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  1. Maybe the Netflix thing is good, it can surely only bring new people in… nobody that’s already is in is gunna sell after watching that

  2. Today I went a little outside of my norm and started responding to some of the outwardly shilly things I saw in different threads. It is the most satisfying thing to go back and see how many of those comments I was responding to are now deleted by user.

  3. Scientists have again confirmed that female emissions during sex is just urine, and yet people still deny it to their graves, women included. Anyway they'll never convince me to sell

  4. For the life of me, I don't "get" how to play as Mapuche in civ6. This is the only remaining nation I need a victory for

  5. Agreed, though if that were to happen it’s not our fault. Remember, we are literally just investors buying a stock. It’s the hedge funds that cause global financial collapses by gambling money on short positions.

  6. Do you really wanna touch it, do you really wanna fuck with it tonight? Cause if you know how I like it .. DRSed.🟣💎🖐🚀

  7. You dont need to activate your wallet to play GU. Just make a metamask wallet and link it to GU. You can always import the metamask wallet to the gamestop wallet and activate it later.

  8. I placed an order for $741 through CS. If the sideways action continues into next week, I will be in xxx territory 🤗. If the rocket fires before I receive those shares in my account, then that's great too!

  9. AH was spicy as fuck today! I love it, man! You know what it means? I mean, I'm just a smooth brain, but it looks to me like the train's damn near coming off the rails! Looks like they can barely keep the shit together for much longer!

  10. Welcome to 2022: Where holding a stock you like is considered financial terrorism, but naked shorting stocks is considered standard market making procedure

  11. Firecracker time. Love you guys, gals, and nons. Happiest of fucking Fridays! Can’t wait until Monday!

  12. Have the DTCC actually still not addressed or rectified not delivering the splitivend shares to certain brokers? It feels wild that we are living in a timeline were they can just ignore or dismiss the possibility that they are committing international securities fraud.

  13. I will downvote every post refering to the irrelevant girl from the "docuseries". I invite everyone to do the same since all she wants is getting our attention. Let her fade away instead.

  14. Yeah I feel like making DRS information easily accessible is the most important thing, don’t know why it would’ve ever been unpinned…

  15. I work myself to the bone for BARELY enough money to pay rent and buy food. Zero money for several health issues, an automobile, I can't even afford wifi. And not only does Ham Faced Mayo Monger make billions every year, he actively prevents millions of ordinary people from climbing out of poverty.

  16. Honestly with the BBBY stuff and the CFO passing away I'm amazed anyone is surprised he isn't tweeting, if he were tweeting shills would just be pointing out how classless he is

  17. All I mean is... show them you're worthy of the money. That you'll do better than the scum who controls it now. Actions always speak louder than words. Let the world decide who's to blame... ps you'll own the media.

  18. Sub gone downhill is the new FUD. Lol I remember this last year too. So I guess not so new. People are really worried about DRS picking up steam. Even using Netflix to distribute propaganda

  19. I’m DRS’d and I think the sub has gone downhill so you’re wrong lol it’s not FUD it’s just the FACTS

  20. No matter how you feel at the end of the day, just remember you had a better day than folks down voting a daily discussion thread on your favorite stonks' subreddit

  21. Funniest was in June '21. I think something like $1 billion in market cap disappeared with less than $1 million worth of volume pre market.

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