The 2008 correlation is real, just not when we all think. Ironic it all comes back to January 🏴‍☠️

  1. I've been waiting ANXIOUSLY for Jan '23 to see what happens when those gazillion puts expire since I read the first DD on DOOMPS about 84 years ago. Fuck my birthday. Fuck Halloween. Fuck thanksgiving. Fuck Christmas. And fuck new years.

  2. I'd also like to draw a correlation to 1989 - 1997 Japan, and the Nikei 225. Where the Ministry Of Finance aided institutions in hiding severe losses from the bursting of their asset bubble in 1989 (Japan's land values at their peak were worth 4x the US at the time)

  3. I think 🪑 man’s Jan 23 call options were a heads up…. Despite the fact he closed his position early (talking about towel stock btw)

  4. That would be mysterious, it’s like that bridge people were walking over and the small vibrations made the bridge rock at a resonant speed, which made people walk in sync with each other, which made the rocking worse and the whole thing collapsed.. some X-Files shit.

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