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  1. Got two tinder date possibilities for tomorrow. But dammmn momentum is a byyatch. Gonna go walk my dog the same time my hot black neighbor cxick walks hers every night at 2:30ET. Pray for me y'all 🙏🏻🥵

  2. Word to the wise, you don't need to include her skin color when describing her. Also, it's Black, with a capital B, that describes the entire African Diaspora in America.

  3. No kidding, wanted to check SS before bed and saw the online numbers be super low. Have we had numbers this low on a weekend before?

  4. Just returned from my cousin's wedding and had a blast with a lot of family I haven't seen in a while. I love my friends here and family all over ❤️

  5. Will one of you let me propose to you so we can go pick apples? Maybe some hand stuff after but then no strings attached

  6. The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me by Brand New was originally titled fghtffyrdmns and is in my Top 3 Albums of All Time

  7. I know this might not make sense because of all those ta posts but im looking at my personal pertfolio (100% gme) and i realized something. Im in the green every 3 months on the fucking dot since the sneeze. The next cycle on my personal green machine is early november.

  8. I haven't posted about this but post-sneeze I decided to focus on bettering myself, especially professionally. I had a nice account to play with pre-sneeze but my income was barely enough for me to live comfortably.

  9. I know you're here in good faith but this just isn't the place to talk about it, for better or worse people really hate options here. I sell puts all the time as well but I don't try and "push" it to others (intentionally or not).

  10. Every day that Kenny and his allies are able to walk free is another day that countless dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens will all experience their entire lives in poverty.

  11. Tinder as an autist is like: "I will subject myself to excruciating pre-mating social rituals in an attempt to alleviate arousal"

  12. I've found the key to online dating is to have current and accurate pictures of yourself along with a bio that shows you as you are (and not how you'd like to be seen).

  13. Just visited my favorite GameStop location and walked out with a Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard for $35 bucks. Was on clearance for $77 and they are still offering steep deals on clearance items.

  14. Before a few days ago I didn't know who she was, nor did/do I care about her. However, I don't like the implications that insulting her is dangerous. Loud extremists of any faction don't scare me. She ain't worth it though.

  15. Went to two GameStop stores today. Cleaned out the 50% off clearance sections and now my Christmas shopping is done for the year. I got a Pokémon waffle maker for $11, Pikachu mug $3, baby Yoda panini maker $12, desk top LED streaming light $25, slinky $0.50, Star Wars tamagotchi $6, connect four $5, Hello Kitty blanket $8, giant Roblox nerf style gun $15, gaming organizer foot rest thing $15, adult party card games $9, etc.

  16. Thousands and thousands of articles and news clips annually. All for a dying brick and mortar with bad fundamentals.

  17. Do you guys remember that one day where GME suddenly started trading like 14 Mil volume near end of day when the average was like 800k-1.2mil volume? Also what about when volume was disappearing? Like has that ever been figured out?

  18. Had some plumbing done yesterday. Wearing my GameStop shirt. He says, I was at GameStop yesterday (bullish). Replied cool you invested. He says I heard it’s over. Went on to tell him it’s not and we got a split dividend stock is only $28 again. He said he would look into. Random event.

  19. Anyone else see Ken Griffin donating to DeSantis probably in hopes he will run in 2024 and be able to pardon him for any trouble he gets into?

  20. Swede ape here. Pop is going to US for work. I want to ask him to buy me some item from GameStop. Any Ideas? Like some small souvenirer item

  21. We are all still in this we are just waiting for 100% DRS, upward price action, or foreign countries forcing the DTCC to hand over that countries worth of dividend shares.

  22. Comedy? I tell you what’s a comedy… the US stock market and Kenny mayoboy Griffin. He’s a fucking joke. Oh did I forget the SEC, the congressional investigation in Feb 2021, and the DTCC? They are fucking bad comedy jokes too.

  23. Netflix doc 100% confirms the old DD. The more desperate they get, the more apes will be blamed for the market crash. Eventually MSM will straight up call us financial terrorists. Which is fucking hilarious because all we're doing is using the stonk market as it was intended to be used.

  24. You think there are shills trying to stop already rabid investors from buying more by telling them not to watch a doc? It makes zero sense.

  25. I have a theory that he’s planned out his tweets long in advance to Cohen-side (heh, see what I did?) with his moves. But given the death of the bbby exec and media attention, that makes his next one (and the timing of it) much tougher. I wouldn’t want that responsibility tbh.

  26. There’s a post on All where a girl is complaining about a note left with their food by a door dash person, telling them to eat an apple…. And my first thought was, ‘I bet that was pee-bot’.

  27. You can buy on Coinbase and send it over to your gme wallet to set it up. Just be aware when sending from cb to to gme wallet it will go to level 1 and you will need some eth (less than $5 usually) to activate your l2 in the gme wallet. Tons of links available with helpful info even at top of the daily thread here if you need .

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