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  1. Thinking about hurricane Ian yesterday I thought it would be humorous if Kenny sunk most of his money into a FL property and then it ended up destroyed by a hurricane or underwater due to sea level rises haha

  2. And where are the building with the lights on? I was told there would be buildings… I’ll set the building on fire. (Office space)

  3. Randy Macho Man Savage bursts through the gates of Heaven with a shoulder cannon, looking for hands and trembling as he rockets everyone a Slim Jim Oh Yeeeeeeah Brother

  4. I'm on episode 2 of the Eat the Rich Netflix show. There are some useful and fun interviews with other redditors, but the whole thing is made to make retail look bad and make hedgies be the responsible parent. I've lived through it, I know what's happening. No thanks, Netflix.

  5. Just came here to say that Neflix Doc is complete bullshit. If they spun the truth any harder, they'd be playing 4-D beyblade.

  6. if you're interested in picking up a lucrative new skill I've got some resources on sales copywriting. check the pinned post in my profile

  7. I've been bringing in $50-60/hour Ubering 🤷‍♂️ I work all weekend but it's better money than I'd be making pretty much anywhere else with my lack of qualifications.

  8. I am really, really looking forward to the moment we reach a few thousand shares left to be directly registered.

  9. Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December But the days grow short When you reach September When the Autumn weather turns the leaves to flame One hasn't got time for the waiting game Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few September, November And these few precious days I'll spend with you These precious days I'll spend with you

  10. As I walk through the valley of the markets of debt I take a look at the fed and realize there's nothin' left

  11. I'm watching the Netflix documentary about the Wirecard fraud. There's a whole sequence where they praise short sellers and then claim that fraudulent short selling doesn't exist. They also make fun of people who call short sellers "financial terrorists". Very dumb.

  12. Before you dive into options, I'd highly recommend you read the 200-odd pages of the OCC Rules PDF. With emphasis on the parts where in cases of certain volatile situations, you will get your contracts nullified. (Parts 1100 / 1200 if I remember correctly).

  13. Went to the other sub..... what other sub u shill echo chamber? Subs matter not, only DRS.... shill you will, desperate you look.🟣💎🖐🚀

  14. Having buying withdrawal, it's showing me my strength, knowing my massive buy next month when everything bleeds will be way more meaningful than today! But damn it I wanna lock the float. My theory is to maximize my tendies power next month when the dd comes true .... again.🟣💎🖐🚀

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/wz2l0b/do_you_like_itits_very_generous_dennis_reynolds/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  16. Saw a post below about checking out the GS employee sub. Lots of negativity over there, holy. You’ve got to wonder how much of it is shills talking to themselves back and forth.

  17. It's just dawning on me now how numb I've become to 5% price swings. Like pre 2021 this would be absolutely insane to see prices move that much day to day but now it's just whatever.

  18. Bloomberg today: just side note talk. How the states could see a major event like a liquidity issue... how some short covering maybe in the works... how the UK is fckt

  19. Most employee sub reddits are very negative because most people that are happy with their jobs don't go seek a small corner of the internet to share it with. Also a large majority of posters on that sub haven't worked at gs in years but hang around to reminisce on their crappy retail experience. The large majority of their gripes are consistent with retail in general so I wouldn't believe that gs is a worse place to work than most. Though I do believe when the company is profitable it should share those profits with the employees that made it happen.

  20. That Kenny video today is sad, but it jacked me thinking this idiot blabbling on the tv taught me how to HODL down -80.

  21. glitches again. an ape posted screen shots of all the "memes" acting up with much higher prices. GME was from 682k, climbing to 1.3m.

  22. Anyone have the link to that video someone made? Around 6 minutes, sums up the saga easily digestable, Jon Stewart etc. I can't find it it was up a few days ago I think

  23. In the studio wit my homies while they spit that ill shit but all I can think about my GME homies. All my true pirates all about those tendies.

  24. Why are these movie/documentary producers so vested in directing the same ‘memestock’ narrative with the same script almost every quarter?

  25. But they promised me 69 virgins and that I'd have full contrpl over any content. Why would they do me like that!

  26. No individual drop of rain feels responsible for the flood, but there cannot be a flood without enough water. If you have any shares you havent DRS'd yet, know that you could be the drop that gets things flowing.

  27. Is there anyone smarter than me here that can draw lines between NFLX as the hedge for GME? This NFLX pump is driving me crazy and especially with this shitty ass documentary hating on our GME something is definitely sus.

  28. Man..... I drove over two hours to renew a pro membership and support my closest GameStop....all in hopes I'd get a Gods Unchained code for a game I probably wont play anyways.....But nope, still nothing. No reply from support. Nothing. Another big letdown. I thought early adopters/supporters would be rewarded, not punished. GMERICA NFTs all over again.

  29. They are releasing codes in batches and said to contact GameStop customer support if you dont get your code by Friday. Patience yung grasshoppa.

  30. Imagine trying to play the shell game, but the crooks are hiding their crime under hundreds of cups. It would be really hard to track and ever catch them. Now one by one, start taking their cups away. Less places to hide.

  31. motherfucker you do get around this superstonk sub... praising that show, but gme recognize gme and you ain't looking so familiar.

  32. Someone needs to bring attention to the fact that stale accounts are now at least on pace with new shares being sent to the bot.. basically the count is stagnating.. we need to register MORE than the shares being culled for staleness.

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