Imagine going on TV and telling people to sell into an oncoming recession which you go on to say is inevitable AND you expect people to take you seriously as a potential Treasury Secretary. You can't make this shit up!

  1. He needs retail to sell. It has always happened this way in the past. Retail always gets scared and sells. He is 100% dependent on it. If retail doesn’t sell when they slam the market down. He is completely finished. As for me I am a buyer on any dip of my favorite stonk.

  2. Why do they need retail to sell? For the price to go down further so they can buy in at a lower price?

  3. Because when things do crash and they will, hard, you don’t want everyone losing everything. It’s better for them to have a little in the bank now then nothing later. Honestly it should be very very worrying to Americans and the world if this guys advice is to sell. The markets, when they fail will be historic and will take a long time to recover.

  4. Or, if you sell before the recession starts, you'll have more money to buy at the bottom. This isn't bad advice, in fact, its probably the best advice anyone could give for normal market participants. Unless you're holding GME, and then you should never sell because MOASS is probably tomorrow.

  5. Even for non GME holder, timing the market is always almost impossible and more than risky. Doesn't mean you can't prepare but if selling high and buying low was easy more people would get rich investing.

  6. I remember the last time the market had a big downturn in 2020, there were talking heads saying that buying the down market would ruin the economy. 🤡

  7. I'm genuinely curious why this narrative is taking off. Where is the quote where that is said or at least heavily implied?

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