behind bars

  32. This is like the 50th time I’ve heard them try to say we’ve “moved on” from meme stocks…no matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t make it true!

  33. There’s a clip of this clown on Bloomberg that gets played in ad breaks where he gets asked what’s the best investment advice he has received, his answer sounds like he’s a complete narcissist. Whilst not answering the question he spins it into some form of free speech which he encourages. After seeing that clip and watching his demeanour I have concluded that this man has a very punchable face.


  35. Remember when he faked one of these Q&A sessions and they couldn’t turn off the applause track??!! Big Al remembers. Fk this guy.

  36. Man set to loose billions unless Bitcoin, NFTs and meme stocks fall, uses his still currently rich status to blag influential interviews to pretend it's good for you.

  37. Y is he always in this creepy staged environment? So unnatural, it’s soooooo creepy. Like extremely creepy I can’t pay attention to him.

  38. So by leaving crypro and meme sticks ita better for the economy because that means they can carry on abusing it as they have done since forever. Because when GME moons they get liquidated which may not be good for the economy. But a load of filthy rich apes will be good for the economy and in helping the poor of which they do nothing like that. So fuck you and your 1% buddys. P.S Kenny i think youre wrong because i keep buying meme stocks and crypto and i am sure i am not on my own in doing so 🖕🏽

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