This is Why I am Bullish on the FTX.US x GameStop Partnership. This is Only a Few of FTX Partnerships.

  1. I said this to someone else the other day and here you post a picture, every umpire in the MLB wears and FTX patch on their uniform lol

  2. I have a feeling they haven't updated it in a bit or maybe it's a marketing strategy. They did say that they wanted to be more like RobinHood (graphical user interface friendly so the average Joe invests).

  3. Tom and Giselle engage in fraud hokum science. I'm not gonna trust anything just because this guy is involved with it. If anything, it'll make me question more.

  4. "Partnerships" don't mean jack shit until they mean something, with action from work. Some of yall have obviously never gone through the great creeptoe winter period.

  5. You spoke out against the hive mind and got downvoted because of it. I’m here to let you know that you were right all along. Everyone was so bullish on FTX partnership 50 days ago and now look what’s happening.

  6. Yes, FTX is the connection needed to have Ken Griffin under the DOJs scope. Why wouldn't you be bullish on $13B in derivatives being liquidated when it's likely that those derivatives are the only thing holding up many SHFs? I stay bullish, I stay researching. Who tf r u?

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