Eat The Rich got nine of ten scathing reviews. Here's the one written by Ken Griffin, probably

  1. I just started watching it today. The first episode is quite good tbf. Looking forward to seeing it go off the deep end in the next few

  2. Shit, that review is so scathing it makes me wonder why he's so pissed off. Maybe he wants us all to sell for some strange reason. It's weird how much these people care about a cult.

  3. The funniest part about people wanting us to sell is…sell to who? If it’s so bad who’s gonna buy it? Oh right to close their shorts 😂

  4. The amount of macro economic analysis that gets posted to this subreddit is of astonishing quality and quantity and has successfully predicted many market events..

  5. I love when people start arguments with "well...basic economic principles". That just means they took econ 101, think they know shit, and like to talk down to anyone to make themselves feel smart.

  6. For sure, and it’s 100% of greater quality than that of so called ‘professional analysts’ that for sure don’t know shit or are just paid off not to say the truth.

  7. This is one of the many reasons I'm so confident in my GME investment. Besides my own DD into the company, the same dudes that predicted major economic events over the past year that everyone called us crazy for are also invested in this stonk? Yeah, I'll stick with it

  8. The number of people on the outside that seem to think that everyone has lost a huge sum of money is even more astonishing. I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm still up by double digit percentage points, which far outpace the rest of the market. Even at it's current price, and especially with the tumultuous market we've seen the past few weeks.

  9. Don’t worry the dude who wrote that review will be dumbfounded when his 401k has gone to shit and the “dim witted apes” retire early

  10. Not only market events, the amount of information in general is unparalleled. I’m glad to call you autistic fucks my friens

  11. The person who wrote the review is a meltdowner. They posted the comment in their sub so they could jerk themselves off.

  12. I am almost done with the 2nd episode of this trash and this fucking thing starts trying say retail blamed DFV for their "losses". What an absolute crock of shit. I just turned it off and said fuck this thing.

  13. Yeah that’s the thing people don’t see is literally worse case possible is it’s a solid investment to hold onto and if it’s not that we are made richer then our wildest dreams.

  14. We did originate from UUSB, so there is definitely some people here that sold their car and mortgaged their house to go all-in

  15. Well what I will say here (but not too loudly anywhere else) is that there probably ARE people who have invested recklessly. That is to say, you shouldn't invest what you absolutely cannot afford to lose. If I lose mine.. it'll sting a bit for sure, but I won't be out in the street.

  16. I'm confused about this losing money thing? I haven't sold shit, and I bought a lot at much lower prices 🤷.

  17. Most anti-GME people are folks that thought TA is fortune telling and bought weekly jackpot options on gme that expired worthless and they lost all their money. They hold a grudge. I can't imagine any other reason why a person would go out of their way to hate someone elses investment. Especially when there are so many other communities out there that are similar to this one.

  18. I'm in the green and have been growing my position since Jan 2021. No idea what these clowns are talking about or why they think they know my portfolio.

  19. You ever notice how all the great prophets speak not only about how to treat people, but how to treat money as well. Almost like we all want the same thing.

  20. They are so confused on how much peeps have actually spent. This stock is so different in that it isn’t a few peeps that spent millions of dollars, but millions of peeps that spent a few dollars! Well,,, I guess one persons life savings is much broader then another persons! So,,, maybe they are right!🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. We should be wary, fellow apes. If the haters ever come up with something better to claim than GME is a failing video game retailer, we may actually have to pay attention. /S

  22. this is similar to how people kept dissing Apple in the early 2000s for not selling very many Macs.... ignoring that iPod and then iPhone, iTunes, Apps, and then iPad literally transformed them many times over.

  23. If this idiot even paid attention to DRS posts he would see that this “cult” has everything from paycheck-to-paycheckers to multi-millionaires. All walks of life. The common denominator? We’ve actually read the fucking DD.

  24. It’s funny that people are so concerned with my losing money on trading stocks. Never have I had such a wealth of people warn me, out of the kindness in their hearts, not to hold this stock in particular. Never, and I mean I’ve lost a lot of money on a lot of trades. I guess this timeline has begun overflowing with brotherly love, the age of looking out for each other must have begun. Which I guess I could have guessed just by looking around at the way the worlds going..

  25. He just thought Chicago was a dangerous place. Miami has been a haven for Mafia Assassins and killers for over half a Century. Karmas a Bitch.

  26. I watched Eat The Rich this morning. It was especially shitty how they tried to make it seem like everyone turned on Roaring Kitty afterwards. Hell no. This movement owes him so much and we hold true ape love for him 🐱 ❤️ 🦍 🦍 🦧 🦍 🦧

  27. No doubt that they have been spreading a bunch of ridiculous sounding nonsense like q stuff, flat earth, medicine denying and so on to keep people online from figuring out the real shit they want to keep hidden.

  28. What is more interesting is the capability ‘apes’ have all together. If you want to sit here and ignore how Wall Street got stirred up and they had to create all these narratives and hide/burn evidence, how rule’s began to change market wide, how they could no longer sit back without keeping their guard up because of all the DD that was uncovered, and they had to spend day and night scheming to buy themselves ‘just another day.’ They can sit here and try to say whatever they want. If everything is just a bunch of conspiracy theories, why the change? Why is Citadel’s CEO on the news trying to convince people on his side of the story? Why did they stop tweeting for so long? The fact that they had to film a whole story about ‘this saga’ as if it was over, oh, Kenneth Cordele Griffin, you wish this was over don’t you.

  29. This piece of propaganda from Netfudx wasn't made for us. It's made to reinforce an image they want to create of us to the people that already think we're nuts or, maybe worse, people who are curious about GME and this ends up being their entry point. They're controlling the narrative. That's it. Trying to anyway. It ain't a coincidence that I've seen the word cult thrown around more than three times since this morning. Giving this multi-million dollar hit piece any attention at all, like this post, is a mistake. Try to tell people not to watch it. Let it die.

  30. You know you’re starting to win an argument when the opposing side starts using ad hominems against us. They’re not even going after the company. They just want to insult us

  31. Strange because I remember wall street having to turn off the buy button on certain stocks because a few hundred thousand retail investors caught their bad bet and had them by the balls???

  32. Yes and their 401k in index funds and ETFs is totally green right now and they totally know what is happening to their money and where it is. Tbh the disconnect between knowing banks are evil but when it comes to someone saying it they are suddenly a conspiracy theorist shows the level of koolaid they drink as they work themselves for their corporate masters.

  33. I don't really watch TV or movies anyways. I dont give a fuck if they make us out to look like garden gnomes. I do whatever the fuck i decide to do. No one fucking controlls me.

  34. This is precisely why that garbage “documentary/mockumentary”was made. They realized they couldn’t not acknowledge us any longer so they put out the most ridiculous thing ever to misrepresent and discredit us. Psychological warfare is just about the only thing they are actually competent at. And for the average person who has undoubtedly heard about the GameStop saga this past year from friends/family/coworkers but hasn’t done any actual research of their own and thinks it’s just a dumb conspiracy theory, this show is probably as much as they are going to pay attention to it. It’s exactly the type of person who they are targeting this show for, and it’s meant to confirm the bias that’s been repeated over and over the past year and a half. That we’re all a bunch of fuckwit douchebags gambling our money away. While there certainly is a few among us the vast majority of this sub seems to be productive members of society from all walks of life who are fed up with the corruption that everyone pretends to know about, but unlike everyone else we are determined to understand it and actually do something about it.

  35. Yeeah down vote me to hell if ya want but I'm tired of all this waiting imma sell my mouth to buy more gme

  36. This guy is so right tho. The company is not doing great and losing money. They’ve put all there chips into NFTs. Clearly they don’t have a plan.

  37. They are just trying to justify their faith in a system that either screws them, or rewards them for screwing others. They'll figure it out that the wind is blowing in a different direction sooner or later. Until then, it's just much hot air that can be ignored. This is happening, and the fact that they're talking much about it is enough for me to know that I'm on the right path.

  38. Again, these people have never stepped foot into one of these stores nor do they comprehend that we don't want to buy or gaming stuff from Walmart or Amazon. Ever.

  39. hahaha yea we're taking notes and all of this shilling by corporate media is gonna be embarrassing for them in the future.

  40. Remember when Kenneth Griffen, the soon to be jailed, Financial terrorist running Citadel bought out Melvin capital, Worked with Robinhood, and lied while testifying to Congress with 5 lawyers in the room with him. Deep fucking value bitch 🟣

  41. Watched the documentary or more like mockumentary today. It seriously leaves out a lot of facts for the purpose of creating a certain narrative, like the fact that Robinhood wasn't the only broker that suspended buying certain stocks.

  42. Everyone better be giving this Documentary a thumbs down on their Netflix account or whoever's they're borrowing, that is if you/they are still subscribed. What a joke.

  43. I hope this comment is seen and registered by lots of people. Those will shit their pants when the rocket ignition is at 11.

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