SUCCESS ⚔️🙌 Tonight we successfully completed our first public play-test with another community. This is a first for the space as a whole.

  1. the majority of this game is made with the Lyra mechanics, hopefully the games moves away from that eventually. id feel like im playing fortnite and Id like this project to be an experience of its own but im glad to see an FPS making its way into the NFT space!

  2. You guys did it right, building a game people will actually play and enjoy. I really can see this blowing tf up. Huge congrats to the team, you’re making a lot of people’s dreams come true! 🔥

  3. This looks f-ucking awesome, guys. So glad I've secured my Cyber Crew Clones from the marketplace. We are part of the future!!!

  4. I'd check the Kiraverse Discord, that's where they set up the private alphas so any beta news would probably drop there too

  5. Looks great! Too bad I missed it. I have a cyber clone and a clone card, but I don't use Discord. Any chance we can get stuff like this announced on Reddit?

  6. Discord is where it's at. Get the news real quick and you can chat with the creators. It's a bit of a learning curve but well worth it.

  7. I'm pretty stoked to be able to run around with these avatars. It's been going on two years and somehow it feels like it's all happening so fast.

  8. Characters for this game are being sold on the stocks marketplace, it will be the first to use multiple nfts from the top selling collections

  9. Kiraverse is built on IMX which will come to the marketplace soon (whatever that means, hopefully before q4) and it’s already using characters from the marketplace creators (in this case cybercrew, also saw a metaboy post before) and it looks like a fun game to play rather than the shitty web3 games we’ve seen so far.

  10. If web3 is successful, GamestopNFT will be successful, if GamestopNFT is successful Gamestop might be profitable again, if Gamestop is profitable again then the short will close because they will know they cant bankrupt it.

  11. This looks really fun and cool. Imagine how crazy it will be with a bunch of different avatars and weapons and levels and shit. And each time one changes hands, apes get paid a cut.

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