We doing subscription cancel porn yet? Netflix's Eat The Rich is propaganda against retail investors

  1. It’s funny, cuz doesn’t Netflix currently have BCG people sitting on their board? Almost like they’re being intentionally ran into the ground lol

  2. That's because there's an ex-BCG overpaid exec working there. Citadel and Company have been shorting this company in recent years. This is exactly what they want. They get to spead propaganda AND make money off a failing company, win-win for them and yall are playing right into their hands.

  3. Not going to watch the shitty doc. Good on you for canceling. Any doc that puts the line “yolo, let’s destroy the economy” doesn’t need to be watched.

  4. Not sure if this option is available to you, but let's just say someone I know is considering downloading the doc via a vpn / torrent. That way, we can assess the content without giving netflix any engagement. Of course, I'm not encouraging anyone to get a vpn and download the documentary via torrent...

  5. I canceled back in january and like once a week they email me. the subject increasingly became more desperate with stuff like "ayyyycrisp, it's time to come back."

  6. I was having this exact thought driving to work. Can you imagine if all the DRS crowd together cancelled Netflix over this ab0rtion of a doc? Hit them at their bottom line.

  7. Mine was when they threatened to remove dvds in the mail. As I understand it they reversed that decision, but not coming back. Certainly not now.

  8. Yea I cancelled that shit when they released that "Cuties" bullshit softcore kiddie porn. No, I'll NEVER watch that disgusting display of humanity and Netflix can die of ghanoria and rot in hell.

  9. Netflix kind of sucks anyways. Major studios are making their own content portals and pulling shit from them. They were a proof of concept.

  10. Yeah am I missing something? The thing isn’t out yet lol. I’m not saying it is or isn’t against retail investors but.. definitely need to watch it first at the very least

  11. Nah….it may be trash, but I’m not letting anyone tell me how to spend my $$$ Or what streaming service to have

  12. Yep, OP is like the MSM promoting the cancellation of GME. Even if the doc is propoganda it brings attention to GME, Streisand effect..

  13. I canceled mine for their treatment of The Witcher, The O.A, among others. But this is just another reason that justifies my fuck Netflix attitude.

  14. I canceled mine last year when they “hIrEd A fAcEbOok veTeRAn tO wOrK oN nEtFlx GaMiNg” and the media pushed it for them

  15. The ultimate backfire … Netflix promotes stupid show about GME being shorted that totally misses the story, GME holders cancel Netflix causing stock to tumble further, HF’s start shorting Netflix — causing downward spiral of stock price until Netflix is cellar-boxed.

  16. Baller move. I'm on my in-laws account so IDGAF but if I'd be a paying customer myself I'd cancel the shit out of it. Fuck'm.

  17. Guys… the only subscription that might sense to have is Computershare buying monthly GME. You own what you buy and in your name.

  18. I get it for $1.15 since Tmo pays for most of it so I can't hop on this trend but kill the earnings of the positions SHFs are long on

  19. I’m not canceling Netflix. They got good shows like Breaking Bad (which I am currently rewatching), Better Call Saul, stand up comedy, Love Death and Robots, Seinfeld, Peaky Blinders, Arrested Development, etc.

  20. This will be the new karma farm and you just know people are going to cancel the cancellation after they've reaped their pointless points.

  21. Haha, right? Netflix has some good shows and movies. It's like people got this random hate going, and all Netflix is doing is putting up entertainment content.

  22. Watch cyberpunk edge runners before your subscription is over or you’re doing yourself a disservice!

  23. I don’t know if you need to cancel - just don’t give them the viewership numbers -by not watching it. Shows are dead when they don’t get viewership Funny thing is - the only real audience for these shows is the passionate group of investors who did the DD - any show that does not serve the core audience will not get the viral viewership that would have made this worthwhile for Netflix. So this show was/is dead on arrival. I wonder if they really thought this would get the audience that emerged to watch and rewatch the Big Short… they should get smarter about who they serve if they want that magical audience that thrives by word of mouth and social media - and makes streaming services profitable. A loyal cult like audience is the northstar for any company

  24. Wasn’t Attobit in the preview? Why has no one simply asked him if he’s seen a pre-screening of it and if it is for or against us?

  25. hmm should i keep my nflx account that i never use, or pick up an additional quarter/half share of a moon ticket per month

  26. I was looking for an excuse to cancel. I pay for that membership and never use it. I don't think I've open Netflix in a year anyways.

  27. Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but everyone on here canceling netflix just because one show may have a different view is what makes SS look crazy. Cancel or not it does not matter, no one cares. DRS

  28. Whoa is this sub like a bunch of capitalists or something? I thought everyone on reddit understood capitalism is bad

  29. I canceled NF about 2 years ago and switched to running my own plex server with all the arrs, now I don't have to worry about shows leaving a platform.

  30. I've wanted to do this, but haven't looked into it very much. Are there repositories or index sites you stream from or is it all local storage? Biggest question I've had

  31. Fuck Netflix, never had it don't need it. Who has time in life to watch all these damn shows idk. Go surfing or something.

  32. When their poster child is "yolo lets destroy the economy" I would argue there's a big difference, namely that Netflix themselves decided on that. This isn't based on someone else's review of them.

  33. So I should wait to watch it so I can profit? The title and trailer are all I need to know this is not supportive of my investment

  34. Criticizing OP for cancelling their subscription is like telling them what they should do with their own investment.

  35. going to watch it and immediately cancel my subscription if it's trash. I'm sure they will know what the last show I watched was.

  36. This is something I won't do, and the reasons are twofold: first, I like Netflix in general, even if I disagree with this. They're probably in some kind of contract. I'm not making excuses, but at a certain point they're basically neutral and can't just take a hit because we're upset about it.

  37. Too late for me I've cancelled fucking everything - Splice, Netflix, YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, Now TV, TV license, Car Insurance, Paid bank cards and accounts.and probably lots more. Only thing I have now is Xbox Game Pass. 🤣

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