Wow! What a super douche Gary Gensler is! Unbelievable, just let the crimes continue! SMDH!

  1. Because people live existentially, which means we predict how others think based on a projection of how we would likely experience and navigate a situation, and most people can’t comprehend being such as scumbag so it doesn’t compute.

  2. Gary Gensler was a major component of the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which deregulated OTC derivatives, the primary financial vehicle of the 2008 financial crisis. The entire US banking system is hooked on infinite liquidity, and they will not compromise the status quo of gobbling up the lesser fish while swimming in a sea of taxpayer money.

  3. The dude whose net worth is over 100mln in a family fund and hasn't been reporting it's numbers since like 2008? The guy that wad cool with dropping almost half a milly of tax payers money on investomania video shaming retail?

  4. And to think the benefit of the doubt was given to Gensler during his first months as SEC chairman. Fucking pathetic, might as well have spit in the face of all retail investors

  5. What I've said from the beginning: you don't rise to the upper echelons of Goldman Sachs just to put yourself in a position to regulate them later in life. This is a rich fucker protecting his rich brethren via the infinite number of revolving doors in our corrupt banana republic (an insult to actual banana republics really).

  6. Just a reminder that respect and trust should be EARNED, ALWAYS! When someone shows you who they really are believe them the first time, etc.

  7. I get why this is an issue, but is it really an issue? Buy, hodl, drs, ain't shit changed except the floor price! LFG!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀

  8. Like Charlie Kelly spitting in British Rickety Cricket's face in the liberty bell episode. Just a chuckle and a spit.

  9. Gensler is a hedge fund hundred-millionaire slumming it in government for his own good, not yours. He makes more in a month protecting hedges than the government will ever pay him

  10. Personally, I think ftd’s are what’s wrong. Every ftd is theft and we shouldn’t be getting robbed. I think of every single ftd as a car that wasn’t delivered after I purchased it, that’s a crime. Pfof, to me, is just being crafty.

  11. Being crafty….. or front running so they can skim off the slightly higher price you are now forced to pay?

  12. Yeah, you think? It would be nice to achieve, but this corruption goes way deeper than ever comprehended. There is absolutely no power to match these crooks.

  13. The SEC used tax payer money to fund, produce, and release “Meme Stock awareness” videos that poked fun at retail investors…you guys are surprised they rug pulled?

  14. This shit still baffles me. The regulatory (supposed to be completely unbiased) body spent half a million dollars shitting on retail investors stock picks

  15. From all the comments I've read about this, its because the SEC is trying to avoid the impending lawsuits that would come from a complete ban. Not saying thats a good reason, but thats what all the experts are saying

  16. There is EVERYTHING wrong with PFOF. I can’t imagine a lawsuit which the hedgies actually win. It’s a complete conflict of interest. ESPECIALLY, when you are a market maker as well!

  17. Why would GG ever be on our side? He'd rather spend his coffee money making commercials to disparage retail. He could be reforming rules, or at the very least enforcing the existing ones. But noooo.

  18. Never believed him. We need a professional foreign exchange with China between settlement regulators. This type of Crime enslaves us all. We need some well placed bullets

  19. The wall street indeed just make for collect money from the poor, so let's retailers out from there if they want to saved

  20. "Our markets have moved to zero commission, but it doesn't mean it's free. There's still payment underneath these applications. And it doesn't mean it's always best execution,"- Gensler

  21. It’s not unbelievable at all. Almost all “helpful” govt regulations are helpful to the elitists. He was never going to go against his overlords.

  22. Now that GG and the SEC are officially not on our side. The only things that can change this situation is either the DOJ coming in putting all these crooked motherfuckers in handcuffs, Ryan Cohen recalling all of the GME shares for an actual count. Or we wait and lock the float but even then we have no idea what that will even do.

  23. He was hired to look like he was doing something, but really doing nothing. In the end he will be a scapegoat. Then they quietly will give him another do nothing job.

  24. Cool, next over shorted midcap or microcap will be DRSed in 2 weeks once we get our sea legs🏴‍☠️☠️💥. 🌊

  25. Yeah they weren't pulling anyone's leg. They were lying and committing fraud. Call it like it is, media.

  26. I know a lot of you all hate Fox News, but Charles Payne has been very good to us. He talks about GME fairly and gives it air time. Hes a total outlier when the rest of the media only has negative GME hit pieces coming out. Respect

  27. Anti-SEC narrative being driven by a popcorn-favorite MSM personality and we’re accepting that at face value now?

  28. Was he pulling our leg or did special interests (Wall Street) kill this with their high up paid-off government representatives? Guessing it’s the latter.

  29. Let us all remember Charles Payne is a paid for mouthpiece of the hedge funds we fight. He is not our friend and his posts along with other talking heads is calculated to manipulate us. Do not trust these people.

  30. They are bought by this admin and the wall street criminals that financially support their election campaigns. This is all so simple but so many still believe in these people because the MSM tells them too. We are well and truly fuct until we all come together and stop believeing in the lying bullshit that comes from the same people over and over again.

  31. The fed runs the show dude. The two puppet parties just dance to the tune they are fed by the billionaire class

  32. People need to remember something. Billionaires dont make policies that cancel police. They dont make policies that open borders and allow millions if fentanyl pills into the country. They don't ever want foasil fuels to stop flowing because they know they will lose their billions if that happens. They dont want the US to be weaker......politicians to these things and do everything they can to grab power....this is simple human nature. Billionaires do NOT endanger themselves for ANY reason as a whole. And yet, i see all of these posts saying that these billionaires control the world. Some of them definitely control some of the financial levers like the banks and how banks invest. Some definitely pay off politicians to vote in the way they want them too. Some....foreign born billionaires, even want to see this country collapse (like soros). Buy as a whole, this eleite class WANT safety for their children and they want the US to be the ruling world currency, they want police to protect them, they want distance from themselves and the underclass. They are not making these decisions like the current congress is making......the congress is making these decisions aling with the idiot in the WH.

  33. Hahaha funny story about that word. In the original post I made I called Gary a thunderc*#t and they removed my post for using a banned word….😑

  34. I never gave him any benefit of the doubt, his career speaks for itself. Believing in these guys is not the way to go, buy/hold/drs and apply more monetary pressure to their overleveraged bottom line.

  35. Why only Gensler? He is trying to bring change to an already beyond fuked-up system. Blaming him achieves nothing. I sometimes think there is an overwhelming negativity towards him...

  36. He never would have gotten the job if he wasn’t a corrupt bought piece of shit to begin with. You don’t think he got all his wealth by being honest, do you? He’s benefited from the corrupt system he was hired to do nothing substantive about.

  37. Add Gary to complicit criminal need to go to prison list. My country is an utter embarrassment right now. Corruption at every level

  38. If this is surprising to anyone, you haven't been paying attention. The govt doesn't care about you. They care about making money.

  39. But but but I thought GG and GG2 were our saviors? I thought they were changing the market for us because they care about us? I was told on here and on MSM that he was our knight in shining armor? What happened? Were we once again fed shit? No I refuse to believe America is equally if not more corrupt than that evil country China! I thought America was built on morals and ethics and integrity? Isn't that what those in power preach to us? They too can't possibly be lying to us can they?

  40. America was founded on morals and ethics. One man, President Woodrow Wilson changed it all. Whether he was duped or in on the deal, the result is the same: with the stroke of the pen, he handed the country to a few greedy, ruthless and coldhearted men when he signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Any president can repeal it, via Executive Order; any session of Congress can repeal it with 2/3 vote (I think). None have attempted. They are all in on it or complicit.

  41. Don’t forget that computershare has also limited how much you can sell a share for. They are all fucking us. We need to rise up in the streets.

  42. That's some pretty well disproven FUD there bud. CS scales the market sell amount based on stock price. It will rise when price rises. Also WTF is Sell?

  43. I understand special requests can be made via snail mail, though they won't let anyone set an exorbitant price like $100 billion (yet). The huge difference in such a sell price and the current market price messes with their system or some calculations or something - makes things look wonky.

  44. I never for a moment trusted change or GG. Ex politician, every bureaucrat and 99% of politician are bought off. Facts

  45. Gensler simply put the idea out there to buy time with some retail brownie points while pull the chain of wall street so they could have time to get a "donation" together and rack up the bid

  46. If they banned PFOF the charade ends because they can’t route orders. This is all about can kicking and which global power will take the blame. We are just a side piece.

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