Did we find out why GME borrow fee went crazy in June and July (over 100%) and why is it sitting now at 10% after being around 1% for more than a year ?

  1. Going theory is that XRT was on RegSho, which forced them to directly short the stock. Combine that with the increase in DRS numbers and an impending splividend, and you've got high demand for loaned shares to be returned.

  2. This is what got me zen. It's when I realized that the entire fucking system is at best a "trust me, bro" and at worst organized corruption. Everything they've said is complete bullshit and has been since day 1.

  3. Used to manipulate you one way or another, in this case, to convince you to hold back waiting for higher borrow fees indicating an impending run.

  4. It was in anticipation of the GameStop meeting where the shareholders voted on the increase of float + re-election of board members.

  5. DTCC committed fraud by not providing shares but let the brokers split. Anyways this has enabled us to lock the float faster. Direct Register your shares with GameStop.

  6. My theory is petterffy wanted more bag holders, to share the burden. So they hid the SI in swaps, etfs dooms,, and prolly mosmarkes a shitload of them too, so they could justify 1% CTB

  7. They are flipping back and forth between shorting via borrows and shorting via ETFs (XRT, IWM, etc). Right now XRT just went on RegSho threshold, 13 days is Oct 11 I believe. GME borrow rate will probably start rising again after that.

  8. I’m glad you came seeking my professional opinion! As your lawyer I will advise you that numbers go up and numbers go down, it’s simple maths. Scientoligically speaking, the price is fake until they can’t afford to pretend they covered their shorts anymore. Now as there is a good chance that I am your real father I suggest you DRS your GME shares and make further purchases directly through Computershare. I’m just going to go buy a few things at the store.

  9. Fees depend on shares available. If they can fabricate that number, or have it temporarily suppressed, then they effectively turn down the fire under their assess. How they have been able to do this? A plethora of DD is written about the variety of ways which are likely suspects, including Naked shorting, dark pool manipulation, SWAPS to name a few

  10. I thought it was the dividend, but I could be absolutely off on the time frame. Everything just kind of rolls together anymore. Like the movie groundhog day, until it isn't.

  11. Bottom line... The lower it goes, the more are snatched up to the purple ring place. It's pretty simple..yet they cannot fathom the smoothness of an ape brain. Sucks to be them.

  12. Bread crumbs to keep us hungry and always thinking something is about to happen. Busy chasing something close to nothing, but different than the day before

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