You guys do realize that leaving a paper trail of vitrol comments is exactly 'The Journalists' bread and butter?

  1. Dude, they dont need to stir shit up. Seen gme and anti gme shit thats illegal to say online. So bad, police or fbi could knock on the door like 'wtf bro? Really?'.

  2. True. If they can't get the response they want, they'll just use some of their shill accounts to say whatever bad things they want so they have something to run with.

  3. No idea what you are talking about and I will just chalk it up to the normal weekend bullshit that encompasses this sub starting on fridays.

  4. Genuine question, have there been ANY articles written about this sub? All I ever hear is uusb or reddit, never any of the gme specific subs (pre migration).

  5. I'm saying that in terms of journalist that I've actually seen make some impact and influence her words are treated as gospel from left-leaning msm. Shes an 'enemy of the people' to the right on the same tier as AOC. Same as if I found out Jason Schrier was sourcing toxic shit for a GME hit piece. I'd just shut up becuase they're good at what they do in terms of telling a story.

  6. It doesn't matter what we do/say, MSM will just make up whatever they want to; If people would just wise up and ignore everything they "report", the world would be a much better place. Fuck her, fuck the media. Say what you want, it's still a free country!

  7. They are going to make GameStop investors look as bad as they can no matter what. I know, I know, don't give them more fuel, but they're going to get it regardless. There are probably instigators here doing exactly that, trying to make investors look bad.

  8. I'm not defending her, for me it just feels stupid to say the disgusting stuff I've seen towards a journalist who's whole career was built off exactly that? It feels like it's giving them exactly what they want, and you are probably right that a good chunk of it is manufactured but I still hate to see it and still at least felt like I needed to say something.

  9. and you defend this person because internet based witch hunts are not cool. doxxing people is not cool, even if they did it to someone else. take the high road. an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

  10. You act like they don't shit on us already and they wouldn't dare mention superstonk, why? Streisand effect mother fucka! Nothing we do on here will ease the level of shit they constantly fling at retail investors. They've called us racists, sexists, trolls, predators, communists, marxists, terroists, theives, monsters, idiots, morons, bag holders, etc etc etc. Who the fuck cares at this point. The nearly 200k DRS accounts will lock the entire float by themselves. Who fucking cares about the normal people we've been screaming at for almost 2 years to wake up. If they do GREAT! I for one would love to see more realize what's happening but if they don't, who cares! It won't stop whats coming if it could it'd already be over but its not.. now more then ever we see the company and the stock DRS numbers are stronger and constantly growing. Just up 💎👐🚀🌌

  11. Well no shit, the main thing that looks bad is when those comments are disproportionately upvoted and similarly repeated in subsequent top voted comments

  12. Doesn’t really matter… as if there’s a chance there’s ever going to be a fair portrayal of this sub or movement by the msm.

  13. Just having a commenting day here. No vitriol to dole out but just a reminder, THIS IS REDDDDDIT! stomp to the chest into the pit

  14. Oh no! She is going to expose user ButtPlugzzzz69420 is Bob Johnson of South Dakota. No one is going to care. I wish I was important enough to be doxxed or hugged. She is going to be really upset when she realizes some of us are bots. That's like using your ultimate on an NPC.

  15. So if we all start being polite they will start writing differently? Don’t think so. They started this fight apes will finish it.

  16. Listen they already make us out to be conspiracy theory nut jobs, and idiots. You are afraid they will paint us in a bad light? It's just noise.

  17. People don't really mind conspiracy theorists that much but no one wants to touch a misogynist sub with a ten foot pole.

  18. Journalists are scum. Who cares what they think or say . Liars. Pure filth. If you were at all authentic you would know hedgie shills are actively framing gme investors as financial terrorists. Using msm to character assassinate holders. Ffs they once compared us to al qaeda. But sure come here and lecture the victims.

  19. I am an individual investor... what others here do doesn't paint me in any color. EXCEPT PURPLE...cause I DRS'd my damn shares!

  20. I hope journalists understand I leave butthole butter in a toilet they can investigate. Perhaps most of them would find the story more tastful then the garbage they usually put out.

  21. I say if we say anything at all it’s just that she seems like a nice girl who eats her feelings. I hope she can find the strength to overcome her problems and finds happiness in the future.

  22. I completely agree with you, and the way this sub is screeching about a series that nobody has seen and canceling subscriptions, bitching at this lady in one sound bite on the trailer is frankly embarrassing. Talk about group-think.

  23. This one place of “group-think”? Versus EVERY other source of media that everybody else mindlessly follows?

  24. Don’t be a fool. They can make and fake any comment they need to feed a narrative. Blaming apes for evil manipulators conduct is nuts. The posts you complain of likely aren’t apes. Manipulators don’t need apes to manipulate.

  25. If 90% of us call out misogynistic bullshit when we see it anyone who comes here after an eventual hit piece will have a hard time believing we're actually a bunch of basement virgins and might actually take their time to read the DD.

  26. Honestly idc about msm. I’ve been doxxed by Bloomberg. The fact that Jim Cramer is allowed to be on tv means the government and all enforcement agencies are complicit. It should also be noted that everyone in the media hierarchy was part of the Epstein list… this is a battle of Epstein clients vs non Epstein clients.

  27. I don't think she got any death threats from us. They probably came from her hedgie bosses if she ever did. But, we all know that bitch is just lying so who gives a fuck.

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