Lawsuit against our RC in Jeopardy

  1. The guy didn't see a problem being both plaintiff and counsel LOL. Total trash lawsuit to have all this be in the press.

  2. Lawsuit is total trash, brings zero evidence, most of his claims would require some sort of whistleblower to verify, and it confuses RC with Freeman. (I dug into it

  3. Lol. All purchases between March 25th and August 18th. RC started in Jan and last purchase was March 3rd.

  4. Except that people will still read the headlines, skim through the trash, and think it means something even though it's all BS. The Manipulation Stream just keeps on, but in the end it won't even matter 🏴‍☠️🦍

  5. This just another hit piece. The average reader won’t care that the case is in jeopardy because it has no merit. They’ll just read the bolded blurbs about Ryan Cohen pulling a pump and dump and that’ll be it.

  6. Both counsel, plaintiff, and heavy bagholder. At least he can represent himself in the wrongful death suit that he's about to face.

  7. It's just another trash harassment suit. It never had any chance of doing anything but being a distraction and wasting energy.

  8. Saw the article mentions RC’s August filing, but fails to mention it wasn’t because of new purchases, but because his unchanged position now constituted a higher percentage of company ownership due to company’s action-not that he’d take his position months earlier(March iirc). Amazing that the most basic pertinent facts of a story are omitted by the author. /s

  9. This just bullshit. Such an article, with no facts or truths besides that someone made a lawsuit, can everyone of us write for whomever, at any time. It’s just bullshit. Totally

  10. And here we come back where we said that we will meet: bullshit, lies and attacks from the shitmedia and their money mills shitfunds. Buckle the fuck up!

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