1. I was just thinking that it's bad I understood what he's saying, normally he's beyond me. Layman terms, the 3 metrics used by the Fed are skewed because of these factors, suggesting how big the bubble really is. QT the method that the fed uses to stamp it down, will pop it instead eventually. I wouldn't understand how they are skewed or anything else, but he's speaking very basic finance here. I don't like a Burry I can understand, a lotta people about to be hurt.

  2. If there is one thing I've learned over the past 2 years. He is just as bad as the rest. And he is so trarded that he doesn't know how the internet works.

  3. Micheal is suggesting the Federal Reserve is hiding behind metrics (which suggest everyone in the marketplace is ready to accept 5 rate hikes by the end of the year).

  4. So everything is priced in for all eternity like how it's always been? I'm always baffled at how the markets are simultaneously overreactive and not reactive enough and it's always explained off as "it was priced in"

  5. It means nothing for giant global corporations but it means normal people trying to buy a house get fucked.

  6. What does it mean that every human in the world outside of the few thousand that can travel to QE or QT summits are increasing productivity? What is the population of the world again? Thanks, it almost seems like mistakes made since the early 2000’s defines productively increases and how life style improvements should be defined. The fed should have started raising rates in 2002, we all would be benefiting now

  7. While MMs and hedgehogs save face by selling shit they don’t own and borrowing money that’s not theirs then leveraging it to the tits to sway market and play with your emotions to extract more monies from working class, I just simply buy and drs knowing all well they are future buyers of my equity. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Gme to Uranus 🫡

  8. I'm so angry how fast people didn't care that they were CAUGHT manually changing vix to what they want it to be, literally just"replaying" another old month, like a rerun, and ppl still think it's an indicator after that, use it as if it is a tool and not a control device It's literally a number, I can give you that much

  9. There have been many things that they’ve changed throughout this whole ordeal in order to make it seem like everything is okay, but the outcome certainly doesn’t. What a strange time to be alive…

  10. This is his version of plain English. His brain works differently. That’s why his perspective is valuable and noteworthy imoho

  11. Can't we as a society all just shake hands and agree to carry on with our monies being worth the same as it was before the pandemic? Like a backup from a floppy disc.

  12. I’m not an Econ expert, but essentially is he saying that without Fed intervention, no one is buying/selling bonds leading to a wide credit spread?

  13. QT is what it seems 💁What exactly does THAT? Mean? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Thanks ELIA5

  14. I read that in 2008 it was home loans and Now? Is mall/ business based “ homes” mall and commercial real estate fuckery- if homeowners were screwed in 2008? Who is bag holder w/ commercial real estate fuckery?

  15. The fed is aware inflation is happening (something I think they have failed to admit) and they want to reduce money in circulation by raising rates to decrease demand for loans which should help stabilize the economy. QT is when the fed sells its bonds in the treasury market or not buying ones when they mature held by the Fed, which increases bond availability and reduces circulating cash.

  16. He’s saying Fed is supposed to be QT to the tune of 30 billion a month since June. They haven’t sold shit, they’re still buying but the market is still shitting the bed.

  17. I’m blocked on twitter by him and legit have no idea why, never replied to any of his tweets or anything.. so bizarre

  18. If there is one thing I've learned over the past 2 years. He is just as bad as the rest. And he is so trarded that he doesn't know how the internet works.

  19. This guy is lame and has nothing to do with gme. I downvoted and reported this post and you should too. Stop giving him attention he sucks and it makes the sub look bad in my personal opinion.

  20. Every day i hear the usual lies about how the FED is trying to fix a problem- that isn’t the problem-

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