Late Stage Financial Corruption

  1. It’s become a checklist hasn’t it. Naked Shorting ✔️ Synthetic Shares ✔️ Synthetic dividends ✔️ Dark pool trading ✔️ FTD’s ( just disappear in the FTD graveyard) ✔️ Rules protecting retail being shredded daily ✔️ PFOF ✔️(we can dodge that one) Did I miss something ? .

  2. As long as corporations are allowed to donate for political campaigns, nothing will change. SEC either don't have resourced or willingness to fight if shitadel refuse to pay even 3 cents fine (fees). 😤

  3. yeah how many times did they double their riches in that time. it’s actually less than then 3 cents per trade when adjusted for the elapsed time. who wouldn’t want to the same fine half a decade later?

  4. They’re working with GameStop in an ongoing investigation remaining silent whilst y’all continue to undermine their efforts with thoughtless bandwagon bashing.

  5. I have no awards to give, but this post deserves wide distribution, even outside this sub, and outside of Reddit. People everywhere need to understand the level of crime and the extent to which regulatory agencies are compromised to allow this to go on, day in and day out, year after year.

  6. It's a complete joke and makes me sick. I've said it quite a few times on here but all it would take to stop the corruption is for a law to be brought in that makes the fine equal or in excess of the crime. Just one rule being implemented and crime would stop in an instant. But guess what? There won't ever be such a rule because all the elite and rule makers shit in the same pot and make money from this corrupt game.

  7. Yes that’s all it would take to stop the current business model & 1/2 a cent tax on Wall Street speculation & we’ve gone full Bernie on em. IE: Make a few billion illegally & pay a few hundred thousand in fines. That’s the model. Rinse & repeat. The Market Makers control the game. Or as a the great poet once said. “The Masters Make The Rules. For the wise men & the fools” -B Dylan.

  8. Companies that are repeatedly caught breaking the law should be subject to nationalization or complete dissolution.

  9. Just because somebody gets away with something for a long time does not mean they will get away with it forever. Everybody that does something for a long time becomes complacent and it's this complacency that leads to their downfall. Every single time! I am not religious nor do I belong to any particular religion, but I do believe wholeheartedly in "what's done in the dark will come to light". I teach my kids this regularly whenever they try to hide things; because throughout my life I've seen some horrible shit and grew up with horrible people that always thought they got away with it until they didn't. After seeing it go down the same way over and over again consistently I believe now that this is a universal truth. Whether you get caught right away or it takes 60 years, you will pay for the harm you've done. There will be no easy out, there will be no deal, there will be no excuse, there will be no mercy.

  10. Some legitimate reform for fines needs to be imposed, regardless of what happens with the rest of this whole saga. It should be based on money made, or at minimum a percentage of the monies transacted. You know, something that might just make these guys think twice before committing financial crimes.

  11. The fines for dumping toxic waste in the ocean are about 1% of what it would cost to safely and legally handle it. This problem is not specific to financial markets, it exists wherever there is regulatory capture. It will never be fixed as long as regulators can be captured by their industries.

  12. Sec faud, dtcc fraud, securities fraud, ken griffen fraud, racketeering, stock market fraud, financial terrorism,

  13. late phase capitalism after 100 years of global pillaging/ Im reading "Davos man" it breaks down 5 members of the WEF - he chose Jamie Dimon CEO of salesforce Larry Fink & more

  14. Could you take a deep breath and hammer out some pints? I am genuinely interested in your comment but not retarded enough to make sense of that word 🤮

  15. Anyone with a Twitter account can and should share these great posts on their Twitter. It is as easy as pressing the share button at the bottom of the post! Get the info out to the people from the people, instead of the crooks to the people!

  16. Please, remain calm, the end has arrived We cannot save you, enjoy the ride This is the moment you've been waiting for Don't call it a warning, this is a war

  17. Who are these mofos people overseeing these shit.. Appointment a fruit fly would do a better job than these incompetent nincompoops .... Hope these mofos die of ass cancer.

  18. This should be the leading news story in the mainstream media, we know why it isn’t, but just saying, if the masses only realised the degree to which they are getting fucked over.

  19. When I read posted like this, Oh man my blood is boiling, and don't know what, how to do exactly. "The entire US security market is fking horse-shit!"

  20. In a few years there will be movies about the current crisis and everyone will act surprised. I can already imagine Gensler being like "at that time as the head of the CEC I was doing my best to combat securities fraud and it was only my 90th week on the job ! I was far from imagining the scale of those fraudulent opérations !!" and the boomers and normies will believe this shit

  21. Saw on the news today in the UK that they are lifting the cap off bankers bonuses in the near future but businesses aren't getting immediate support, big short all over again.

  22. Eventually, somebody might have to do something about this. That time may be just after the full float is DRS’d and nobody can claim ”plausible deniability” anymore. The day of reconing will come. Until then, Zen.

  23. Okay. So what can we do about it? I wonder if there are any publications or otherwise that makes the case for these low fines? Ie, how can this shit stand for so long, decade after decadde. On the surface the system is so asanine that it's lunacy. I truly believe the key will be the voting habits of the Millenials and Gen Z (and beyond) to inact real change. Similar to the workreform subreddit, we need a marketreform sub that's not centered only on one stock to educate the masses. Ideally a more encompassing view will not alienate non-GME holders.

  24. Until the people with the power/money are removed from society and the money/power taken from them and dispersed amongst the populace, this will continue to happen.

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