The feels bar is open. If you have anything on your mind, worries or anything regarding GME or the stockmarket you’ve come to the right place.

  1. I don't want to wake up at 430 to be at work at 6 to drive 30 miles and pay 18.75 a day for parking because my work is greedy.

  2. The feels. Had COVID first half of week now three 12 hour shifts in a row to catch up! Let's get this bread... Dear God let's please get it.

  3. Are you me? I hit that snooze button like a champ tho.. slowly wake up at 5:15 stay in bed til 5:55 then out the door by 6:05 to be at work for 6:30…

  4. The fact is that everything will go to shit. This time you’re the one who will benefit from it. But don’t fucking dance once it happens since millions of people will get fucked from it and it’s all because of the hedge funds. The media will try to spin it but we are in the right and the rich dicks are in the wrong

  5. I’m scared because it seems there is no way out…print more money, higher inflation….cut if collapse

  6. I have been for some time. I am just worried that in all the commotion in order to "preserve the market" the feds will neuter MOASS in some way or enable an infinite can kick.

  7. I am tired of my abusive workplace. I wish the whole fuckin place burns down one day. I am tired having to do two people’s job just to scrap through another day. I hate every waking minute of life. I am tired giving interviews that go no where. I am tired waking up knowing I have another huge bill coming to me. If I end things at least I know nobody is coming to snatch away my moon tickets. God speed brothers. Thank you for being my hope for now

  8. Brother I know the feeling, I’m working as a bartender. It’s horrible but never give up on life. You will be rewarded! I promise you this. In life you have obstacles but you either run thru them and smash them into fucking pieces or you go over them. I usually run thru those motherfuckers and jerk off afterwards. I’m here for ya!

  9. Hey man I feel this very same way. Just wanted to say I'm here, doing the same shit, with the same goal. We're gonna make it. I'll make you a deal. I'll be tough for you if you be tough for me? All the way through till moass. Send a dm if you ever need to bitch about life or encouragement.

  10. I feel you. I’m making the most I’ve ever made in my life right now, but due to my location it feels like I’m just barely getting by. Rent is absurd, groceries are insane, gas is fucked, and everything in between is batshit expensive right now. I want to know what it feels like to take a vacation and not stress about a budget or money. I want to know what it’s like to want something and get it without checking my bank account or upcoming bills. I want to be able to enjoy life and not stress about finances for once.

  11. You wanna try the UK mate - we've got the inflation and our useless bellend politicians have just behaved so ineptly that the pound will be worth less than the dollar before the year is out. Bleak winter for England, Scotland, Wales and NI.

  12. I understand you 100%. The rich dick landlords are playing a game of chicken with everyone since they know people need homes. You can tell the landlord to go fuck himself and find a cheaper apt if there are any. I sincerely hope you manage yourself and can enjoy life. Take a drink on the house!

  13. I feel this so hard…I make $45 an hour and STILL feel like I am barely scraping by with over $2000 in rent. Most of my money goes to bills and rent. It’s absolutely insane and I cannot believe it’s been allowed to get this far.

  14. I feel this. I make 68k plus 10% bonus and the wife dies about 80k. We went from very comfortable to a few unexpected emergencies and appliance break downs later, really fucking nervous. I'm currently interviewing for a 85k +10% job and am into the final candidates. Really need this one boys. Been cutting logs and splitting firewood like a motherfucker to avoid heating bills this winter.

  15. I just wanna stop worrying about bills. Fuck a mansion I want to be able to grocery shop and fill my gas tank without getting anxiety.

  16. The bills are the worst. Energy prices are fucking me hard. Luckily I don’t need gas anywhere but still fucking hurts. I wanna go to a grocery store and buy things and not having to look at the price tag!

  17. Hopefully not FUD to the members of this community as I've been a long-time holder but I would just like to be frank about how I'm feeling today.

  18. I’m in touch with the same feelings man. Feeling depressed like hell but the light of hope I have is knowing that one day I will be rich and do a lot of good in the world with the money.

  19. Feel the same. Finally reaching a point where I could buy a house but that’s ridiculously expensive. Feels like we are headed for a depression and all I can do is wait and hope I come out on the other side. Meanwhile these criminals keep taxing my taxes to bail themselves out of shit situations and leave us with nothing. All the while, everyone who could put a stop to it doesn’t because they aren’t just complicit, but are part of the corruption. Feels like a race to gather generational wealth before everything falls apart.

  20. Yes I'm the same. Before getting into all of this I think I had confidence that incredibly high levels of repeated cheating/fraud etc would get picked up by the system - that the system wasn't infallible but if you absolutely take the piss then there was the infrastructure for someone to go "that's not cool or fair - sort it out".

  21. Glad I'm not alone in thinking this. I've seen countless posts about SEC/ FINRA new rules and the hypes around them. Each time apes are hopeful that they will enact some justice and illegal activities would stop. And yet nothing really happen. The rules mean nothing if they are not enforced.

  22. Thanks for saying it. I think there's a lot of OG's who thought this would long be over. Not say we've lost faith but it's incredibly disheartening to see in real time us having to be self reliant which feeds into the cultishness of the group. I see you tho dude you're not alone.

  23. You are still on the journey, your journey isn't over yet and reading your post tells me you will do some remarkable things down the road. Yes, it may seems as if the world is crumbling and it will get bad for some people, but you are not alone.

  24. Your dog deserves all the best in the world. I am holding for my dog to have a huge fucking yard to run and enjoy his life there. Dogs are the best!

  25. I'm worried just like everything i do to try to get ahead this just gonna blow up in my face, and I'll be worse off than I started. Getting kinda used to it....and would like to change that..

  26. Don’t ever settle. Keep pushing yourself, especially during days you feel the worst. You’ve managed to keep yourself alive and in good health so this isn’t the biggest obstacle. Some days are shit and some days are good, but let me tell you one thing. The best days are yet to arrive.

  27. I’m with you friend. You’re not alone. Good things are coming. Stay positive and show the ones around you that you care about them.

  28. I feel you friend. I'm in the fortunate position where if I lose everything I've put in I'll be okay. But on the flip side I've put so much mental energy into planning my life post-moass that if we somehow never get there (and I know we will but the waiting gets hard) it will be devastating. The last thing I want to do is put FUD out there, I absolutely belive in the DD and I know this is the way, I will continue to buy and hodl, but everyday I have to wake up at 6 am for work adds a little more to my mental/physical load and I honestly don't know how long I can do it. Nothing short of generational wealth will make me sell but fuck man I just want a resolution already.

  29. Just reopened. The bar will be open every day of the week but I’ll be on the shift only once a week. Maybe more. Depends if people are enjoying this!

  30. I literally had a dream about being lucky to be a live in maid for the housing. I need some stable housing, this shit is ridiculous.

  31. Indeed it is. The only thing keeping me zen is knowing that one day I can pay off my parents and grandparents debt and enjoy my life to the fullest not having to answer to a shitty boss.

  32. While I am still a hardcore investor I have to put this obsessive checking on gme news and price on the back burner. Expecting to be rich any day now has not been a healthy life style promoter. I landed a good job with a pay I never thought I’d make. I’m going to get healthy, pay off credit card bills and eventually start buying more. But not at the cost of my current life.

  33. Being emotionally invested in a stock is never a good thing. You just need to know what’s the endgame. Everything in between is meaningless. You will be rich and that’s what matters. Now enjoy your job (congratulations on that btw, sounds fucking awesome) and live a healthy life. Don’t push yourself too hard, it’s unhealthy. Have a good evening bud!

  34. My cat died suddenly yesterday. I feel so empty, and so guilty that if I had gotten him to the vet sooner he might still be around. It's my first day completely alone in my house since I bought my house. I miss him so much. 💔😭

  35. Oh gosh, I am so sorry! Kitties are the absolute best companions which makes it all the harder when they leave us.

  36. I gave up gluten a couple weeks ago, which has me feeling better, but now I eat ice cream almost every day, which has me feeling like a fat piece of shit

  37. Ice cream is my food almost everyday! Delicious! Just remember to keep yourself active and take a walk, get some fresh air and enjoy it!

  38. The MOASS can happen any day now.... like damn... don't get me wrong, I'm a holder forever and I'm "no cell no sell"..etc...but fuck... I really want my money. Like, I'm trying to get a bigger house and a better life for my family.

  39. Same, and you know what? At the time I didn't invest more than I was willing to lose, but circumstances change over the course of 2 fucking years and it would be really fucking nice to have that money in this fucking dumpster fire of an economy now when things are all so goddamn expensive.

  40. It will happen when we least expect it. Once it does we will be the ones benefitting from that motherfucker. I wanna buy a big ass house for my dog and kids!

  41. 🥃 here you go. Haven’t read it yet. Just came home from work and then I started this shift. Will read it later on!

  42. That’s totally understandable. Keep in mind not everyone has the privilege to do so but I’m sure they are on it and trying their best. We have a good tempo of DRS’ing our shares so we just need to keep believing that everyone will get their shares in their own name!

  43. I am so sick and so tired of the fucking bullshit that we need to deal with on a daily basis. It is literally us against the entire worlds elite, and while I believe 1 million and 10 % that we will win… it’s disheartening and overwhelming sometimes. The tanking of the stock from $45-$46 a share to these levels (and the levels before) sucked MAJOR ass to watch and stomach. We have the royal flush, we ain’t folding, but god damn… this shit is getting old. I fear for our future even post-MOASS. So tired of these criminals. Get them the fuck out of here already.

  44. Conviction is a helluva drug. We got this. It’s nuts on the river, and we are educated amateurs at the final table playing an all or nothing heads up.

  45. I’m worried about the banks post MOASS. Will our tendies be insured by the wave of defaulting banks/institutions?

  46. That’s a valid question. My 2 cents are that the banks will get huge bailouts yet again and will stay solvent regardless of the outcome. So I think our money from the shares will drop into the accounts either way. It will be a shitstorm but everything will sort itself out!

  47. The good thing is that there is always more edibles! Haven’t smoked since Sunday. Saving up more money to buy more shares cos that’s the way!

  48. Just wait for the huge green dildos that will come inevitably. You deserve it no matter how small of a fish you think you are in the pond that we like to call GME holders. You’ll feel a lot better once everything starts!

  49. How do we know shorts closed positions? I know “read the DD” but it’s been so long now that if we have any more new proof. I just want MOASS to happen already, we’ve been fighting so long and DRS so much that we just deserve it at this point. I just don’t wanna wake up to alarms clocks anymore at 5am. I dont wanna keep being behind on my rent every month. Mom has ovarian cancer, and my boss is a dick. I honestly think when moass happens and we’re all rich… I’ll take some time to be alone in my room and just cry tears of joy and finally know that everything is gonna be okay.

  50. I’ve never been this lonely in my life, but somehow it feels like I have friends here. Whether it’s entertainment, DD, or apes talking to each other, it’s quite something to be a part of this movement.

  51. Feeling is mutual. After this Saturday the bottle will Be closed for a longer period of time for me. Had a wild ass summer but it’s time to get my shit together.

  52. My favorite drink is a bottle of the cheapest whiskey being poured into the closest glass. The pinot grigio is a good wine.

  53. You know... It is sad to know that people like you and me will lose their homes... I know a woman who already needs to sell her house, because of the raise in interests by the bank... Many more will follow. I hope that I can stand the line until MOASS lifts off. When you buy and have a house, you have a vision and you're full of dreams and hopes... The economy, from a wider perspective is so complicated and I don't understand more than a fraction of it... But I know that there is something coming... As for me, it is hard to see something coming. I can try to educate and try to warn people... but who am I when MSM and almost everybody around is telling you that the party won't stop anytime soon...maybe the music will slow down...

  54. I’m recovering from a chronic illness. Being bedridden for months on end really gave me time to get ballz deep into gme and form my diamond hands. Now I’m just chilling focused on getting healthy. Not having to work would really be helpful

  55. Sad to hear about the illness but as dumb as it sounds, it didn’t kill you but it only made you stronger. Now you just focus on getting better and soon you’ll be enjoying mai thai’s under the sun in a warm beach somewhere!

  56. If I knew how I would bud. Just broke up with my GF but it was the best thing for me eventho it still hurts like a motherfucker but for me it was the right choice.

  57. I was really struggling being unemployed for a long time, getting by doing gig work. I still managed to scrape some money together and invested in GME.

  58. I got laid off late last year cos of covid but now everything is better and I’m feeling healthier. Glad to hear everything worked out for you guys! You keep having that mindset and you and your wife don’t need to work ever again!

  59. A story haunts me as we watch the DD unfold. There was a horrible Tsunami that ravaged Sumatra and other regions back in December of 2004. A little grade-school girl had just learned about tsunamis before she went on vacation in Sumatra with her family.

  60. If it doesn’t happen then we will always have the next trading day. That’s the good thing about this. It is inevitable. Stay strong!

  61. I recently watched an Atobitt interview (not from the documentary) and was disappointed by his outlook on DRS. He failed to mention anything about synthetics or locking the float, but de-railed it because “people aren’t going to sell regardless”. Like huh? That completely dodges the entire point of DRS

  62. For the very one reason I believe we WILL lock the float, is why I’m 99.8% DRS, and .2% in Fudelity to join whatever suit is available after all the fuckery happens. We’re making history.

  63. There’s one thing that DRS for sure does that any counter to can’t be denied. It gives us a data point of ownership that is not watered down or only part of the picture. For a DD writer especially, I think that would be enough.

  64. I have a feeling when the float is locked we will all look at the charts and they will look exactly the same. The simulated numbers will just keep churning and look the same as any trading day the last year.

  65. I believe that real, rational, and long investors see the merits of DRS when framed in the reality of the abusive and self regulated markets - as soon as they learn enough about it.

  66. I’m struggling so hard with my ADHD. I would take that drink but it only makes things worse. Life is so up and down and I’m at the point where I have to break up with my gf just to save her from my forgetfulness and impulsivity.

  67. Got paid today. All but $.13 went to rent. Listed my car for sale last week. Picking up a second job next week. I’ll have whatever the guy next to me is having.

  68. Barkeep, when will the GME moon so I can stop doing stuff I don't enjoy which takes all my time and energy in service of people I don't like to help them do stuff I don't think should be done just so that I can live?

  69. Hi. My dad has terminal brain cancer. I don't think he'll make it to next Christmas. My step mom and him are fighting and I think are going to get divorced. I'm 30 and don't know if I can handle care for him along with my girlfriend and her 8 year old son. I just want this to happen so I can buy a house, care for him, and focus on what makes me happy instead of thinking about credit card debt and support others. I hope everyone has a happy thursday/Friday

  70. I deal with agitated depression or depression with anxious distress as some call it. I used to be very functional and hide it well but over the last 8 months or so it has become more difficult. Poor as shit. Tons of debt I am struggling to pay. And I've lost joy for things. I used to get a lot of joy gaming but now it just feels like a chore. Reading used to be fun but I can hardly get through a single page. I'm in college at the ripe old age of 39 and it used to be fun. But I've failed the past several terms because I can't think. I just stare at the screen, blank out, and go back to bed.

  71. when we make it, and we're gonna fucking make it, i hope I remember your story sir. I've been living in this tunnel too. Just when I convince myself I've turned the corner and see the light it turns to an illusion. I struggle heavily with ADHD and literally nobody understands it. People say they support mental health or whatever but don't even begin to comprehend what it's like to be neurodivergent, not even loved ones. But who can blame them honestly. We don't even understand ourselves.

  72. I am afraid the government will pick an excuse and step in and stop MOASS, given the destructive implication of the event

  73. I’m worried I’ve become emotionally dependent on the idea of MOASS. With all the crime we’ve now uncovered, I do fear that those in power will somehow prevent it. That same uncovering of fraud, deceit, and greed has also shifted the way I see things in my workplace. I can’t help but see the farce that is corporate America; the lies they feed us to keep us where it’s most beneficial to them; the narcissistic tendencies of leaders and how their behavior is somehow excused because of their titles. I’m worried that I won’t know what to do if MOASS doesn’t happen. I can’t keep playing a losing game with these assholes, but I don’t know what other alternative there is.

  74. I’m patient and happy as can be, but occasionally I am hit with unhealthy dread that something will happen to me before it pays. I just want to give my wife and kids the world, but I’d love to get to see it.

  75. It’s normal. I feel that way and probably thousands of others as well. You just gotta keep the end goal in mind. You’ll be rich. Trust me!

  76. Folks , hang in there, everything is lining up and our payday is coming. When it starts it will be when your not focusing on it, not reading Reddit Posts and then out of the blue,,, MOASS

  77. Exactly. Scrolling thru reddit day in day out will only do harm. Once the MOASS starts you’ll hear about it. Enjoy life while waiting!

  78. Once GME moons you can buy a proper boyfriend for your wife who isn’t the dumbest boy in all the school. I left my girlfriend so it’s just me and the boyfriend now.

  79. A gentleman and a scholar! I’m ok, working a lot so that I can buy more shares but it’s terrible. I’m healthy so that’s all that matters! 🥃 have a drink on the house!

  80. During the first summer of this, when practically the whole world was in lockdown, I discovered a banana flavoured rum, made in Cornwall UK.

  81. Trying to quit nicotine this week. But I am weak. Yet diamond hands are forever. I might cave in to tine, but never to the shfs

  82. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago. It’s tough I’ll tell you that much but yesterday I smoked 2 puffs or marlboro gold and it tasted like shit. Never again. Stay strong! You’ll get there!

  83. Guys I have to take a break. I’ve been nonstop replying to people and there is new comments coming up as fast as I can reply. Do note that I will reply to every single on of you! It’s 2.30am here and I need to get some sleep. Brothers keep helping each other. The bar will never close!

  84. I bought GME to my fiscal limits at the start of this all. I invested as I could. I've averaged up to (post splividend) $40 / share, and hold low XXX.

  85. That’s beautifully said. we are never alone in this family. You are absolutely right. Now it’s our time to stand up to those dickheads!

  86. I've been waiting on the God's Unchained Email only to realize today that my pro membership ran out in July and didn't renew 😭😭😭

  87. Never commit suicide. That is the most selfish thing you could do. Eventho things can be terrible and borderline fuckshit, everything will sort itself out! Trust me brother. In superstonk we are one big fucking mormon family who would never give up on you or anyone else. We are here for each other and to give a big fuck you to the rich 1%! My dm’s are open brother!

  88. I’m struggling a bit still. Things were 100% different when I bought my first property but it burnt down right away and dealing with being under insured is a bitch. Also lost my job early august with not as many opportunities in my field as I’d like so I’m lowkey fucked soon. I just have to move, don’t know where, and won’t really a lot for many options.

  89. I'm feeling great (ecstatic) that Kenny boy's new estate is most likely under many feet of water in Florida currently. Sad for the rest of the folk though

  90. Drowning in medical and credit card debt with not much of a way out. Stressed about making sure bills are paid somewhat on time, but ill never sell these shares unless I see phone numbers on the way down.

  91. I've been holding for 2 years now and I'm tired. I've had so many questions from friends that I can't answer, everyone thinks I'm crazy... how much longer do we have to possibly wait?

  92. Hopefully this gets buried. Need to let some steam off a little bit. I’m currently on day 435 of no alcohol and maybe a year without smoking weed. Still vape nicotine but after quitting booze it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Sure I’m saving way more money and not spending it on liquor but just mentally and physically I feel the same. Some things I’ve done/haven’t done have / are taking a toll on me. I guess that’s just life though. I just wish my brain was normal again. Life seemed somewhat more pleasant when I had the ability to day dream. Oh well. Gotta keep looking forward and stay sober! Vent over :)

  93. Funnily enough, it sounds like you're day dreaming about a world where you can afford to day dream. Reality is a brutal fucker, and it's certainly getting harder to 'afford' a fulfilling life as time goes on (especially when invested in this saga), but I hope you see that your day dreams are closer than you might think :)

  94. My biggest fear is that we aren’t allowed to win. I know how crazy that sounds but I honestly believe that once we squeeze, some bullshit is gonna happen, fucking WW3 will commence, fucking dollar will collapse, yes we will have our $millions/billions, but right in time for it to be worth jack shit. Sorry for the rant. Fucking WEF shit, they have had all of this planned out for years. Other than that totally zen.

  95. Can I talk about the dating world? Bc that is more of a shit show than our stock market and that’s saying a lot 😂 I just want to find a nice ape 🦍 :(

  96. My Nan passed away this week of Parkinson’s related dementia. It really sucks, because I only ever had one set of grandparents, and she was always supportive of whatever it was that I was into.

  97. Worried their plan is going to work and I’m going to have to sell out of financial troubles due to inflation and rising costs. Stubbornly holding on though, I didn’t wait this long for nothing.

  98. I had a MOASS dream last night. My best friend was calling me and saying I'm part of a cult of financial terrorists that are destroying his 401k. I told him many times before how to buy and hold. So in my dream I decided to stop taking calls and watched gme go up to 10000$, knowing my friend would be ok in the end because I would help him out with my gme gains.

  99. And that’s what we are supposed to do with the insane amount of money we will make. Take care of friends and family who deserve it. The ones that don’t actually appreciate the shit you doing for them can go fuck themselves.

  100. 2 of my teachers continuously spider web trap me in a classroom and borderline harass me and i think its because im openly trans .

  101. I think you should find an administrator or a counselor at your school and tell them what is happening. You shouldn’t have to deal with that. Your job should be to learn and theirs to teach you.

  102. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to dig myself into the NFT world so I have no clue. There are many apes at the bar who are more suitable to answer your question. Take a drink and mingle! Have a good one!

  103. I have some a couple grand to invest but I really want GME to come down lower but she’s been holding up strong lately. Idk what to do.

  104. Got a job thank god and just waiting for MOASS to happen. Wish everyone else to have the same.

  105. Congratulations on the job man! We will get the MOASS! Don’t worry about that. Then you can quit your job and do something you’ve always wanted!

  106. Graduated with a Master's, got a 4.0 and everything, yet jobs are still impossible in this market. 95% of jobs haven't even given me the courtesy of a response. Then everyday there is an article saying people don't want to work, which is so clearly a lie. I was told get an education and experience, now I've done that and still getting good employment is impossible without knowing the right person. I'm hopeful that in a post-MOASS world labor will get the respect and dignity it deserves. Nothing makes me happier then seeing the union movement pushing forward alongside us. It's all interconnected. People are tired.

  107. Not a bartender but I do serve alcohol so I’m right here with ya OP, let’s get this bread and drink to our success in the future 🍻

  108. Been feeling neutral. MOASS is going to happen. Buying exclusively on CS w/ my work check & gambling wins. Just grinding it out on my job feeling like a zombie/robot. But thankful for a good paying job & gambling wins to sustain until we rocket full thrust into the inner sanctum of all hedgies assholes 💥🚀🍑🥴

  109. I'm trying to succeed at University and can't muster the time and energy I need to succeed because of how much time I need to put into work just to survive. I had to skip classes tonight because I just didn't have the energy for them.

  110. I’m sick of coworkers asking me if I’m still holding my shares and they brag about how they sold for a few hundred bucks profit last summer

  111. My wife's stress levels because of her job are manifesting in physical ways and I desperately want to tell her she can retire because GME made us millionaires.

  112. Real talk… how do we get our money from our investment here? Won’t be able to sell like normal stock I’m guessing after MOASS. I know the hold your investment and take loans out against it plan.

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