When will they start prosecuting naked shorting though? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  1. Through financial engineering, you can create synthetic long, short, options, futures, forwards, currencies, bonds, etc....and I bet crypto too.

  2. A case of the old guard trying to maintain status quo? I have never invested in cryptocurrency, maybe it is a missed opportunity, but I have been getting ripped off in the stonk market for decades. Where is the prosecutor and oversight? Yeah. Thought so. Zzzzzz

  3. Everything is designed to stop our directional progress. They are now looking at C suite executives, exactly who did they pump bullshit articles about that they will probably go after first?

  4. Never. The fed has requested the practice be codified as an acceptable action for them to take. The corrupt have corrupted the market and continue to attempt to do so

  5. Crime by their definition is dumb money getting out of their 9 to 5 circlejerk slowly building up assets to one day not having to worry about the future. SHF killing the economy is just SHF doing their job, nothing wrong here. They want to make sure dumb money can't win this game is all.

  6. Petition to start calling it "counterfeit equities" because naked shorting clearly isn't getting through.

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