AAA sci-fi shooter backed by Microsoft coming to Immutable X, therefore to GameStop NFT marketplace as well

  1. If this game goes well microsoft will keep the gas on the pedal for web3 game development and funding. Let's support them!!

  2. Yup, this is bullish as fuck, if big companies start backing web3/blockchain games! And this one coming to Gamestop marketplace eventually, when all these games start releasing, thats when we'll see real volume and profits on the marketplace

  3. Actually looks insanely boring compared to other "AAA" games out now. Heck, there's a plethora of indie games that look way more fleshed out and entertaining than this project.

  4. Okay, so someone help me here: how does this make it any better than existing AAA shooter games? What’s the value prop for this? Is it resale of the game and/or DLC? Is it storing game progress somewhere supposedly immutable? Is it for the sale and trade of content associated with the game (loot boxes, etc.)?

  5. The idea is in-game tradable items, but it's not clear what form this takes in Moon Strike (or whatever this game is called again)

  6. I don't want to unjack any tits in here buuuttt it's "just" a program to get gaming studios into the azure cloud with some credits and free services. Far from "backed by Microsoft " IMHO

  7. As a gamer myself, not gonna lie, this game looks extremely underwhelming. Definitely one of the weaker projects IMX has touched. Like seriously I personally wouldn't even bother downloading the game to play it, it looks so bland and boring. I seriously hope they stop partnering with these half-baked games that are purely there to push their token or NFT's for a quick buck.

  8. Cool! I do love sci fi and shooting stuff in my games. Being able to Collect and easily sell and trade weapons and gear will be so awesome. Just make it fun and the rest will fall into place.

  9. Nobody knows if this is the triple A they been refering too, and i might have made a mistake by saying AAA, the game is buit with Unreal Engine AAA software, they did not say that their game is AAA so i dont think this game is triple A and i don't think its the game they been referring

  10. Dump question (while taking a dump), does GameStop have competitive advantage now against others in this? I would need to do research but I'm too dump for that.

  11. Their brand (gaming legacy and over all recognition) and one of the strongest online communities is their big advantage here. Plus they already have the infrastructure so first mover advantage is also at play.

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