This is hilarious!! Revolut app (Drivewealth broker) is the most honest broker!! When you transfer your shares to another broker, you have a blue dot on chart. If you put your finger below that dot, it appears text: "BUY -50" (shares). They needed to buy 50 shares in order to transfer them.不不不

  1. This is not shit post, this SHIT is real..DRS and remove your fake shares from brokers...I can confirm that I had the same thing with my last DRS as it went from Revolut to IBKR and then CS...

  2. My Revolut doesn't do this, its just buy. Edit: some, but the minority have a negative buy in the transactions statement.

  3. At least they let you transfer, there are worse cases like eToro that doesnt even want to buy shares because you cant transfer out.

  4. When we talk about the "Domino effect" and how the global economic collapse will unfold (or moreso when it reaches the next phase) these are the first brokers to go belly up, they simply don't have the collateral to cover any major uptick in volatility, and will be margin called just as Robbingthehood was in Jan 21'.

  5. Actually Revolut does not let you transfer, they say you can't. You need to approach DriveWealth for that, or do an ACATS transfer from a different broker, like IBKR.

  6. it is. most likely the system only knows buy and sell, since these werent sold (taxes) but transferred out its handled as buy (no taxes) of -50 (outgoing)

  7. it's probably because they need to remove shares from your account but without giving you cash. their system wasn't built for that which is why you gotta go to the upstream broker.

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