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  1. hey apes. Any idea how long the process of going through giveashare takes? Bought a week ago over there to get computershare account set up and just wondering how far im from DRS my shit.

  2. Hedge funds add no value to society. All they do is make extremely rich people, richer. A serious reset is more than needed anyways. GME will be the nail in the coffin ⚰️

  3. While I acknowledge that this post is very interesting to the community, a vast part of the comment section is devolving into partisan political commentary which is violating our community rules.

  4. I work midnight shift and saw a post yesterday, that was immediately deleted -assuming auto mod. It ranked of confidence that we would have closed at lowest volume today, or he’d be banned. He was so confident I could smell his ballsweat through my phone. It stunk of alpha.

  5. I like reminding my etf heavy friend that I called out market crash 6 months prior due to the master level research on superstonk reddit. I send him top posts regularly but he truly has been cramerwashed.

  6. My favorite part was one day my wifes mom said her financial advisor called and said her portfolio was down 23% YTD I ran to my computer and I was right spy down 23% YTD... Fuckn paying 5% a year to throw it in spy.. wt actual fuck..

  7. Every single pair of boxers I own now has a significant hole in the crotch. Pair that with my sole pair of Carhartt’s that have an even larger hole and suddenly there’s a lot more risk when I’m on a ladder.

  8. I’m going to be resting well tonight knowing in every single war room out there right now working against GameStop and ultimately the greater good of humanity… Every. Single. One. There are a thousand different plays that have had to have been ripped from the book and thrown in the trash because they simply don’t have the time to run them.

  9. Not to my knowledge, but I don't remember how to spell their username to find out for sure 🙈

  10. Yep. Well, I’m short apple and long GameStop. Fuck off. Heart attack or MOASS. We will see. DRS Goes Up. Tick Tock. Where the hell else are you going to invest? With Chamath? LMAYO he is. Yoda says. Tick Tock.

  11. Not gonna lie, my cost basis is high. Guessing there are many others in this situation where they bought a lot last year before the drop to $80. Just sucks knowing that if I waited and got more of my money in at a lower price I could have gotten more shares and contributed more to locking the float. Anyone getting in now, I’m jealous of your cost basis…

  12. I feel you Bro I see red every day in the cost basis. But I just keep buying and then I feel better as it creeps a few cents closer to current price. Either way I’m Zen knowing any price is a bargain for Moass.

  13. I don’t know why I got downvoted for my previous comment but if your so concerned about your cost basis, you can look into selling covered calls to lower it. This can help to make money off your investment meanwhile it sits there + lower your cb therefore increasing your profits 👍🏽

  14. Computershare is the transfer agent, so for the purposes of of a transfer agent's responsibilities, yes I believe. Institutions (for example, brokers) have ownership recorded by the transfer agent and receive the transfer agent's distribution of dividends, investor communications etc. from the security issuer.

  15. Anyone know why computershared went from 54.24% DRS to 54.1%? Just wondering if institutions pulled again or if it just needed recalibrating or whatever

  16. I remember speculating months ago that when DRS hit a certain point between 25% to 40% of the float that institutions would be forced to start getting rid of shares. Not sure if that’s what happened here but if that’s not what’s happening it won’t take 100% DRS to prove they’re fucking about.

  17. We’ve got some form of NFT game integration coming in less than a week, pretty much guaranteed. And I’m supposed to believe that the only things that can hit hot right now are anti-SEC posts.

  18. you know how I know videogames is a bigger industry than music/film/TV combined ? Cause everybody and everybody's aunt played Farmville at one point in time

  19. Standing here with my pirate patch and helmet on, buckled up, brick in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, pillow tucked under my arm, 60’s music playing on my GameStop headphones, and just realized this is the best time to be alive 🚀🚀🚀

  20. Ken griffin downloads his vidya games, he doesn’t go into a dying 🧱 and mortar to purchase them.

  21. Smoke weed everyday! —> Ken Griffen is also a Bitch who bogarts the blunts!!! Don’t be a Ken!!! Puff Puff Pass that #DRS OG Kush! 🔥🌲💨💨💜

  22. Hey friends.. had a horrible car accident today. It almost killed me but I walked away with only two broken ribs. My jeep flipped from a break checker. I’m wishing we could bring the feels bar back. I’m not sure how I’m going to find the money for a car and selling is not an option.. dm me if you want to see the pictures.. it was refinanced at 16k so the money will go to the bank along with GAP so I’m left with nothing 😓

  23. Inspector Gadget is just one step closer to getting Maxwell Smart on this case, imho. That is one wrinkly mofo if you ask me 🤓

  24. This shit is wild. RC is my dude. This muhfucka said I have a small wee wee and the guy at FTX pointed like DiCaprio and was like hey I want to do business with that man.

  25. Nyquil is awesome but I just want to breathe and sleep well I don't need to wake up three days later married to a woman I've never met before in a State I've never been to

  26. I was really hyped for a long time for NFT gaming. But after following them all on Twitter and hearing "soon" for so long I'm getting sour. Someone just give me a game I can sink into god dammit.

  27. Zen requires a sense of reflection grasshopper. One sees “soon” through a narrow lens, you must allow your mind to look wider. Soon the sun will rise again…soon we grow old…soon the sun will burn out. And somewhere in there Moass soon, grasshopper. GME is the Stonk, DRS is the way!

  28. it would be better without any "soon" right? like they said in the beginning: actions only, no promises

  29. somebody on here today suggested that there was a chance the government may step in and set a settlement price to make this go away. there's only one way to deal with this possibility -

  30. Slaps GME Ticker —> Low liquidity = 1st Hedgie to close out short position before door closes (floats fully locked) may survive. Should be seeing around 4x’s as many shares trading since the split-a-vind increased the total circulation volume to some 300ish million shares… where’s volume Ken? Tick tock

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