IT TAKES MONEY TO BUY WHISKEY so I signed up for recurring purchase through CS. I challenge their infinite liquidity BRICK BY BRICK. Ignore the FUD and do what makes sense to you.

  1. The past couple weeks I met with a financial advisor to diversity the types of account that I will use to invest only in GME (ROTH etc). I kept telling him what I wanted to do with my money according to what makes sense to ME and he just looked really annoyed that I was asking him questions and pushing back against his financial advise (to enter mutual funds, etfs, bonds and international markets). At one point he looked me dead in the eye and said “I see you’re trying to make a quick buck off GME hoping the market is being manipulated for you” and I replied “I’m fully long on GME.” Then casually continued my questioning on his seemingly shady recs. I left his office feeling disheartened but glad that I didn’t give him any of my money. All my money is for precious GME. Do what makes sense to YOU.

  2. Before I started my GME journey, there was an advisor who tried to get me into ETFs. To his defense: his arguments did sound solid and I think he does not know about all the fraud himself. Now a year later I am fully invested in GME and absolutely happy with my decision.

  3. 🥂🍾🥂 🍾🥂 to hoping the price dips harder on purchase day to secure the lowest possible reoccurring buy we can get

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