Looking for a 3d Printer? Gamestop has your back.

  1. this was my plan but they never accepted my app :( be awesome for gun design in a virtual reality setting with a nice physics engine. i'm surprised no one in the 2A cad community has sold their stls as nfts. the transaction could be anonymous also on a side chain ;)

  2. I applied to be an NFT creator with architectural files and designs. Was really hoping to hear back but .. used to being hurt.

  3. I've looked into this and I'm order to make it work correctly, essentially you need to have the stl hosted on a 3rd party site that checks your wallet to verify that you own it and are allowed to download it. Once the stl is in the wild you like it lose control over it. The other option is a hidden listing that you send to the winner, but then it has completely decoupled from the nft "license"

  4. Sick! Another 3D printer I can put next to the five I already have and don't use because I am too lazy to calibrate it so I just buy another.

  5. I bought that one a few years, never had any issues with it. great printer for a good price :) it's only a little bit more expensive than the ender 3, but the quality difference is definitely worth it.

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