Does this look like a weighted 5.0 average?!?!?!? Looks more like a steaming pile of SHIT to me...

  1. Each 10 star review is packaged in a swap eliminating ten 1 star reviews. So it’s really just efficient because those ratings never hit the books. 😎

  2. I'm choosing 2 thanks to another comment. All 1s will end up being weighted less since it's seen as review bombing.

  3. wish people ranged from 1 to 3 at least, so it didn't just look like review bombing and have half them not counted/removed

  4. Be nice if you could leave a comment like January was just an appetizer shorts never closed hedgies are fukt. As for me I like the stock so I will buy hold drs and patiently wait for MOASS

  5. Unusual voting activity? There's nothing unusual here. We've all "seen it" and we hate it. But for real even if we all have seen it, we'd all hate it.

  6. It's pretty obvious users here are brigading and voting one star regardless of whether or not they've seen it or like it. We're heavily invested in it where the vast majority of people don't care. I don't think we can point to our self fulfilling prophecy and say "look it's a bad movie because we decided it was a bad movie."

  7. IMDb uses a secret weighted average formula that cancels out ratings if IMDB deems the ratings “unusual”. This means an honest response to a bad flick might be wrongly weighted.

  8. Side note : I watched the first episode last night and it is not telling the story that we all know. There are some bits and pieces that make it in there that sound helpful, but most of it is run around and crappy narrative. (Yolo, lets crash the economy)

  9. Honestly I think the negative sentiment it's getting on here is pretty sus. There's some bad stuff in there, mainly their focus on Jim Cramer (a proven hedge fund shill), but other than that they helped give a basic overview of some of the events that happened?

  10. Well, it depends on the weights. Some rating websites like to have smaller weights for the minimum and maximum ratings because they are usually polarized or out-of-proportion.

  11. Yep, because it ignores the 1-star hate votes of new accounts and sparse reviews. If you actually want to damage it, you need to go give appropriate votes for some other movies, then end by giving this movie a "2" or "3". Once enough low votes skew the average closer to the 1-star hate votes, then those 1-stars gain more weight, and the rating will drop to its lasting rating.

  12. If the title was maybe "Uncovering Market Corruption - the GameStop Saga" I might have gave it a chance.

  13. i created an account just to leave my 2 pennies, don't forget to also leave a wordy review not just a rating. Be sure to mention DRS and Ken Griffin.

  14. All I understand from this is that the FUD campaign is still going strong. As long as the FUD campaign is going strong, then I am on the right side of the trade. The only difference between today and yesterday is that today I still have GME shares, but I no longer have a Netflix account. Your move mayo man.

  15. So i watched it all, and I genuinely don’t understand the hate lol i mean, i do understand that they left out stuff but like, these documentaries arent made in a month- superstonk was too new to be included. And i know it left out all the main dd but its going to help our cause- they didnt lean too far to the hedge funds side in my opinion. But maybe someone can enlighten me about the main issues. I also read that someone was mad they made atobbit look like a stoner but showing someone smokin a doob is a normal everyday activity for most of us here lol nobody thinks its a bad thing…

  16. Yeah I just finished it and I don't get all the hate.. You want them to be biased and delve deep into Superstonk, the turn around of the company, NFTs and DRS? That is clearly not what they are documenting in this documentary, they are focusing on what happened at that historical moment in the stock market. What happens right now here on Superstonk is more like a sequel to the first part and the story in the sequel isn't even finished yet.

  17. This documentary didn't take a month! Haha read previous posts, they interview these people over a YEAR AGO!!! They knew exactly what they were doing. There was even outcry on twatter for them to not release it but they just wanted the $$.

  18. They do this anytime something is heavily one starred. If you actually want your low votes to stick around on IMDB, you’re better off voting 2s and 3s than 1s.

  19. Yeah. It’s almost like there’s a group of people who might brigade a film with negative reviews or something. Not saying it’s good, but I’d say this is expected.

  20. Like, not even bias opinion or anything but WHO THE FUCK watches that and think, ya that's 10 star rating, very entertaining, out of all the movies or documentary I have watched, this is surely remarkable and worth 9 stars, it totally wasn't cringe or anything, totally worth 8 star, and the dialogue is so interesting, totally 7 star performance, and it is so well researched, definitely 6 star quality.

  21. Due to an abundance of votes for (1), we will not be counting (1) in our averaging. We thank you and apologize for any inconveniences you may experience.

  22. I will say that they called out Citadel... Thank jeebus. But I can't get past the fact that they left out Soo much that could have been told.

  23. I’m watching it right now, ep 3 they’re talking about the buy button being turned off and market manipulation .. I don’t get the hate

  24. You know the definition of review bombing right? But do continue like that till you make it trending having more people see it

  25. I believe people can change. Netflix will always love white couches and slicked back hair, they’re living for New Years Eve…

  26. This is weighted. They decided to weigh down the 1 star scores so it wouldn't affect the calculated average as much. It's a statical trick.

  27. Look at it the other way, if it was actually a good accurate depiction, explaining drs and superstonk and the rest of the DD. The opposite faction could steamroll 1stars too. I’m certain 80% of those 1stars haven’t even started it much less watched it. Regardless of your opinion on the doc that’s not how reviews should work. Very few things have ever been objectively bad enough to have that heavy of a 1 star swing. I’m actually glad review systems do something to combat bull shit reviews.

  28. Where’s my class action defamation suit? Can’t even show my face in public with all this slander I get for being a simple GME investor. Emotional trauma and hardship!

  29. Oh god, butthurt superstonkers review bombing this special, most of them without even watching a minute of it. People really so triggered that they're activating their imdb accounts to vote a 1.

  30. Has anyone actually watched it all, is there a summary somewhere from someone that knows what's going on ?

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