BREAKING: Chinese Yuan at its weakest level in almost 15 years.

  1. Dollar squeeze went full swing when Russia invaded Ukraine this year. It's only becoming more visible now but if you follow the DXY, you can see when in started going off.

  2. Weaker yuan makes Chinese goods cheaper. They don’t mind. Increases demand. Strong dollar will weaken demand for U.S. goods abroad.

  3. I think the big issue will involve countries that don’t have the capacity to provide 100% of their own energy, because energy is paid for using the reserve currency (the USD). When too little USD exist for countries to pay for their energy bills (which I believe is entirely possible), it will become that country’s National crisis….they may sell USD-denominated bonds to keep the market flush with USD or, perhaps, countries will begin seeking to change the reserve currency from the USD to something else (gold?).

  4. Look at the US treasury pile the Chinese own and their foreign debt pile and you see why they've tried to maintain that peg for so long. This is not welcome news in China

  5. Tell me what goods is the USA producing. I know none. It's all deficit spending for you guys so you can have cheap stuff

  6. US in a rock and hard place. Inflation is crazy, and the strategy to use higher rate to tackle it will no doubt attract inflows and spike the exchange rates. Will certainly aggravate the recession which a higher interest rate gonna bring in any case.

  7. It's a global Fuckening, Dow futures broke through the 29k level this morning down to 28.8 and I'm sure it's not done.

  8. Every single fiat is at its lowest. What is new? Dollar is squeezing and US is so desperate. Thanks to those who sabotaged gas, now they can go long on oil and gas.

  9. I like how all of these "new record," "New all time lows," "Hasn't been seen since..." go back to the years 2007-2008.

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