I think they are going antiwork comunity...

  1. “Managers discussing” ok again I reiterate store managers discussing candy. Not executives. As a manager I’ve had to use round about incentives to bring out a better side of some of my colleagues. This does not refer to every store. I have never once seen another company get attacked so viciously and repeatedly by media or anyone for that matter. Currently in the process of DRSing my XX shares out of my RothIRA. In-kind from Schwab to Fidelity, from IRA to brokerage acct, no fees cause cost basis way under when I bought in at $350. Space Cadet out 🫡

  2. It seems like a pretty common tactic. I don't know for sure, but it seems like they didn't the same thing with Tesla.

  3. I support the movement, it’s not about not wanting to work it’s about not needing to work 200 300 hours a month to make an ok salary, not even a good salary.

  4. Must be so easy to be a “journalist” today…this is all just hearsay bullshit peddled as fact.

  5. How is this a hit piece? Are we saying it’s good that GameStop is giving out candy instead of raises? Kinda confused here…

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