So uh.. 1.3M per share? Yeah I just had that again. "glitches, right"

  1. My calculator app lets out an audible groan whenever I click it now. I'm not sure why, any help would be appreciated. 😂

  2. We can test this. If one of us sets a limit sell order for say 69,420,000.741 and the OP pulls the data again tomorrow and it's there, then we know it's a limit sell order

  3. Was Computershare not forced to lower their limit sell input for this reason? Because it was fucking with the data because apes were maxing limit sells on their accounts at CS? Or am i remembering this wrong?

  4. The price for GME looks exactly like the regular price + 65,535 + 1.3m. Somewhere in the binary data stream, there was a block of fifteen 1s (65,535= 111111111111111) where there shouldn't be, and it's throwing everything off. It screwed up the expected sequence, and offset it. I'm guessing the protocol doesn't use error correction. Is there anywhere in the documentation that says what the data packets look like in binary?

  5. Commenting for visibility from ideally a senior back end engineer who can guess as to why an API would behave this way. Thanks OP!

  6. This is absolutely wild. I would assume it’s something to do with something (a number/variable?) being carried over where it shouldn’t be?

  7. I’m the lowest xxx holder, & I will still be the lowest xxx holder as well. That money would be nice, but what use is it if it’s basically going to be stolen right back to stop generational wealth. Cell or no sell for my shares

  8. 1/1/1969 is the default “date” for the Unix OS. It counts time from that date as a ZERO point, using the Julian calendar. So any specific date/time is just a number, and that number is them count of seconds past that date.

  9. Actually the zero date is 1/1/1970. I'm seeing some timestamps with 12/31/1969 so I'd guess that the API is returning -1 (error) for this data, which is being interpreted as one millisecond before zero time, 1 ms to new year 1970.

  10. Thomas Peterffy, the chairman of IBKR - was pretty much the only broker that openly admitted in an interview that GME was going to bring down EVERYTHING. The WHOLE. GODDAMN. SYSTEM.

  11. The more eyes the better. I remember that interview and that's when I knew everything was corrupt and fucked.

  12. I heard an interview with someone from ibkr on bloomberg radio the other day when asked something about retail, they scoffed saying that theyre not really a retail-facing broker anyway.

  13. Woa, déjà vu!... I just saw a black cat walk past us, and then another one that looked just looked same.

  14. Someone famous said to just “reset your client” and the problem should go away, nothing to see here. Too bad I’m not that famous — I just write complex parallel message-passing code so obviously nobody paid attention to me pointing out how stupid that was 🤪

  15. Did you notice the 65,535 in the price? It's 1.3m + 65,535 + the regular price. It reads like some bits got injected/flipped in the data stream.

  16. i thought witnessed random halts today on tradingview. no official ones so there's no hard evidence, just stock-price unnaturally not moving after bigger move fro a good 3min or so. could as well be passed off as a random event. next time i make sure to keep the exact minutes when it occurred, if that matches with other's observations we at least can start observing patterns!

  17. I mean if you think about it’s sitting at 1.3 million right now (from OP’s Perspective) that’s without an announcement 📢, no fomo, no SHF closing there shorts and no RC Tweet……this stock is going to Andromeda 🚀

  18. I’ve always had this feeling in my stomach that a designated Market Maker could change the price on the ticker. Like the price we see is just a simulation. The price magically stays around max pain every week. How many times did the ticker stop at a 00? Since we pointed it out, it stopped.

  19. I don't believe all these so called glitches, are glitches. Personally I feel that the true price is being hidden from us, and these glitches are starting to show us the truth. Not even conspiracy type shit. Never have I seen this many glitches, and its all been since this saga started. If anyone else has seen them before the sneeze, I'd love to see the proof.

  20. IMO, this is likely the legit (or close to legit) current price of GME. The only thing that makes any sort of sense is that some org at the top is manually controlling what the price says and will continue until Apes DRS the entire float, capitulation, a domino effect of massive margin calls/liquidations, or they get caught by the internet somehow.

  21. I have 73 9/30 calls at 28.5 strike right now. If I woke up to GME at 1.3 Millie. I could literally buy everybody in Superstonk a lambo by myself. (Not that you guys would need it)

  22. So GME is currently worth 1.3mil a share without any shorts covering, moass or anything yet. Holy smokes this is gonna be nuts once everything hits. Infinity and beyond

  23. The prices on display are probably what the stock is worth in reality once you break the matrix and the price we see on Yahoo finance is just robbery on us.

  24. We typically only see this when backend systems are being upgraded and new software is being pushed where there are bugs (wrong data types, mismatches, etc.). That should never happen for production systems particularly for financial service companies.

  25. OP: This is very interesting - thanks for sharing! One thing I find curious about this is that your last post on a similar glitch was from 125 days ago, which is around the time GME ran from a similar low of 22.29 on May 24th all the way to 34.30 by May 27th. Do you run these nanosecond charts most of the time? Is this the only other time you witnessed this anomaly/glitch since May 25th?

  26. Lord I wish I had a friend who would teach me what all this means. I know DRS, and zombie stocks, and sorta what doomps means. But hell. I'll have a fucktonne of time on my hands soon after this shit pops off. I wanna make my chosen gig about this sort of thing.

  27. so I'll say this again. yes it's a glitch. but a glitch Doesn't mean it isn't real. it looks like we keep seeing an influx of information that confuses, or overloads the reporting systems, and most likely deeper than reporting.

  28. Heard simultaneously throughout WS office’s “ Tech support needed now ! Algo’s just shit the bed I repeat algo’s just SHIT THE BED !

  29. Peak behind the curtain. Your name isn't the name of a bank is it? Maybe they got confused and gave you the special access.

  30. Sounds like an error associated with halts and processing of order queue. You might end up displaying ask as price, despite order not being fulfilled. "Meme" stocks historically have weird high ask, because "apes" setting up high limit sells. But impossible to give concrete feedback without checking your source code.

  31. IF they are closing out their positions at these prices with their prime brokers while bypassing the market as a whole, ima be pissed as fuck, although they still have to buy back retails shares - and retail owns a lot of fucking shares.

  32. So does this mean MOASS would just be a bloop to this price? I vaguely remember DD stating it would be an instant event.

  33. No, because no one is selling. That’s why high prices like 450k,500k now 1.3 million keep popping up. & it’s popping up for different people so something is up. That price spread is bonkers

  34. Are you the same guy which dlauer advices to reboot/restart whatever script you were using and you never replied/refused?

  35. Restarting is never a choice in long-running processes. It’s the first thing a junior dev does when they don’t have any better ideas. Unfortunately when you restart, you lose valuable debug information that might come in handy later for root-cause analysis.

  36. Let’s all stop and realize that the price we will sell for is much higher than this, since shirts never closed. When all is said and done, it should increase 50-100 times said share price.

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