Serious Question: If 100% of $GME Float Becomes DRS’d … What On Earth Happens Next?

  1. Lots of interesting questions to be answered. When we own the entire retail float and start DRSing institutional shares, what then? What about shares supposedly reserved for ETFs and mutual funds? It’s going to crazy as it’s statistically verifiable that liquidity is dry and shares are hard to locate.

  2. And sell a single share apiece at $XX,000,000, another at $XXX, 000,000, we break chain of corruption, and we do good works in our communities.

  3. I get we are being funny and I approve, but hijacking to share some real info. I’ll make it pretty simple.

  4. 100% float lock also means if there is 1 naked or synthetic short, moass happens. It will need to be bought back for the price one person on CS decided to sell.

  5. There will be plenty of shorting after 100% DRS, since this doesn't remove the synthetics. I bet that things will just keep chugging after 100% for a little while, and a dividend ends the parade of synthetics when the DTCC doesn't receive anything to "hand out"

  6. The truth is that this will disrupt the hegemony the 1% have over the other 99% of the world. This is GameStop for the current economical conditions that enslave the working class. Should the 1% refuse to pay up, the trust the 99% of people have in the financial system will be eradicated. Money only works if people trust in it.

  7. Can all the other shares not part of the retail float held by institutions, ETFs not be used for shorting?

  8. But we won’t really find out until a GME quarterly meeting where they announce it right? So We could potentially lock the float and there could still be 90 days till we find out? That is if GME still post it.

  9. Well the sad part is that it's already proven. But for some reason we need to provide even more evidence to prove what we've proven.

  10. We’re not the first ones to hold the full float of a company. Didn’t matter back then, probably won’t matter with gme. Millions of shares willbe trading anyway.

  11. Consensus from past posts that have asked this question is......... wait for it............... Nobody fucking knows because it hasn't happened before.

  12. Either we all get rich or it’s like that South Park episode where they take out that guy in WOW and they’re like “well now what?”

  13. Just send 10 more to join the purple donut collection. To lock it faster. I think Kenneth Griffin and his criminal buddies will cry and regret they challenged a bunch of regarded apes when the float gets locked.

  14. Then our claim of ridiculous amounts of counterfeit shares and widespread fraud throughout the US financial markets becomes undeniable.

  15. Underrated comment. 👏 I don't know if this is perfectly technically accurate and possible but someone will probably understand these things better than me and comment maybe...... But I get what you are saying and it makes sense to me.............. But then I am regarded.....💎🙌🦍🚀

  16. The ideal scenario is one where every single share that has ever been issued, is either owned by apes or the board, and every single one of them is DRSed.

  17. We would never get to 100% before seeing the result of what would happen when we reach 100%. Meaning shorts closing or battling for shares would occur at a much earlier percentage, like 75-85%, as the walls close in. But at 100% we name the price.

  18. This has been asked before over and over. Honestly? No one knows. There is no precedent set for this. We will find out what happens when the float is locked. But the general idea of DRS is to prove fuckery in the market. If all the shares are locked, then why is it still being traded? That’s why DRS is so important.

  19. Market cap = shares outstanding * price per share, so if the fraudulent system allows drs to go up to let’s say 200% of the entire company, then that would mean the company should theoretically be worth twice as much as the listed market cap. It breaks the economics and laws of supply and demand, but naked shorting is what caused this whole thing

  20. My guess is that they continue to short fake shares until someone with authority steps in and forces them to close. But at that point the world will know we are right and the authorities will have to act because they can't risk being openly complicit to the public. At that point you better hope you have the shares you want because you won't be able to get anymore.

  21. Yup, they just use the shares to borrow more and more. Until they cannot finance it and doom the whole financial nuke into the face on the Central Bank and government to bail them out...

  22. My theory would be that the DTCC would be unable to settle trades that brokers are making and every trade after the float is locked is obviously both a naked short AND an FTD - GME would go on reg sho and there would start to be forced FTD buyins that will raise the price of GME. Eventually similar to 2021 the clearing houses will become in jeopardy as their collateral requirements go higher and higher and go bust, breaking down the counter parties of the market. Once the clearing houses default, the brokers default than it’s just us versus DTCC, they’ll go bust cause we ain’t selling. They’ll get a huge print from the fed to cover all the losses and we’ll all be sent into the second Great Depression

  23. Dont expect anything to suddenly happen. Expect a lot of finger pointing, and circular discussion. This will just be another indication that the system is rigged... but it will still take someone doing something about it to make a difference.

  24. Way over 100% 'ownership' (apparently several multiples of float) hasn't done much, but one would expect IRREFUTABLE PROOF, such as DRS, even above 75-90% would cause events to unfold more rapidly.

  25. First person on superstonk to post it earns the most upvoted and awarded post in all of the internet. Then we stare at the ticker and see the next trading day 2m shares moved around and we all instantaneously send a million complaints to finra, the sec, the fed, the fbi and whoever else has their dick in their hands

  26. There could be the largest gathering of apes all heading to Ibiza for the weekend or court case after court case !

  27. Nobody knows. Hopefully something, and hopefully the last 2 years are not an indication that they’ll still be able to stop it…

  28. More crime. Do any of you seriously think locking the float will stop them? Just look at everything over the last two years. It’s insane how corrupt it all is.

  29. Honestly? Possibly nothing. Institutions are still lending shares like crazy. There is enough denialability for hedge funds to work around free float lock. It’s really not until we get closer to 100% FULL FLOAT lock that I expect something to happen. So, in other words, we got awhile.

  30. Nothing. It takes law enforcement for something to happen and if law enforcement was going to do anything they have more than enough to act in already. Maybe the DOJ will Come out and say sorry we haven’t busted anyone but this time we’re going to be serious… yet again…

  31. It’s baffling to me that people don’t realize that insiders, institutions, and mutual funds are all allowed to sell. It’s not like those positions are permanent. If DRS gets close to 100%, institutions can still unload. And insiders.

  32. "Great question, that's a fantastic question! I'm glad to have the opportunity to answer that question, it all started when I was a young buy in Bulgaria..."

  33. They make more counterfeits. Not even joking. Have we known anything else to be true? Honestly, someone please show me they’ve obeyed the law in the history of Wallstreet, ever.

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