1. Furreal, I'm refusing to buy or sell my GU cards til I can do it on GameStop marketplace and I reeeeally wanna start trading like I'm 12 wit ma pokemon cards again

  2. I think at this point and dating all the way back to last july that some of these tweets are just to keep us interested and guessing what could happen as all of these projects are taking months and at this rate years longer than we all anticipated. That’s why DRS 💯 is so important because i’m sick of these cryptic tweets that do nothing but hope someone will do something for us when we just need to get off our own asses and do it ourselves.

  3. Bruh like it’s getting really old and people on this sub just buy it like sheep. If someone is trying to sell you something of course they are gonna say whatever we want them to say. Like jeez

  4. All parties involved sure do know how to squeeze every last drop of hype juice from the hype tree.

  5. Exactly. This shit grinds my gears. I love Immutable X as a company but Robbie's approach to the GME community has rubbed me the wrong way. You don't see RC doing this - I want to see more action and less hype.

  6. Big fat nothing burger. I'm tired of getting "hyped" over tweets that are meant to lead us on for one more day. Tweet at me when something actually happens

  7. My hope is it's a ploy to get Kenny and co to prepare for something, then nothing happens. Kind of like their bombarding the sub with fake dd and tit jacking dd that leads to nothing.

  8. Move all GME shares to blockchain and trade real stocks for real money. NO more IOUs no more counterfeit shares no more !!!

  9. Great tweet from Robert Charles Ferguson , a former American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft.

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