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  1. Came to announce I’m really stupid and finally sold all of my popcorn and the popcorn butter. I was in total denial. Luckily I have always had more GME and NOW I’m going to have even more! Everything was DRS’d, even my Roth IRA. When I have my Roth papers, I’ll add them to the bot. And then I’m going to buy that additional GME through computershare. I want to thank everyone in this sub for leading me to the light. The writing is on the wall and even popcorn discords are falling apart. There is only one true investment worth betting on.

  2. Imagine, if you will, I was the stupidest person in this sub and didn't remotely know what I was doing.

  3. Still haven't seen any massive bank collapses, so my spidey sense is telling me, markets still have a long way to drill.

  4. Wait so what are we expecting with this Gods Unchained Pro members rewards. Like, is IMX integration launching? Are we finally getting iOS marketplace?

  5. October is gonna be one for the records, aka Halloween will be extra special 🎃🟣💎🖐🚀 aka .... I'm 💯% D R S E D ... 👻

  6. It'll make you think. That's why the DD is never done. When we stop getting confirmation of solid expectations we are susceptible to FUD. Keep reading and stay on your toes. Watch that 🧺 of eggs.

  7. When I was in college I was involved with these Bible study groups in the dorms. The cute girls would go out and bring in these guys--who knows what they told them-- but I remember one time this British guy was like "this party blows!" Love that guy. Hope he's hangin in and holding out there. 😺

  8. The hoops people will jump through to justify spending state tax dollars subsidizing billionaire stadiums. Like there are people who are morally against football because of the CTEs. And you want them to pay for your fuckin stadium? It's the most entitled fucking thing and it pisses me off.

  9. Sorry but with 80M+ shares directly registered I don’t think holders are fazed by these tactics. The SS Emotional Swings has sailed.

  10. Genuinely curious, used to have a decent position in popcorn when I first learned about the HFs fuckery back in March ‘21. Rode it up to $72, back on down to the depths but after months of reading on SS I decided to sell 90% of it and swing it over to GME. Still have a small XX position, it’s peanuts now but that’s beside the point.

  11. nothing suggests that they are still net short. I'd be willing to bet with the float being so much larger than it was at the start of this, the shorts managed to become net long or just out entirely.

  12. Your post assumes they are still short popcorn. Nothing seems to indicate they are. Massive dilution aside, there seems to be credible information that porpcorn is reverse to gme.

  13. I got written up today for missing work because I woke up with a blinding migraine and then had to rush my dog to the emergency vet because she has cancer is dying. I can’t tell you how pissed off I am and I can’t wait to tell them to fuck off. I’m going to damn sure my daughter will NEVER have to be a slave to the system like I have. She’s gonna hopefully spend her life volunteering and making this world a better place.

  14. Sorry for your puppy. When I got migraines I had a boss that worked with me but my migraines were so frequent and severe he told me to stay home and get better. Never got better but got ssdi. Can’t wait for MOASS and be free from government limitations.

  15. So after reading the swaps dd, so we need to wait to swaps reporting goes in effect which will have an affect on SHF and HFs and then DOJ and SEC.

  16. My question these days. Are we in a holding pattern waiting for iOS, Immutable games, unannounced partnerships because we're on a plan, or because there have been unexpected delays?

  17. Did anything ever come of in-store gaming tournaments? I remember that was a big selling point for me in the beginning. It would bring people into the stores and personally I'd enjoy local competition in fun games with low stakes.

  18. I think it got tabled TBH. There’s so much more going on that they need to renovate stores and adjust sizes

  19. It’s too bad for Kenny and them that me and my friends literally don’t give a Fuk about the price 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. If y'all ever see somebody using WAY too much Benzedrex just know that they ain't treating their sinuses, they tweaking their asses off 😂

  21. Pretty sure there are still some boomers out there that'll do/believe whatever their news network of choice tells them to do/believe.

  22. Lot of pissed off sub-apes over at that popcorn shithole. Will they finally see sense, take a hit and buy the one true play whilst it's still cheaper than one of Kennys hookers? Stay tuned to find out

  23. How are there so many people invested in this stock that were not a power up pro member.. till they got free cards... Well better late than never 😊

  24. Hi family, I’m sharing some info with a friend introducing him to $GME & what’s happening here, any helpful videos that would reflect a good portion of what has/is happening here? I would appreciate it! 💜

  25. People on the other side of the world have been dying of famine, dying in senseless wars, dying to extreme heat, born into poverty, and oppressed by their oppressor for years.

  26. Well. They don't sell tarantulas at GameStop, this is unacceptable!! Where's my Mega Karen nft to commemorate the entitled raaaaaaaage

  27. Shoutout to cyber crew handling the nft winner Karen’s today! My gawd, reading that Twitter thread just sounded like soo much whining lmfao!!! This is why I stay out of discord hahaha. Impressive cc! Talent, passion, sick looking nfts that have cross platform utility, annnnnnnnd great customer service apparently! 🍻🍻 😂❤️

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  29. Same tbh I give zero fucks about what the price is. Not rich? Don't care, will hodl. I don't even really read SS posts anymore.

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