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  1. I haven't thought about Kotaku since grad school 15 years ago. Read it and it was..... disgusting. Didn't Hulk Hogan sue their sister site and win a huge settlement over something related to them releasing his sex tape?

  2. The part that’s funny though is that everyone is supposedly some teen living in their mom’s basement but then the vast majority of those reviews are people 30+ years old

  3. A large number of these individuals probably have Netflixs accounts. This documentary is an attempt by a group of individuals at best attempting to cash in on a narrative to at worst spin the story that said customers have actively participating in.

  4. I did my 1 star part 3x. So used to DRSing it was like I was on autopilot “yessir, I will take one more. Yessir I will take one more. Yessir I will take one more.” Truly regarded to the max.

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