1. Honestly, that’s one of the top reasons I’m here. There is no counter dd other than “here are 10 stocks that are better than GameStop”.

  2. So far the best counter DD is that the government won’t let it happen…it’s weak, but you never know what those people are gonna do or not do.

  3. Just looking for someone to burst my bobble. But its just getting bigger. I read all MSM articles. But I Just get more inflated by all they leave out and twist. LFG

  4. There are plenty of counter-DD but they all get shot down instantly because they either have giant, glaring holes the author is ignoring; or are simply based on completely false information.

  5. The only counter-DD I saw that was even logical required an assumption that the publicly recorded data on shorts is accurate. That's not an assumption I'm willing to make with out substantial proof.

  6. Literally this. I seriously looked hard for counter DD for a while. It all boils back down to people saying that there can't be naked shorts because it's illegal, or that short interest has to be correct because why would anyone misreport it? Even though we know people have been fined for doing just that many times in the past. On top of that, what good is short interest when positions are completely hidden in swaps? Someone, quick, ask Archegos.

  7. The other side just trusts their brokers and politicians. The experts do their DD and just tell you the results. A whole trust me bro world that's called science.

  8. It's hilarious because melters don't even have counter DD. They are literally like look at the sec report........... great a report with self-reported data in it, super accurate.

  9. There have been reported sightings of these so called "GME counter DDs", often times being rickrolled into twitter posts of paid puppets, and mainstream news outlets like CNBC. In the end, it's just these entities peddling it and trying to make money off such concept.

  10. The only one I seen was some chumba wamba guy saying to sell the stock now and ask questions later but why would I sell something so valuable to me! Not after all the DD I read and now GameStop is making the biggest turn around in history! Power to the players💎🙌🦍🚀🌝

  11. I came here bc of all the many articles telling me not to invest in GameStop, so the reason I initially did. I stay here bc of this! I’m in it until those bastards get what’s theirs.

  12. The only valid talking point there was was debt + quarterly losses + no cash on hand, which got completely decimated when RC did the stock sale authorization. There’s legitimately no counter point for the average person not to throw a couple hours of work in to buy shares and see what happens at this point

  13. Right! Right! Right……!?!?!?!?? Wtf like if we were so wrong how has this not actually fucking happened…like even a little…even like partially wrong?!?!?! And somehow nada, zilch, nunca…lol wtf….buy…HODL….drs

  14. critical margin line is bungus. but the rainbow theory makes more sense. einfachman says popcorn is not a swap. just to name a couple cases

  15. Young apes don’t know there was a $1k bounty put on legit counter dd at one point. Much like James Randy’s bounty of $1,000,000 for proof of the supernatural, no one has claimed it yet.

  16. the only one I have seen was "they would nuke a city before letting it get that high" or something similar

  17. And you never will. The closest thing the shills and spineless shill mods in the bets and meltdown sub have to dispute the DD is the crap in the SEC report. Which did mention that buy pressure came from retail, not shorts covering. So shorts never covered? Lol.

  18. Only if it has no merit or basis in reality. Plenty of posts around here that get debunked when information comes to light.

  19. Look, I'm hopeful that my measly amount of shares makes me rich one day, but the reality of the situation is as simple as this:

  20. This is the closest thing to dd, but.. idk this has become a global spectacle. So it could very well turn into something truly unprecedented, also ruining image in the eyes of the world for stock market faith would be bad; much worse than a 10% drop in the market to correct for massive institutional liquidations due to their own egregious abuses.

  21. This isn’t DD and I get this sub is a “movement” but why would a rational individual actor commit all of their shares to the infinity pool, why not keep one share to sell for $10m with a limit order just in case DRS makes it hard to liquidate, by that logic, why not keep half your shares with fidelity or whatever brokerage or all of them, I get it hurts the movement but we are all individuals, $10M could come in handy if that spike occurs in a short amount of time and I can’t liquidate quickly enough to take advantage. Thoughts?

  22. Basically because other dd had shown that its impossible for this to realize and resolve in a flash. This will play out over days.

  23. It'll be unknown territory market-wise. My biggest concern is Computershare handling the volume spike. Im assuming they are very aware of the situation at this point and are preparing the best they can. However it's still an issue for other brokers depending on how high the volume really goes. People will FOMO in, sell, daytrade, buy options. It'll be a wild ride.

  24. I think you know that I’m supportive of the opportunity. I can point out all of RCs weaknesses, if you consider that DD.

  25. It's been like 25 years we've been delivering solid DD for moass... but nobody has a legit counter argument? things that make you go hmmmm

  26. Counter DD is this: Obviously, a hedgefund would buy out their short position before they'd put themselves in a position where they'd risk infinite losses...

  27. I would love to see it. Honestly would. Show me even 1 piece of information that would make me question my investment. I want to know.

  28. Right now, I feel like the anti-NFT sentiment I see everywhere is what's hurting us the most since it's evidently gonna be a huge part of Gamestop's growth in the future. That's the only part of the counter-DD I can agree with, but even that in and of itself doesn't negate MOASS, just Gamestop's potential growth.

  29. No one. Just searched that sub from top all time, and it's just people laughing. Not even attempts at counter dd.

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