How Swaps & Rehypothecation work: Archegos' Employees Admit in Court, credit u/idLogger. This is why CFTC hid swap reports until 2023. It shows how Citadel, Susquehanna, Point72, and Shorting Hedge Funds manipulate markets, sentiment, artificially control prices. It's all Fake. TL;DRS

  1. This explains the correlated price action GME had, rising +52% in one day. The same day Goldman and Morgan liquidated Archegos' position in PARA and BABA.

  2. The banks can hold as much bag as possible, not their problem because their customers money will gonna be used to pay for it, and they can always attend Corruption Conference, that they can pointing gun into the hostage (people's saving, retirement funds) and boldly said: bail us out, banks are necessary

  3. At this's hard to imagine that I can get angrier.. and then I read this. All the "other" stocks out there might be part of the solution, but DRS'ing GME will be the move that brings them to their knees. For you, for me, for our children.... Hodl and DRS like mutherfukers

  4. One of the things that makes me most pissed is the fact that it’s basically legal until they blow up. None of this would have gone public unless they lost some bankers money

  5. Another one of our ‘conspiracy theories’ confirmed. “I mean it’s not Gabe’s money your taking, it’s a pension fund that belongs to a teacher. You feel good about that?” -Mayonnaise

  6. It was a Ken Griffin interview at some blow job forum where he basically poorly attempted to pass blame to retail investors for “destroying teachers pension funds”. Very typical megalomaniac / egomaniacal behavior. The guy is pure evil.


  8. So people admitting in court how big institutions can manipulate price illegally but also how easy it is to hide what you’re doing?!

  9. Can they just extend the deadline to seeing swaps again past 2023? Hopefully not. And any idea when in 2023 they can be seen ?

  10. They definitely can, but it is becoming more expensive to do so in some cases. Primarily that money is becoming more expensive.

  11. It was October 2023. I remember the announcement like it was yesterday, and that ridiculous face of the PoS making the announcement.

  12. The light is shining more brightly on these roaches. What Huang is admitting to is likely SOP for the larger funds and market makers; the curtain may finally be pulled open and Kenneth may be losing some sleep over it. I can only hope. I’m not against rich people. I’m against rich criminals. And I want their money. They stole from me. They need to pay.

  13. Not just rich criminals, but also the ones who have had laws changed or regulations cut to further enrich themselves and their ilk. There is something especially skeevy about them.

  14. I'm currently writing a post about Archegos because I believe they were long on GME, kept fighting against Citadel and were destroyed because of it. I'll hopefully get it done today.

  15. I think at this point I’m guessing EVERY player in Wall Street is actively reading this subreddit. I’d be might disappointed if they didn’t.

  16. "Trust me bros" These posts shouldn't be discounted or mocked IMHO. This is a sure way to stop these posts ever hitting the sub. Instead retail should consider the possibilities and address them with an open mind for discussion.

  17. This. The only that matters for GME apes is buying, holding and DRSing. That’s it, that’s all apes can do. And what can GMERICA do? The best they can. That’s on them.

  18. Biggest, juiciest proof of us being right so far. We are not wrong. We were never wrong. We do got them by the balls. If they could drop the price to 1 - they would have done it already. BUY DRS HOLD - MM and HF are effed in the a

  19. Yes, but being rich, nepotism and wearing a suit makes them bulletproof to everything. The DOJ knows that suing these people and putting them in jail would pose a systemic risk so they work after utilitarian principles as long as not too many “risky” informations reach the bigger public.

  20. Totaling a 100 year sentence. SEC determined that this should be a much greater punishment. Gary Gensler volunteered to tie Bill and his associates up while he talks about why his daddy Ken Griffin is the best daddy anyone could ever ask for.

  21. Their punishment is harsh because the people on wall street/higher are mad that they brought their scam to light, with proof of what they were doing.

  22. The CFTC's decision to postpone reporting seemed insane at the time, Criand posted the original DD and what was it, less than a week later? They announced no more reporting of swaps.

  23. Great comment. CFTC has been touted by the powers that be to be in charge of regulating crypto. We are heading to the future where Biff stole the time machine, sadly.

  24. That was one of the first things they passed when all this went down, remember? First things first. Create an opaque room where we can figure this shit out.

  25. The CFTC's top cromagnon is Rostin Behnam. You'd have to think that if the shorts don't somehow wriggle off the hook, and a mega squeeze decimates a solid chunk of Wallstreet, his decision to waive reporting will be one of the bigger scandals in regulatory history. He must know if the whole thing kicks off he'll now be one of the most maligned people in the fallout when the public are looking for answers.

  26. Whoever is in charge at the CFTC should go to jail. How could any hidden information be in the best interest of the public in any way? They’re just masking criminals.

  27. This is what self regulation under the guise of ‘freedom’ brings. I’m also now a believer that the SEC is impotent by design…via Wall Street’s influence in politics since Reagan. Both parties are equally to blame. And think about it. Pelosi and McConnell have both been there since then.

  28. Late to the party, but my key takeaway is they have FULL control of a stock’s price… until one day they simply DON’T. That’s going to be the best day of my life… tomorrow.

  29. See, stuff like this is still continuously coming out but yet there's still this loud group online that says "it's over". Until SHF managers/employees stop leaking how to commit securities fraud, as well as the fact all their portfolios always seem to contain GME during the times they commit such crimes, I don't think anything is really "over".

  30. You don't admit to shit like this unless you actually commited these crimes, they can prove you did it and they have you completely and utterly dead to rights. Especially when facing up to life in prison. Just throwing out a bit of perspective. Also, the likelihood of other important DD being absolutely right is very high.

  31. If I'm understanding this right, this is saying that stocks are manipulated? So just like every other market like Forex, it's all being manipulated by the big players anyways. So, what's new?

  32. Bro, thanks for surfacing this. I always knew the dd was right, but can’t find it currently. Can you link some of this historic dd on swaps here for visibility, please?

  33. Can we start a list of all that DD that has been proven true and add it to a resource guide so we can easily reference it.

  34. I’m just thinking about the old DD trying to tie Archegos to GME and the March 2021 run up. What if they were true, then we know three distinct instances of overshorting and a second time knowing they had to double down. If this is true, that’s a a gigantic amount of short position they are juggling in a market that is about to collapse. Marge is that you?

  35. It's time to apply pressure to the CFTC for their decision to postpone swap reporting requirements and why they did it and more importantly: for them not to extend this asinine measure.

  36. So, using swap deals to conceal the true amount of shares they own, they then used that xs phantom floats shares to control the price to benefit their reported positions.

  37. The only reason why they are confessing is they got caught. There are firms with massive collateral out there doing the exact same thing. I fucking guarantee it.

  38. Sure there's discussion and discourse on those theory's in some old DD around here somewhere. But Can you imagine how much is hidden in these swaps that they've gone to the trouble of turning off reporting until late 2023? The greatest transfer of wealth is not a meme.

  39. This is great information and I'm always very happy with this level of effort in showing how fucked our market is with these so called too big to fail banks and market "makers" that make money only for themselves while the world is burning.

  40. So how much money was Hwang actually worth? And how much of it was shill? I remember when this saga blew up Goldman Sachs said Hwang lost $50 billion in 2 days, but was that money all on margin? So he wasn't worth anything liquid in the first place.

  41. They say they manipulated the prices inflating them but I don't think they're telling the truth about the way they inflate them. Trading shares back and forth with a counter party 100%.

  42. And this was just a hedge fund family office let’s not forget let alone a market maker like Citadel with certain exemptions. Imagine what they can do to manipulate prices at will…

  43. holy shit im just hoping those Glitches price we seen are real price.. $2M per share $300K per share! daaaaaaamn! im rich !!!!!!

  44. If they were able to waive reporting on a whim I don't think we'll see any swap data until after the GME situation and whatever else they're hiding is resolved. The CFTC has revealed itself to be a perfect example of regulatory capture.

  45. I hope we'll never see it. If things go the way I think it should, the entire casino called the 'stock market' will be obliterated during MOASS and all stocks will begin trading as NFTs on GameStop's blockchain. Naked shorting would be impossible.

  46. See what happens when you fuck the banks? 100 year sentence! Gamble with a teachers union pension to stay afloat? Desantis cabinet position… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  47. 100 year sentence seems far more realistic. But I'll believe it when I see it,most likely a $29.99 fine and a good telling off,but we live in hope.

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