You can't gaslight us anymore,what you do is just make us more confident about our thesis,so thank you and fuck you.

  1. Want to fight the FUD? Unsubscribe Netflix and spread the word, we are the consumers. Netflix lives because of us, for now..

  2. I’m confused. I own GameStop shares since it is an deep value stock. How am I destroying the economy?

  3. Hey there concern redditor!I am not planning to hurt myself,I am just cancelling my Netflix account,thank you and fuck you!

  4. Because hedgies are the good guys and brick and mortar businesses providing people with jobs must be shorted to death apparently.

  5. Maybe the sequel is where they explain how buying and holding a stock can break the economy 🤷‍♂️ ...seems like a broken and busted ass economy if that's the case

  6. Rich hate capitalism, and rules that follow. Poor just need to mind their own business, worry about what their kids will eat and where to find the cheapest dog food.

  7. btw I've seen no one talk about it, but isn't atobitt in the trailer, too? sure hope he has stayed the course and wasn't pressured into talking bullshit

  8. The primitive OG sub wasn’t even trying to “destroy the economy”. There may have been some malice towards SHF specifically but that was it. It was initially a dogpile on short sellers...that shouldn’t “destroy” anything except the short sellers account.

  9. FYI they are rolling out a free version with ads..... wait till that gets some kind of ad blocker loaded into it by a clever dev and their entire business model is done. They already clutching at straws to try boost their numbers, should have tried something groundbreaking with NFT like Gamestop

  10. The best action you can do bro, and not only for these shits, but also for your intellect, reducing distractions in TV is the best action I had take in the last years, in fact, my TV is off (not connected to the wall) from over 4 years now, and honestly, I do not feel bad for this, TV is constantly sucking our time and brains subconsciously programming our minds to buy stuff we don't need and plant in us the feeling of being not "perfect" like the beautiful girls or the super atletic guy in the TV, on a "long" time ago, I was fit and strong, but many water is passed under the bridge now, and I'm not fit and strong physically any more, but, I'm more strong Mentally, because TV, MSM news, Politics propaganda do NOT have ANY influence on me! And that's priceless😁, I prefere to watch videos in which I can Learn sometimg useful for my profession and enhance my skills. Skills, yes, these are things we need to enhance really, and dedicate to this scope a good amount of time, not watching useless TV shows...

  11. The meme stock subs satirically uses “YOLO” in comments, it’s at least 2 layers of satire at this point.

  12. This gives me so much confirmation bias, like this will all be history and everyone who lied about all this will be exposed so hard, but THIS IS JUST AWESOME, the worse it is the better it is for us

  13. You know….. I’ve been pretty bogged down lately seeing the massive FUD from the media and how everyone is eating it up( FUD as in we are morally deceitful people looking to destroy the economy), but, let’s not forget history is written by the victors. We WILL win and get to tell the truth

  14. Anyone who thought any MSM was ever going to paint us in a good light and tell the truth is delusional. MSM is all owned and operated by the rich, and the rich almost unanimously want us gone.

  15. LMAYO! It’s so funny that they come up with this crap. Seriously, how can buying and holding a stock I like destroy the economy… unless the big players and institutions and hedge funds made some bad bets, like, y’know trading on insider info that the economy was going to be shut down, so they doubled and tripled down on their short positions thinking it was easy money? Yeah, they were caught with their pants down and didn’t like it.

  16. They would suck up to Putin if their masters told them to. They have absolutely no journalistic integrity left.

  17. Billions in losses? To who? Not me. It's not over until shareholders get a bite, not just options players...Shareholders & Investors.

  18. That’s a huge burden to place on retail’s shoulders. I’m surprised they aren’t blaming teachers, vets and immigrants like they used to.

  19. I am in nirvana, zen like. I can do this forever. That’s the point isn’t it. To invest in a company your believe in and hold.

  20. Imagine being an almost ~$105 Billion market cap company and you still have to be someone’s bitch, like “You have to make this show”, “You can only say what we tell you that you can”, “You have to create this false narrative”, foment, libel, slander…. And you know that the inevitable MOASS is going to destroy you, all your friends, and your way of life! And that it’s going to change the world for the better for the 99.9%

  21. Wtf is this matt kohrs shit about robbing the rich? I never robbed anybody. They robbed GameStop by issuing fake shares. Fuck off YouTube shill.

  22. And attobit was proud to be a part of this documentary? Fuck that. How can you have a documentary when this saga isn’t done yet fuck you pay me drink water and DRS

  23. It doesn’t make any sense, how can buying, holding and DRSing a stock destroy the economy? Mainstream media is setting the narrative when MOASS occurs and “destroys” the the economy then retail will be blamed.

  24. Microsoft takes over on NETFLIX monetisation. Through XANDR. Now we get FUD there. They also want the gamers... ACTIVISION BLIZZARD. Mr. Gates of Hell is a famous "shorter", ask Elon (I went to high-school with him back in 2084). Big tech my Diamond Balls. 😜

  25. Netfilx is such a whiny bitch because their gaming selection is so shit and they know GS is going to dominate the gaming space with web3 gaming.

  26. Netflix just lost more than half its valuation recently and had to change its buisness model because of stock market nonsense and are making this hit piece, talk about self sabotage, the next company they short into oblivion might be you netflix

  27. It's like they don't know there is a globally independent, proud, hodler tards, ready to keyboard fight them with facts because we like the stock.

  28. That's the thing: It's broken, the rich fucks are just angry that their infinite money-exploit was found by peasants. Get fucked rich people, and to the new rich people... dont do what the old fucks did. Do some good with the money, and enjoy life!

  29. Couldn't find this tweet anymore to go reply something politically correct yet deeply incriminating towards shitflix (Oooh ooh ooh *ape noises*)

  30. Damn isn't this like a third GS movie already? There was an HBO one, then the episode in John Stewart and now this. All in a 1.5 year period.... Then the three congress hearings and daily news articles. Damn, I'm so glad I'm a shareholder of such a crucial company that everyone talks about. Talk about getting in early!

  31. Did this really "break the economy," or even the stock market? I thought all it did was cripple and possibly kill a few greedy hedge companies before they died of boneitis...

  32. So… guess we gotta cancel Netflix now. Odd since they are also be shorted into oblivion, down nearly 70% in a year.

  33. Yeah buy and hold stock destroys the economy - and not crony capitalism, insider trading, market manipulation f**k Netflix

  34. You know what fucks with my head? They seems to make a big deal about losing 10s of billions of dollars, but they are playing in markets that are worth trillions. So, why are they crying? Leveraged out the ass? Not sure how retail forced them to become leveraged in the first place…

  35. I love how they present this argument like apes are the big bad guy. It takes 2 fucking seconds from a person with even the tiniest amount of coherent thought to realize: even if we WERE trying to destroy the economy, how the fuck does holding onto a stock do that exactly??? Maybe just maybe if the system can't handle what it is meant to do its FUCKING BROKEN.

  36. Why should I have to sacrifice my gains to bail out shorts who used XXX% leverages in an attempt to drive a few thousand employees out of jobs by forcing a company into bankruptcy?

  37. My favorite part is the caption "the losses for short sellers are in the tens of billions" I see this as an absolute win

  38. How can you make a show about a story that's not finished yet? Like making a documentary about the Ukraine war and releasing it next week but obviously the war is still going on so the end isn't gonna be in the show. Seems dumb

  39. Who would have guessed it, even Netflix is a shill now. Must have some esoteric bond product about to explode or something, I duno. I’m no expert.

  40. Hit them where it hurts, their wallets. Cancel subscriptions and/or quit using Netflix (yes even you moochers using your parents subscription). I canceled a while ago when they came out with that pedophile show of the kids twerking. Netflix is nothing but propaganda and pushing narratives. Their content has been nothing but trash as of late (from what I keep hearing) and they are INCREASING rates!

  41. If Netflix account wasn't canceled before with all this recent bullshit they pull. This would be a great time to cancel their service. Fuck that noise.

  42. The cost of Netflix is 4 less shares a year at current prices. Idk about you guys, but I’d rather have the shares. #CANCELNETFLIX

  43. I’d cancel my subscription if I wasn’t piggy backing on my ex wife’s Netflix under the profile ‘Add User’!! 😡

  44. Isn’t it ironic that they think that us buying stocks will destroy the economy, while hedge funds like Citadel are the ones that profit off of the demise of companies by shorting those stocks? Who has the vested interest in the economy going down here?

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