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  1. Mandatory. Burry sucks and has nothing to do with gme stop upvoting his rambles. I personally report and downvote because I won’t want him to have anything to do with superstonk.

  2. Can someone loop me in on the jungle sub drama concerning Pinkcatsonacid and her connection to DLauer allegedly paying her and other mods?

  3. I just don’t think anyone cares. Let Dlauer pay people who help him is it bad? probably but honestly different sub and I don’t think he is a bad guy. I just really don’t care about him. You gotta stop putting people on pedestals. It’s honestly a huge problem with society in general. Do your own research invest in what you want and drs if you want shares in your name.

  4. I was up early to work on my silver back. MSNBC was talking stonks and on the ticker along came by GME a few times.

  5. Reminder that there are deep infiltrators at work here. Pinkcatsonacid got hired/paid by Dave Lauer a week ago. Jungle discord shut down, and I don’t know what the implications are…. But maybe we should continue to question everything, hold no idols, and DRS.

  6. Go to the GU website and at the top should be a drop down menu labeled Learn. Click on gamestop and at the bottom of the page should be the 3 steps. The first is to use the code. Next is download and play a ranked game. Last is to link your wallet. Once it's all done, you should get the rewards.

  7. You can count on one hand how much DD makes it to hot now…. Mostly purple rings and shitposts….oh well. Buy HODL DRS.

  8. Remember last week when itz_ape and pee-reminder-bot suddenly pushed for options plays + morningstar valuing GME at $50.

  9. I recently bought my first gme option, long dated OTM call. I don't care if people mess with options or not, this is a short term play for me (I'm not selling my DRS shares) and I chose long dates so I don't get IV crushed. Historically GME has been supported by retail and the board itself below $25, so a deep OTM call makes sense to me without making me even think about buying and selling shares. I'm firm in my 4 more years to see GME payoff if the squeeze doesn't happen before then. I'd like some extra cash now so I fucks with the options play.

  10. So this gods unchained rollout is a practice run for an NFT Dividend right? Like, working the kinks out of the system for having a code and redeeming them....riiiiight?

  11. Combine that with a handful of GameStop limited NFT releases - there's obvious demand and value for their branded items, so it would be an incredible dividend for investors as well!

  12. I know we have all those drs numbers on charts...but we need a dollar worth included in ...how much is the sub worth... Let's see how many billions.

  13. Guys I’m having a “I need to call my mom” moment today when I checked the stock market right now. We are propped up and when we fall it will be unreal.

  14. If these firms continue to fail in electronic reporting... the SEC should charge each of them $100 mill per day. After their initial charge.

  15. I mean 27%+ of all outstanding shares are direct registered. What a fucking accomplishment. They have to see the writing on the wall end this soon or the infinity pool will be created.

  16. Build credit. I use to believe never get a credit card always pay cash. Until I kept running 20-50$ short. And had to get an expensive pain in the ass cash advance. Trick is to pay it off as soon as you can so you don't pay interest. Go to your bank in person tmrw if you can.

  17. I activated my gs wallet and then bought $1 worth of eth to activate and then activated l2 LRC and then IMX. set up a Gods Unchained account, played a game opened some free packs…

  18. The cards you get in the "core set" packs are classified as "Plain / Common". They arent minted on the blockchain until you get 2 plain copies and forge them into a "Meteorite" quality card. Only cards that are Meteorite or higher are able to be traded.

  19. Yeah... I'm either too old or smooth for this. I couldn't even do the tutorial. Probably both. Haven't even gotten to the point of getting my cards, yet.

  20. That’s my biggest gripe. I’m a fairly tech literate guy, and I’ve lost $10 LRC trying to transfer between layers, had to have someone else activate my wallet, etc…. There is no way the gen pop stands a chance at this…..yet

  21. I dont see where I sign up for God's unchained whateverthefyck I'm already a pro member if that helps but I'm just trying to support my company any way I can

  22. If you spell it wrong it doesn't count, right? I wasn't masterbaiting, I was MASTURBATING! (insert man tapping forehead gif).

  23. The education system is the first distraction. It provides nesscary daycare so the parents can go to work. And it gets people use to do pointless stuff that will never matter. Then you turn 18 and are flooded with crap.

  24. Eyy I been a powerup member for a minute but I never played GU or anything. Am I getting some kinda NFT? 😂¯\_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  25. yeah 7 packs of tradable NFTs. Unfortunately it seems like there is an issue with the codes they sent out.

  26. I dont even use thot tok but I decided to do a search for GME and it's all popcorn. That shit is wild! Why the fuck is all GME searches pulling up popcorn!!! And that's what it's supposed to do, distract people to do popcorn shit instead.

  27. Anyone having issues claiming the GU packs? I got the email with a code. Have been a pro member all year and it's still active, connected my wallet. But it gives me a "this code is not valid, please check you've copied it correctly" error. I made sure there was no spaces when I copied it

  28. just came here to ask the same. glad to hear it’s not just me and it’s being resolved. Fun game btw. I played a match and it’s a lot like hearthstone but honestly I think I prefer this. Just gotta learn it a little better

  29. I don't see anyone else asking about it so I must have missed news about a delay or something, but did anyone get their Gods Unchained promotional code today?

  30. Put away the calculators. 1.3m looks good on paper but we need to hold much further to see real change

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