The Big Short Director Adam McKay tweeted a Superstonk post the other day 👀

  1. Yes! We haven't even reached the conclusion yet, why are they making movies? Will I know why, cash grab and control the narrative, but still

  2. I’m so down to help crowdsource that through our NFT marketplace. I’m sure we can figure out some way to do a go fung me on it.

  3. The Big Short is his most relevant movie but y'all better recognize this means we have the director of fucking ANCHORMAN, STEP BROTHERS, TALLADEGA NIGHTS, THE OTHER GUYS, DON'T LOOK UP and VICE as an active member of this sub. Actual modern filmmaking legend in our midst.

  4. Most underrated comment on this thread. The man who wrote the book (movie) on 2008 Wallstreet corruption is lurking!

  5. Adam McKay was on an episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast back in 2021 (around the time “Don’t look up” can out). They talked about GameStop and Conan talks about how his son is very into the GameStop saga.

  6. I feel like Conan is the type of guy to so something like that for shits and giggles and to say he bought some on his show when this whole thing blows over.

  7. Maybe he will immortalize this shit show of a system with a movie that bulldozes sense into the human psyche.

  8. I’ll drive down to LA and take time off work to be an extra. Hell, I work in tech remotely anyway, I might not even have to take time off. I can just sit in meetings in the background of shots.

  9. The Phantom Short / The Naked Short / The FTD Short / The Infinity Short / The ETF short / The DRS Game / The Infinite Liquidity Pool 🙃

  10. This act of blatant gloating could be their downfall. The 99% are struggling to cope in tough financial times and they are all committing financial crimes all while regulating their friends and family.

  11. Hi Adam! Loved the big short, can be an extra in your GME movie when u make it? I can piss on command and would love to piss on a hedgie actor. Please consider me, thanks

  12. This is actually a big deal. As jpow likes to say "we will feel pain" maybe not us but the common people might get throttled and only SEC and DTCC to blame.

  13. and tweeted it pretty fast while only have 31 comments in the reddit post so he must follow superstonk in new or top now

  14. That’s pretty badass. Maybe somebody should reach out to him. I’ve actually thought about his movie The Other Guys a few times throughout this saga. It’s a great movie! Do a desk pop!

  15. this is HUGE - twitter is sadly the town square & w movie stock enjoying the hedge fund on their board also sitting on the twitter board we have seen them trending daily & bots flood the platform since feb 2021 - this & the support from FOX CNBC YT algos & the "influencers" who r 100% paid to pump it is clear that we should prob try to flood that space w our own work cuz let's not forget that while we don;t need anything it is wise 2 have the truth of the story known as the billionaires have fed public perception non stop since jan 2021

  16. I know you guys have different bandwidths Mr. McKay but if you could convince Mr. Ferrell to come back on with you and play DFV or as a DD writer or ANYONE really I would greatly deeply appreciate it. If my favorite actor and favorite director would team up once again to make a movie based on something that I'm actually very involved in, it would make my decade. I know you want to make more serious movies and he wants to stick to comedy, but I'm sure after seeing the magic you made with The Big Short, then he has to be on board knowing you're movies can be both serious AND funny.

  17. Hence why you gotta introduce chaos into the system. Dumb loyalty is why you have this. Make backdoors if you can, leave the system open to damage. Make intentional mistakes that aren't specifically traceable that allow entry.

  18. U.S. Banks are all one and the same. Switch to a credit union today. Preferably one in your local home town with one branch and shared ATMs.

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