Fellow redditor /u/pdwp90 just released a dashboard which lets people track proposed bills, see which publicly traded companies have lobbied on them, and which congressmen have bought or sold stock in those companies. Thought this might be useful for some of you apes.

  1. So… this guy has basically just proven and shown specific members of congress who have committed insider trading.

  2. How many times can they be caught committing crimes with 0 consequences 🤔 Find out next time on " the adventures of crony capitalists"

  3. I’m just curious why we always referred to this guy as just a Redditor when it’s clearly quiverQuant advertising

  4. Right? He posts all the time as if he's just some random redditor "I just built a dashboard that..." and it's just like a link to quiverquant.

  5. Yep, he has advertised this site enough already. Last time the mods even commented that he had doke it enough...

  6. Solid work man I'm always seeing your posts and updates on these dashboards and I think it's very important data to collect and visualize. Where do you get this data from? How accurate is it?

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