“Accidentally” oversold over $36 BILLION in securities! What a disgusting, crime ridden, ponzi scheme this whole corrupt system. But it’s okay, their gonna, “buy them back”. They promise

  1. The insidious part is imagine what they do with all that wealth they flat out created, by selling and collecting money for things they never owned.

  2. I think they call this "Crime" or "market making" and I'm thinking that this "infinite liquidity" thing is something we should all be very concerned about

  3. Sold tens of billions of securities it didn’t have… 🤔 I think there is another company with $65B+ of sold but not yet purchased securities in a recent 13F

  4. imagine calling the public "dumb money" while you owe tens of billions of dollars, from securities sold but not yet purchased and leech off the government more than anyone on unemployment ever has or will

  5. Don’t forget these are self reported numbers a while ago at their own made up “fair value” which is probably a fraction of the real price of shares

  6. Accidental my ass. Fuck them. They knew what they were doing. Imagine DRSing accidentally sold shares? Woops, mine now.

  7. And we’re the ones who get audited if our numbers are off by like $5!! lol. Who are all those additional IRS agents there for? Did they get hired to to squeeze us for the income this country loses by allowing all of these uber rich assholes to hide their money in off shore bank accounts and tax havens!? What does IRS stand for again…. Internal Robbery System?

  8. I wish I could "accidentally" sell all my neighbors' houses. No harm right, I'd just buy them all back when my local housing market collapses.

  9. Bingo. I have a feeling that every broker is doing that now when we DRS. The broker never bought when the stock was $100(post split) and now have no problem to DRS shares at $28. The brokerage pockets the extra money and gets out of a risky position.

  10. That's because you're a human person. All this money is bought and traded as a corporation company. How do you send a corporation to jail?

  11. Wouldn’t this invalidate their 10-K filings or whatever one has sold not yet purchased then? When are THEIR investors going to revolt?

  12. $36 Billion? I see a huge fine coming their way, I’m talking $100, maybe even $150,000!! Those poor finance guys…

  13. If they sold fake stock then the price was artificially dropped which forced fair players in the market to sell and then this company buys back at the discount? The fuck is the point of having government regulations? Oh to FUCK the middle class. Thats right. I forgot.

  14. Oh now are they all going to get away with the crime saying they “accidentally “ sold shares they didn’t have?? That’s the whole reason they’re in this problem.

  15. It’s a ‘oopsie I made a little mistake my bad hehe’ on their end but when I buy & hodl a stonk I just so happen to love I’m “greedy” and ‘hurting the economy & teachers pensions’

  16. I’m sure if they do buy back, they’ll drag it out as long as absolutely possible. Hoping this forces a margin call that destroys them

  17. naked shorting so the price goes down and after it hits bottom buying it back to cover/close shorts. $36 billion over-sold, $10 fine...always has been

  18. Couldn’t agree more. I read yesterday that Vietnam is putting corrupt bankers in front of firing squads now. Can you imagine? If we did that here, this shit would stop immediately! Not advocating the death penalty, just saying.

  19. If you’re part of the Oligarchy, you don’t even need to give a reason. You just have them reversed, like that Chinese billionaire did with metals a few months ago

  20. Isn’t this about the third story in the past few days reporting on large financial institutions getting caught out on huge errors/accidents/omissions (crimes) is something up like someone trying to clean house or something before a new rule makes it much worse to be caught IDK just seems odd timing

  21. You guys, I cannot believe we have been on the brink researching everything that's leading to this giant crash we are about to see. I cannot stand waking up everyday and seeing the market still function because they have been pulling every last ditch effort they've can to stay solavnt and keep things running.

  22. Every day I grow more bullish on GME and BBBY and honestly the entire basket of meme stocks. I wish I had more money I want to own as much as possible. The great reckoning will be here soon. Greatest wealth redistribution of all time.

  23. Thankfully, at least we’re finally finding out just how terrible these non-contributing parasitic financial terrorists are.

  24. I’m sure they know exactly what is going on. Just one of the many engineered lies they spew on a daily basis to keep that phat stack coming in. Actually, the News-Shill commenting on the story actually had a slip-up and used the word “embarrassing”. The overlords may have to dock his pay for that. tsk-tsk

  25. Is this a case of, we sold them in 'error' because the price went the wrong way. So now we're reversing the trades instead of fulfilling obligations. Only because it's not profitable to fulfil the obligations late.

  26. Come on guys, you're being too hard on them. All these people want is to have all the nice things in life and live in comfort, luxury and leasure within beautiful mansions. They just want to smoke cigars in leather armchairs by roaring fireplaces and sip brandy while laughing in sadistic glee at our misery. Is it really so wrong to steal everyone's money for such a noble cause?

  27. I posted it as soon as I saw it on Bloomberg TV because I was so disgusted. However, I just saw someone post the video for this about 30 minutes ago. If I can find it again, I’ll provide the link

  28. I don’t upvote most of the fluff in this sub but this is something that everyone who invests or has a retirement account really needs to see and understand

  29. Lol they always blame the systems “erroneously doing something” but they purposefully didn’t address these functions properly to being with

  30. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. Nice try fuckers, using that “I’m a three year old trying to get away with something while I look you in the eye and dare you to do something” play.

  31. Are they field-testing a strategy to get out of the hole they've dug for themselves? Maybe hoping some regulatory agency limits price as a form of bail-out? Maybe to see how serious the loss of confidence will be?

  32. You are all being very cruel. Mishaps can occur at any office. Once, I left the light on in the stationery cupboard and no-one noticed for 4 hours! Then, I went and sold USD 36 Billion of property the company didn't actually own.

  33. Woops... Accidentally made $36B out of thin air. Not sure how I did it... Must be a glitch. Don't worry, Im worth $32B total but I'm committed to buying back all of it.

  34. No no guys, I get it. I also always accidentally spend 38 Billion dollars. There's nothing to see here. Just move on. 😇

  35. No one goes to prison for selling 36 billion in fraudulent financial instruments. Literally stealing 36 billion dollars. USA + SEC + DOJ = 🤡

  36. I think they’ll buy them back at the lowest possible price they can get away with (ex. Cost Basis or Current (heavily shorted) Price). That’s why I DRS. Once they start doing this, I believe we will finally get real price discovery and then anyone who has DRSed, will be sitting happy with their shares as the price shoots up.

  37. The buck doesn’t stop with Gary, it stops with our lawmakers. A storm is brewing, and I think this propaganda movie is the last straw.

  38. I mean I could see a mix of idiots and laid back management letting this slip through the cracks. The problem is- this "self-reporting" rules bullshit is the problem. There should be automatic triggers that monitor their data and activate way before things like this happen.

  39. This might explain the whole " market will crash better sell". It's literally a pounding in the face everyday. Nobody warned about 2000 or 2008

  40. Whoops! We accidentally sold $36B in shares, driving the price to the floor. We’ll make up for it by buying them back after hours so our fix won’t mess up the market.

  41. A 36 billion dollar mistake and nobody got fired? Ya premeditated crime and they should not be able to trade ever again.

  42. If you google this, you get headlines with numbers made up from 450M to a few billion. Didnt see 36B . Amazing how this lamestream media works

  43. Hey is this the outcome of the fucking isda and g20 overseeing the American Derivatives market now? What if these are the "margin' calls that they said would start coming after September 1st. From phase 6. Maybe these ones are blatant? It's a lot of money. Same with citadel Europe. All of a sudden they too are under margin call. Then the DOJ released a statement they will start to seek executives and individuals in investigations of fraud. No longer allowing them a forever get out of jail free card.

  44. If they get forced to buy back shares, they should have to buy them in massive tranches directly from the company.... Tell me my company is not a trillion $dollar company when it has $4 Trillion in its accounts from "securities sold, not yet purchased" being finally fucking purchased!!!

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